Scrap Dance Tango – The Reveal!!

The Scrap Dance Tango mystery is complete.  Thank you to all who participated.  I hope you will consider purchasing the pattern, as it is those sales that support the costs of the blog and make it possible to bring you new and free projects.  Click on Scrap Dance Tango!   Thank you!!

Tango Cover Shots 6

Scrap Dance Tango


37 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Tango – The Reveal!!

  1. bsellers21

    I think your version of SD Tango is beautiful. Seeing it laying on the floor,it looks so complicated. I love the colors/prints you used. Just gorgeous.

  2. Carol preston

    SPECTACULAR!! Congratulations once again on creating such a beautiful quilt design(s). You have such vision when it comes to this sort of thing! Thank YOU for creating these fun mystery quilts, and all the sharing of projects, tips, recipes, etc.
    I think of you daily my friend, and wish you well.
    Carol Preston

  3. Trudi

    Yay! I just found it in my email inbox! The finished top looks very nice indeed, so I am looking forward to how mine will look. I won’t be able to start right away, because my oldest son has a significant birthday in less than two weeks and I am making him a special scrapbook album to commemorate this event. He lives in Perth Western Australia which is on the other side of the country – about the same distance from Canberra as from North Carolina to Los Angeles.

  4. Whoopee!! Doing a little Happy Tango here downunder.
    Thank you so, so much Carole for drawing my name in the give away. It is going to be super fun to choose fabrics! Almost everything I sew is for charity and with donated fabrics, so being able to choose some yummies for me in my colour ways will be super special. Thank you for a fun mystery. It is so generous of you to share your creations and spend the time and energy getting it all together. Not to mention the giveaways as well.

    1. Cafarinella – I suggest you “copy & paste” each group of steps to a word document or print out the PDF that Carole usually posts of the steps. That way, when you are able to catch up, you have them. 🙂 Or, buy the pattern once she posts it for sale….

      1. Due to an error in the pdf, I have revised the numbers for the throw size and redid the pdfs for Step 2, 3 and 4 to reflect the correction on those posts. They will stay up until mid-July. I fixed the posts as well to reflect the correct unit numbers. To find all the Tango posts, just click on the category on the sidebar.

  5. Thanks for the great finish of this mystery quilt. I enjoy the pace of this project, spreading it out over six months the way you planned it. Now, I guess I better “get to sewing”. My Tango will go up on the design wall vs the floor… my dancing will be only in my head. Not sure I will get the whole KING size up on the wall, but I will give it a good try! Might be “just the right time” for hubby to build that 2nd – bigger – design wall for me! 🙂 Thanks for a great pattern and good wishes for the coming activities.

  6. Donna senters

    Love scrappy quilts !!!
    Thought I would wait till the reveal to start mine, and now that I see the completed results I am pleased.
    I may try to go up an inch on the square and half square size in order to make the quilt go together faster.
    Girl, you have done it again!!!! 💕

  7. Your quilt is beautiful! Trying to look at all of the details makes my eyes go wonky though, but that is just me. I sometimes have eye issues with patterns. Drives me crazy some days 😦

  8. Edy

    Love, love, love it! Can’t wait to get started on mine! Thanks for sharing your design talent. Like stitchinggrandma, I love having the steps spread out in manageable pieces….never would have tried something like this otherwise.

  9. I’m doing the Throw size which you show as needing 63 blocks. Block A called for 16 blocks for the throw. Step 5 called for 62 of that unit. When I pair that 62 with an equal number of the Step 6 units to give me Block B, I will only have 31 of Block B, which will give me only 48 blocks for the Throw size. I realize all the blocks are the same and I can make the 48 work for the throw size quilt, but what did I do wrong?

    1. Marsha, thank you so much for finding this mistake!! I must have made an error somewhere in the unit calculations. You should end up with 32 Block A and 31 Bock B for a total of 63 to arrange 7×9. I goofed! In total you should have 126 of the arrow units and 126 of the other units to get the total blocks right for the throw size.
      I have corrected the posts for Step 2,3 and 4, and revised the pdf downloads with the correction.

      1. I am going to use mine for a charity quilt, so I will stick with the 48 blocks, rather than go back and make more, which will be large enough to serve my purpose. Have enjoyed having fun with my many, many scraps!

  10. Good Morning Carole! This is such a spectacular beautiful scrappy Tango Dance it is perfect! You, my friend, once again have put together a masterpiece! Plus, it has been so much fun to do! I know that I am looking forward to finishing sewing my pieces all together in the next day or two and getting it finished for my Father for his Fathers Day gift this year from me. As you know he has been facing some serious health issues and slowly recovering. He is still very anemic and his Protein levels are much to high. He complains of being cold a lot and just has no energy. So hopefully his new quilt will keep him warmer and as time goes on his body and proper treatments will get him back to feeling better again. I know he will love and appreciate this gorgeous quilt! Thank you for everything you do Carole! Have a fantastic creative day!

  11. Thank you Carole for showing us the reveal. I really like this quilt. I am glad that I stopped trying a few months agoon what I thought the layout was going to be. I have a couple things I have to do before I can finish mine. Tomorrow is my daughters 37th birthday and for the past month I have been making her an owl quilt. All machine appliqued with a satin stitch that Brenda taught me. I love machine applique alot. Have a great day

    1. Trudi

      Do what I do, copy paste the instructions into a Word document and save it as a pdf. I also reduce the size of the photos, so I don’t have quite as many pages to print.

  12. Rosemaryflower

    I just love this one. I have not started this one…. I have too much haha
    But I liike this one so much, I do know I will make it.
    I love the fabrics you choose. They are pretty much the complete opposite of what I use.
    Your fabrics are mellow and soothing, and kind of like autumn.
    I hope you had a good week doing all of the things.

  13. dezertsuz

    Now that I see this reveal, I can make the Lullaby size easily with what I have, so I’ll finish those blocks and then see how big it is. Thanks for showing two different ways to put it together. I like yours very much.

  14. Cheryl

    love the Tango reveal,Carole, but can’t find the PDF file to download and print off this last set of instructions. Did I miss it somewhere?

  15. You know, I wondered after last month if the blocks would be the same, but I didn’t really think it was a serious possibility! HaHa! I just finished the first half (block A, if we are still calling it that!) so it will take me a while to finish the other half. Based on your photos, I am leaning toward the second layout with the blocks all oriented the same way, but I have not laid mine out yet. Thanks, Carole, for another fun scrap dance!

  16. It looks tricky! I will have to reread on a day when I have lots of brain power and maybe get my sister over to help me with the layout.
    So excited to see how mine will turn out!

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