Beaded Quilted Purse

This beaded trim from the upholstery department in the local fabric store is really neat.  I love the long strands that catch the light and have such movement.

Quilted Purse bead trim

I have long thought that this kind of trim would be so pretty on a bag. I had the perfect fabric to go with it too, this lovely print from Timeless Treasurers.

Quilted Purse fabric

So I designed a new pattern to use them both. This is the result!  A fully quilted bag, with a gathered bottom for extra space inside.

Quilted Purse Finished 1

Completely machine sewn, there is no hand work needed. But, now I need two pattern testers to see if the instructions are written well and the dimensions are correct.

Quilted Purse Finished 2

The body of the purse is quilted, and there is a pocket inside.

Quilted Purse Finished 7

If you would like to be a pattern tester, you need to be able to make the purse and email a picture back to me within a couple of weeks. I am hoping for maybe two to three weeks to get feedback, at the latest February 14.

Quilted Purse Finished 8

I need to do this before I publish the pattern. You’ll get a pdf copy of the pattern, complete with assembly pictures.

Quilted Purse Finished 9

For pattern testing purposes, you can use any kind of trim, just be able to sew the trim into place per the instructions. It doesn’t have to be this kind of beaded trim.  You’ll need 1 yard of focus fabric (yes you could piece scraps), and one-half yard of solid color for the yoke.  You’ll also need batting for quilting.  If you would like to be one of testers still needed, leave a comment on this post. I’ll get back to you via email.  I plan to make another one myself, in a different colorway and with a pieced bottom.

The pattern will be very inexpensively priced, and I have some of that fabric in my Etsy store if you love it too.   It is supposed to start snowing tonight, and we should have 10 inches by Friday night.  Woohoo, snowed in for sewing, LOL!!!  I just need to get peanut butter, soup, and a few other necessities before I get home from work today.  Thanks, and have fun sewing!

12 thoughts on “Beaded Quilted Purse

  1. Susan Grewing

    I would love to be a tester! I have tons of modern fabric. I’ve made samples for a quilt store. Thank you.

  2. Good Morning Carole! This is such a beautiful and classy purse with that lovely beaded trim! I will be honored to be a pattern tester for you! Sylvia has a lot of experience sewing and designing purses so with my tiny experience in this field of patterns; I am sure we will have your purse sewn together and pictures sent to you on time! Oh goodness, this is really exciting, I have never had the opportunity to be a pattern tester before. Of course, I still may not be chosen by you either (and that would be fine) it is just exciting. Wow a lot of snow coming down today! Those kind of days are excellent for baking, watching favorite movies and sewing/quilting! So be careful coming home from work and have a pleasant rest of the day relaxing and watching it snow!

  3. Karen

    Great looking bag. Be prepared for an overwhelming time at the grocery store and long lines, unless you go through self-checkout. Was at Ingles on 25, just up from Papas and Beer just before noon-time and had to drive around a bit until a parking place opened up, as all parking spots were full! ! ! In 20 years, I’ve never seen that! Enjoy your time, I know I will, as I’m still in that reorganization mode, have pretty well weeded out fabrics, so now just down to reorganizing all the batiks, etc.

  4. dezertsuz

    What an absolutely gorgeous bag! I’m not much of a bag or purse maker, but that one is certainly pretty. I was out this afternoon for other things and stopped at the grocery for milk and bread and lunch meat, just in case – I have plenty of food, but one doesn’t want to make bread when one isn’t crazy about kneading! LOL But though the store was busy, and there were some shelves starting to empty, there was still plenty of everything. Of course, that was before people got off work. By noon tomorrow, when the storm is supposed to start getting bad here, it may be a different story. Hope you got everything you needed.

  5. liz brown

    Very cute bag. What are the dimensions? I will let others be your tester. Would love to make it, but may not meet your dedline. Thanks for the opportunity.

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