Late Summer Cookout

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer for most of us, but the actual end of summer isn’t until later in September.  This year the Autumnal Equinox is September 22, when day and night are equal.  Finally, the evenings are getting cool enough to eat outside, so we had a meal on the veranda for the holiday. Of course, this begins with a tablescape for two. Nothing fancy, just a quick setting to make the meal more special. I decided on a red and yellow color scheme, beginning with yellow napkins and my strawberry napkin rings.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

The table was set for two with red straw placemets and my white dinner plates.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

I added my lemon plates.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

I gathered three plants from the veranda, put one in a red pot and arranged them on the table. On each end are the mason jar candles with red flowers in the bottom

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

OK, table set, with our view to enjoy on a sunny evening.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

So, now to the food. Hamburgers were on the menu as well as beans, chips, and cole slaw. So, I got the meat and gathered some things to punch up the flavor.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

This time, I put garlic salt, lemon pepper, onion powder and worchestershire sauce in the meat and mixed it in. Then I made four patties. DH did a fine job of grilling. The cast iron skillet held the beans. Yes, I did use canned baked beans this time for ease, but I did punch them up too with a bit more ketchup, molasses, fresh ground cracked pepper and worchestershire sauce.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

We weren’t going to have a salad, just fixin’s for the burgers, so I put those on the lemon plates, according to what we each like. I love heirloom tomatoes, and Provolone cheese. DH likes cheddar and not quite as much tomato.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

Yum, all ready to dig in!!

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

And enjoy the incredible view. It was a clear evening, so the sunset wasn’t spectacular, but the air was fresh with a gentle zephyr breeze.

Late Summer Cookout ~ From My Carolina Home

What do you put in your burgers? Did you have a cookout on the holiday?


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12 thoughts on “Late Summer Cookout

  1. Rosemaryflower

    Really nice. I love those lemon plates. I love beans and I love burgers 😀
    We did not have a cook out. I did make a cake, (no icing) and had strawberries and blueberries with tapioca pudding on top. It was really good.
    Happy Wednesday already!

  2. We didn’t have a cook-out. Monday was Labor day, so as usual, we labored. My husband worked ground to prepare it for planting alfalfa and our noon meal was quick sandwiches. Loved your dishes. Blessings, Gretchen

  3. We usually cook out, but didn’t this year because of the expected rain/wind residue from Herminie. But we love to cook out and have even cooked in the snow. When we cook, it’s not just for that meal, but usually cook enough meat – hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc. – for at least a week. I love having the meat done and just adding the sides for many meals. More time for sewing/quilting! I enjoy watching your tablescapes. I have a question about the mason jars. It appears they have tea lights suspended in something above the red flowers. I love the way these look. What did you use?

  4. Melanie

    Simple, but very charming table setting. The burgers and fixings looked wonderful, but I missed the coleslaw, my favorite side with burgers and sammies….LOL Never thought about preparing each person’s add-ons on their own personal plate. Perfect to do for 2 people and I will incorporate this idea in the future instead of preparing a platter of onions, tomatoes, etc. and then having to gather up the leftovers later. No cookout here, unfortunately, but we are having such perfect weather that I’m sure more grilling will happen here before September ends. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.

  5. We had a neighborhood cookout, and we are finishing the leftover meats today. I love your tablescapes. How I wish I would follow your example and make our two-some meals more eye-catching! Heaven knows having a placemat would help cut down the clatter on the glass tabletop. That’s it! I WILL do it today if it kills me. Placemats, at least. Thank you for on-going inspiration.

  6. Sharon Schipper

    I fixed it all myself this time, a pork butt that cooked in the crockpot overnight until it fell apart, pour off the juices, add onion and bbq sauce and simmer another couple of hours for bbq pork sandwiches. I also made a broccoli slaw with raisins and sunflower seeds and poppy seed dressing, and calabasitas, a mexican dish with zucchini, onions and corn, and I added green chiles and roma tomatoes. I also made home made banana pudding with Grandma’s recipe, always the best part of the meal!

  7. We haven’t grilled all summer 😦 the bottom finally rusted out of our old grill last fall and we never got around to replacing it. I do like to grill though so definitely before next year it will be replaced. I like my burgers with mayo, lettuce , onion and bread & butter pickles on them. Sometimes I’ll add ketchup but not always. There will always be cheese and sometimes multiple kinds of cheese…. I love cheese 🙂

  8. That burger looks amazing! It is only 11 am here, but I think I know what lunch will be! Those little lemon plates are so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  9. kathyinozarks

    Good morning, thanks for linking up with cast iron fridays. I love beans fixed this way-they get just a bit of a smokey flavor too Your table scapes are always so beautiful too-and that food is making me wish for warmer days to cook outdoors.

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