Stamping fun with cards

Recently, I needed a card for a dear friend to thank her for a sweet gift, and I didn’t have anything in the card box.  In the past, I have stamped several cards at a time, usually keeping a couple for any occasion by not stamping the inside.  But the last few times I have needed a card to send, I have been short on time so I just did the one I needed.  Even on this day I didn’t have a lot of time to stamp, but I was determined to make at least one additional card. I started off with my inspiration, some lovely purple card stock that went nicely with the handmade papers I am still rationing out.

Friendship cards 1

I fiddled around with strips of the handmade paper, and a dark purple card stock.  The papers all complement each other well.

Friendship cards 2

The card I needed was a Thank You, so I stamped the words “Thank You” in Grape color ink down the side, not re-inking as I went so the print gets lighter with each stamp.

Friendship cards 3

I punched out two sizes of scallop circles, and added the stamp “You’re too kind” with a small butterfly on the smaller one. Stacking them, I glued it all down.

Friendship cards 5

For the other card, which I’ll leave blank on the inside for now, I used the same papers and punches. I stamped the word friendship along the bottom of the card, then added the papers. The top scallop circle has a pansy on it. This card can be a birthday or thank you card the next time I am short on time.

Friendship cards 4

The inside of the Thank You card says ‘Thanks so much’ with a little flower. Of course the back is stamped with my handmade by me stamp.

Friendship cards 8

All set, now I just need to remember to mail it!

Friendship cards 6

I like the design of the one on the left for more occasions, and I have two sets of those word stamps.  I need to make up some cards and leave the bottom blank for the appropriate word to be added as needed.  Simple, yet made with care.  Do you still send cards in the mail?



13 thoughts on “Stamping fun with cards

  1. catsandroses

    Beautiful cards! Thanks for the inspiration — I have tons of stamps and lots of card stock, but don’t seem to follow through with making many cards and usually end up just mailing out a normal greeting card when the occasion calls for it. (I do like using snail mail; always fun to send/receive cards and letters in the mail). What kind of glue do you use to piece your cards together? One issue I have is things always LOOK glued when I do so, and yours look so smooth, no signs of glue anywhere. Thanks for posting this project!

  2. Very pretty.

    I do still send cards occasionally. I now try to buy hand-made cards at craft fairs – they’re often the same price or cheaper than Hallmark, and a lot more personal!

  3. Mary Jo

    Love your cards. I do send cards…nothing beats getting a hand made card, or even a purchased card that someone took the time to sign and address!

  4. Your cards are lovely! I love handmade papers! And hopefully the receiver will know how special they are to receive one! My daughter, the scrapbooker, keeps me supplied in cards and I, the quilter, keep her supplied in quilts!!!

  5. Robyn Oliver

    Hi Carole, lovely cards…two at a time is a great way to go. And thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I’ve been checking you lovely work out too…very talented, love to quilt myself but don’t get the machine out as I should. And I love your photos….you live in a beautiful part of the world…gorgeous garden too. Enjoy your weekend cheers Robyn

  6. Your cards are very sweet. We often encourage our children to make cards instead of buying them. Specially made cards are so much more personal and meaningful.

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