Quilted Art Project Update 4

I know, it has been a couple of weeks since I showed any progress this project.  I had to set it aside while I worked on the Moda Bake Shop recipe that published this past week (Pin Woven Tote on the sidebar).  Between that, the charity quilts, the car club, and spring springing, little time was left for a sit-down, hand-work project.   Another stumbling block was finding more silk ribbon in the pastel pink and lighter ecru that I wanted.  I went to all four big-box craft stores in the area, and none of them carry silk ribbon anymore.  I had no idea this would be so hard to find!  I found a small group of Bucilla skeins on eBay, and bought that. Then, this week a lovely envelope of silk ribbons from reader Lynda arrived in the mail (thanks again, Lynda!).  So, finally, I had what I wanted to pick this project up again and get some progress made.

Quilted Art Project - late March update ~ From My Carolina Home

I made some daisies with the ecru, adding gold seed beads to the centers. I have four done, and plans for a few more.  There will soon be more pink peonies.

Quilted Art Project - late March update ~ From My Carolina Home

Random placement of buttons and pearls continued.  The buttons and pearls are all within the chalk lines I drew before.

Quilted Art Project - late March update ~ From My Carolina Home

More green seed beads were put in the little grouping, along with a white ribbon bow.  I did find a few yellow buttons too.

Quilted Art Project - late March update ~ From My Carolina Home

I started on the doilies, with peach color pearls and purple buttons.  There will be more pearls added here too.  I want to be sure to keep the placement asymmetric, not putting them in every obvious slot.  It is tempting to put them all around that center medallion, but I am resisting that urge.

Quilted Art Project - late March update ~ From My Carolina Home

Anyhow, that is where it stands for now.  I still have a lot of embellishing to do, so this project will be ongoing for a while.    Are you working on any hand work or a long term project?

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16 thoughts on “Quilted Art Project Update 4

  1. Rosemaryflower

    Happy Easter Carole.
    Guess what? Your emails were in my trash can! How did that happen?
    How DID that happen? I do not know and well, I better start checking from now on.
    If it continues, I might unsubscribe and resubscribe, bam!
    I hope you had a good week.
    I have been busy sewing and goofing around with the parents, and just general running about – the usual
    I am going to read your other posts of exceptional skills and results 🙂

    1. Rosemaryflower

      Oh, handwork….. fixing mom’s clothing. 😛
      Buy new clothing? No, she does not want new clothing (you know how that is) unless I make the clothing.
      So yes, I have been mending.

  2. Good Morning Carole! Your progress is lovely. I especially enjoyed the pink peony surrounded by the white daisies! It was a perfect addition, in my opinion, adding extra charm and a place for the eyes to stop and really focus on each of the flowers. I truly adore the beads that you are using also. In the past year, I have started to play with beads in my hand embroidery and they are such fun and also add a touch of beauty, charm and even just a bit of fun. Using buttons and the doilies as additional embellishments is another great idea. In each of your pictures, it so makes me want to be able to touch and well just be a part of the project. I have always been that way with projects. I am glad that you were able to find and that you were gifted some of the ribbons that you needed. I would help, but I have never done ribbon embroidery. Will gladly keep my eyes open and pick up anything you need if you let me know!

    I have far to many hand projects going on. LOL. This past year, for some bizarre reason, I started several projects hoping to have them done in time for Christmas. Then seeing some other fantastic project, I would know just who it would be perfect for and off I would go and start a new one. In the end, I only finished one for Christmas and have not had much time to work on any hand stitching at all for several weeks. Last night, I picked up and began sewing on a binding and it felt fabulous. So that is my goal right now, just to get it finished and then on from there. I really want to hand embroidery all of my Christmas Cards this year. Which means I need to get started on those. Hand Stitching of any kind is so relaxing and I truly enjoy it above every craft that I do, yet it gets the least of my attention. Crazy aren’t I!

    Well, Deanna is coming over later today and we are going to sewing/quilting of course. But we are also going to try and get pictures posted of our progress on Scrap Dance Tango! I sure hope that we succeed! I will send you a brief email and let you know one way or another. Have a fantastic creative day Carole! I sure enjoy your blog posts and your creativity!

  3. dezertsuz

    I love seeing all these photographs and close-ups. I so glad you found or were gifted with all that you needed. I always have about as many handwork projects going as I do quilt projects. =)

  4. I love the piece you’re working on and your silk flowers are so beautiful! Reading about the difficulty in finding silk ribbon makes me happy that I’ve hung onto my leftover silk ribbon … just in case. lol

  5. Love the ribbon flowers! I saw a few post back that you took a drive along the blue ridge parkway. My husband and I did a one week trip along the parkway last year. It was a beautiful spring drive! Have fun stitching today.

  6. very pretty silk ribbon flowers…..I have noticed that craft shops do not sell the silk ribbon anymore….I was trying to find some for my mum to finish one of her projects a few years ago now…..needless to say, she never did get it done.

  7. How marvellous it looks Carole, I was keen to see the project as a whole so I’ve been back through your previous project posts to take a look. Surprised to hear you’ve had difficulty finding silk ribbon, they did carry it in The City Quilter in NYC (they’ll take phone orders for items not included on their website if they have it in stock). It’s a while since I worked the shop floor there so can’t promise they still do but maybe worth a call if you’re looking for more in the future. Thanks so much for linking up at Sew Cute Tuesday today – Chris (guest host) @madebyChrissieD 😀

  8. I found your blog through a link on Facebook from The Warm Company. I too, live in North Carolina, looks like we are close. I’m just outside of Boone. I’m going to stick around and read some more.

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