Slow Sunday Stitching #8

Wow, have we really been going at this for two months? I wish I could say that I finished these ornaments up this week, as that was the goal.  Alas, a busy life this week didn’t leave a lot of stitching time.  I did get one more almost finished, the tape measure. I haven’t gone back to accent the measure marks yet.

Slow Stitching Sunday #8 - 1

I did get a lot done on the pins and button hooks.

Slow Stitching Sunday #8 - 2

The buttons didn’t get a lot of attention this week, maybe next week.

Slow Stitching Sunday #8 - 3

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18 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Stitching #8

  1. My thought was, it will get done when it is to be done! Life if pretty important, and if it gets in the way, then it is suppose too! Very nice ornaments. You do nice work!

  2. You are moving in the right direction even though it is a little slower than you want it to be. I find that my stitching estimates are always short of the mark, but alas, they do get done so hang in there.

  3. Barbara Jenkins

    I love how these are coming out. The detail work is amazing and you are showing the pieces off beautifully
    I finished a child’s knitted hat today and a crocheted one for me on Friday. Keeping busy.

    Wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving….

  4. For me, at least, there’s a very positive side to you not finishing these . . . once you finish, they’ll be up on your tree and not on the blog!! Will you send me a link to wherever you purchased these from? I think I’d like to try them. You’ve been terrific advertising! 🙂

  5. Good Evening, Carole! After reading your post and looking at all of the beautiful stitching, I stopped along the way and read every ones comments. Like me, most agree that it does not matter how long it takes to finish hand embroidery projects all that matters is that you are doing them whenever you can! I have been telling you all month that in the next day or two I would have the Scrap Dance quilt quilted and here it is the 22nd and I am still not done. LOL. I have been working on it throughout the weekend and another distraction occurred today. We were finally able to get a double bed for our spare room, which I just can not imagine how but it had been turned into my craft/sewing storage room. So everything had to be moved out of that room, placed in a corner of the living room and the bed moved in. I am thrilled to finally have a guest bed and will slowly get it all decorated nicely for when we do have guests. Of course now we have to rearrange and find a different location for the craft/sewing supplies. I am really enjoying quilting the Scrap Dance quilt, and quilting is not usually something I enjoy much. I believe it is because I truly love this quilt and it is the first quilt that I have made and finished (well almost finished) for us. Amazing that in over 10 years, I do not have one quilt. Definitely am changing that also this following year. So, I hope that you find some time to relax and enjoy your stitching for we can all see your progress again on Sunday. Have a wonderful creative night!

  6. Your stitching is lovely and these are going to be beautiful when they are all finished so just enjoy the journey 🙂 BTW I love the photo on your header – really encapsulates the feel of autumn. You are lucky to have these views.

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