Thanksgiving Tablescapes 2015

Sitting down to a lovely table enhances the enjoyment of a meal with friends, and I do enjoy making a table pretty.  The challenge is to make it different each year, using the same elements.  I have a fair amount of storage space, but even I cannot store several sets of things for each holiday.  So, this year I am using the same plaid place mats as last year, but I will bring out a different color from them.  The 2014 Thanksgiving Tablescape emphasized burgundy and orange.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 7

This year, I am concentrating on gold and bronze, using my gold chargers.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 5

These turkey napkin rings come out each November. This year they are sitting on the plate.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 6

The low centerpiece features two of my ceramic turkeys, different ones from last year’s setting.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 4

This one is a gravy dish.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 3

This one is a candy dish.I added bronze pumpkins and gold apples to the center, plus some bronze leaves.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 2

We aren’t having anyone over for the holiday this year, but I am doing a Mexican dinner on Saturday as a break from turkey. Two other couples will be joining us for a buffet dinner, so I set the table for six.  Well have Pork Enchiladas along with guacamole salad and saffron rice with corn.  Separate plates means I can put the side dishes on the table, and then have everyone serve themselves the main course from the counter.  Yes, it is a few more dishes to wash, but I don’t mind that.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 1

Over at the pub table, I set up for our Thanksgiving breakfast and dinner. I like to make that overnight baked eggs and sausage and cheese thing for breakfast. This tablescape started with my Maple Star Table Topper, link on the sidebar to the pattern.  Red plates for breakfast with the pumpkin bowls in case DH wants some cereal.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -12

I added the ceramic pilgrims that were my mother’s. They are tall and heavy, so perfect for the holiday table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -14

There’s another turkey and the crackle glass candle holders to finish it off.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -15

I hung the cornucopia table quilt on the wall this year, last year it was on a table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -11

And turkeys are everywhere. This is the largest one, it is sitting on the kitchen counter with my favorite candle called Autumn Wreath. It is almost gone, but I have another one in the closet.

Turkeys 2015 - 1

I have a little collection of very small ones that sit in front of the TV.

Turkeys 2015 - 6

Here’s a gold one with fall candlesticks. He is smaller than the ones on the table or I would have used it there with the gold theme.

Turkeys 2015 - 4

Another turkey tucked into a shelf.

Turkeys 2015 - 3

I know there was enough here for three posts, LOL, so I’ll stop here. I just have too much to talk about this month! All set and ready for the holiday weekend. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tablescapes 2015

  1. Mary Jo

    I love your tablescapes! You do a beautiful job no matter which season you are decorating for. I wish I had enough storage to have all of the beautiful things you use, but I am not that fortunate. However, I am very thankful for what I do have room to store! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Carole, I truly love reading your posts associated with decorating! The pictures are such a delight also. I think each and every one of your Turkeys are fabulous! What a splendid way to enhance the house for the Thanksgiving/Fall season. We are going to have Turkey day at our house this year; only it will be three to six guests, depending on other events in our guests lives on whether they will be attending or not. My Mother has to work the day so will not be joining us until early in the evening. I believe I will have to inform hubby that we need to watch out for Turkey decorations for around our home for this time of year. We enjoy going to garage sales, estate sales and second hand stores. Your Pilgrims are awesome, they are my favorite of your decorations. Thank You for sharing and inspiring me to decorate and accent the table setting, I always smile and feel right at home! My two quilting lady friends are on their way for a day of sewing, laughter and fun so off I go to get the rest of the way ready! Have a wonderful creative day!

  3. Julie Mackenzie

    Lovely tables and I especially like the pilgrim couple along with all of your other decorations. I believe I have napkins just like yours, too, but not the turkey rings around them which are very cute. 🙂 Gobble gobble!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Barbara Jenkins

    Everything looks so inviting Carole. I love your colors for this year and all the turkeys everywhere. As I said before, I’m happy only stuffing some celery and dates. Works for me. Trying my hand with a crocheted angel – one of those you stiffen when it is done. I’ve never worked with the fine threads and it is a challenge……

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