Spring Drive with the Car Club

Saturday was a spectacular day, warm and sunny with lazy clouds drifting around.  The car club had planned a drive along the French Broad River and its tributaries, ending at a member’s home for a home smoked barbeque dinner with all the fixin’s.  We met at one of our rural grocery stores, lining up in a row as members arrived. Our blue TVR is at the far end.

BCC May 2015 Drive 1

More members arrived, this was going to be a huge turnout. We had 19 cars participating, and 32 people joining in the fun.

BCC May 2015 Drive 2

A short drivers meeting to remind drivers to keep up with the car behind them, and off we went.

BCC May 2015 Drive 3

We drove around the Davidson tributary.

BCC May 2015 Drive 4

Here’s a bit of the Pisgah Forest.

BCC May 2015 Drive 5

BCC May 2015 Drive 9

So much fun with all those little British cars all in a row. We really got a lot of attention as we went by!

BCC May 2015 Drive 6

The Pisgah range of the Blue Ridge Mountains is in the distance.

BCC May 2015 Drive 7

At one point, the two cars in front of us missed a turn, and got back in line behind us. Yes, that is a DeLorean in front of us now. We have two of them in the club.

Bcc May 2015 Drive 8

Many of the pictures I took out the window came out blurred, but a few made it. So green, and I love those layers of mountains!!

BCC May 2015 Drive 10

There is a reflection on the windshield, but the mountain is just beautiful.

BCC May 2015 Drive 11

Arriving at the member’s house, we had to cram the cars into a limited space, but we did make it!  That’s my buddy Gail’s classic Mini Cooper in the front.

BCC May 2015 Drive 14

All around the drive route were gorgeous flowers, I’ll show you some of the rhododendrons soon.  It is crazy, I have so much to post about there aren’t enough days in the month!  Hope you enjoy these Mountain Living posts.

3 thoughts on “Spring Drive with the Car Club

  1. Jean

    Absolutely love seeing your country – it looks so peaceful. Glad you had beautiful weather for the excursion. ;o) Thanks for sharing.

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