A garden for a smile

Sometimes looking at pretty flowers is just what is needed to lift my spirits, especially when standing in a bleep-storm without an umbrella.  These are the variegated New Guinea impatiens, finally flowering lovely pink.

Garden Smile 3

What is it sometimes, with people you don’t really know ascribing feelings to you that aren’t even remotely true?  Recently, I received a barrage of hurtful and insulting emails from an acquaintance, someone with whom I have had little contact.  I had offered her my help with a project, but she burned that bridge quite thoroughly stating she neither needed nor wanted my involvement.  That was weeks ago, but then things changed and she now wants my assistance – on her terms.  Ah, not gonna happen.  Let’s look at the interesting dahlia blooming now.


One dear friend advised that I ignore her and not respond to her emails, but that hasn’t worked for her to leave me alone.  She is sending me emails every day, wanting a response, which I will not answer.  I will not engage with this person again.  I asked another friend to intervene, and hopefully the emails will stop.  In the meantime, doesn’t the pink geranium look nice with the white lobelia?

Geranium with white lobelia

I am not a perfect person. I make plenty of mistakes and I have evidently irritated her at some point.  But when I offer help, and it isn’t wanted, just say “no, thank you” and let it go.  Don’t make accusations of my intent, or tell me how I feel.   The torenias are doing well, aren’t they? They are trailing already after only a couple of weeks.

Garden Smile 5

Can you tell this still bugs me?  The yellow torenias are blooming their heads off in both containers.

Garden Smile 6

Garden Smile 8

OK, time for me to try to let it go.  The blue lobelia is flowering profusely too.


The Super Belles are coming along as well.  These are such happy faced flowers.  Feeling a bit better already.

Garden Smile 13

The petunias look pretty with the variegated coleus.  These should get prettier as they get bigger.

Garden Smile 7

Taking some deep breaths, putting this behind me, and remembering to be grateful for my true friends and faithful readers.  Thank you.

16 thoughts on “A garden for a smile

  1. Since I know next to nothing about flowers are the beautifully striped Super Belles a kind of petunia also? Your flowers are all just lovely and I wish I could sit on your front porch to enjoy them and the sunshine! Life is too short to deal with nasty people so try to ignore them and soon they will find someone else to bug!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful!!! Nothing better for the Spirit than to spend some times with flowers. Hope you resolve the issues that have you upset or are really able to let it go. Things that fester are best gotten rid of. Hope you have a fantastic weekend 🙂

  3. Karen

    Flowers are beautiful and doing well, as usual. Sorry to hear someone is being so petulant….guess they got into a major bind and want you to bail them out. Just smile and keep on – remember, This to shall pass! ! !

  4. I always keep in mind, people, are, weird. It helps explain a lot.
    My new favorite saying also, Not my circus, mot my monkies.
    Keep looking at your flowers because they are gorgeous. Torenias are my favorite, especially the yellow with purple. My second favorite, but not for blooms is the escarcot begonia. Love its leaves. Gorgeous plant.

  5. catsandroses

    That kind of person is like a pesky weed in your garden; wise of you to yank it out and not give it more ground to grow. Glad you have such beautiful flowers and surroundings to focus on instead. Love the dahlia and the sunny torenias and super belles! Hard to be upset when looking at those cheerful beauties! Do you have roses blooming? Mine never fail to lift my spirits — I have literally thousands of blooms now — LOVE them (and, of course, have to fill my vases with their beauty and amazing fragrance and bring them inside to enjoy, too)

  6. Mary Jo

    Love your flowers…sorry that someone in your life has upset you. Enjoy the beauty around you and forget the nastiness that sometimes comes in our lives!

  7. Nancy

    Regrets for your irritation with someone and then change immediately to the flowers and their beauty. Pretty flowers make me smile, too, as I see them growing step by step into the glories of colors. I have been enjoying your sharing through these emails for a few weeks now, or more, not sure when I signed on. I, too, enjoy my garden and experiencing the growth into the beauties Mother Nature puts forth. I was amused by the above quick changes from the irritation to the happy, colorful visions. I have a large love for iris and have several varieties from small to the tall bearded and in between. They all have been gorgeous this season and have completed their blooming season here in Portland, OR, well at least in my yard — just a few bloom stragglers right now. Garden mini climates are variable, so there are a few here and there and in other yards, too, for a while yet. Some iris are re-bloomers, too. I also grow a variety of other plants/flowers — whatever catches my fancy. And some food plants, too. Hope you have completely let go of the negative experience. Sometimes it is difficult to get something out of your mind and you wonder about someone`s actions/words, etc. 🙂

  8. Jo Newton

    Enjoy your flowers very much. Last year I saw your torenias and so bought some for my flower pots. Many of my friends had never heard of them and now have them in their pots thanks to you. Please enjoy your flowers and let go of the negative thoughts.


  9. Oh those darn weeds in our gardens of life. YOu are truly not alone in your disappointment, frustration and hurt. I’ve not yet had this happen with a blogger friend, in which case if she still continues to contact you, I’d block her email. Thank you for sharing with us so we can be here to lift your spirits and let you know how much we love visiting your creative, inspiring blog. (Ya know I’m grateful for all your tutorials!! LOL!) With smiles, V:)

  10. Sorry to hear about your email problems. Maybe over time, she will stop! Your flowers are beautiful though. I always admire people with a green thumb. I either kill all my plants or get lucky with some outside ones because of the rain! Enjoy your weekend!

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