Le Challenge – Wood

I like the idea of a challenge where you have barely 30 days to figure something out, make it and then show it, all within a challenge theme.  That is how it works at Le Challenge, and this month the theme was Wood.   Just so happens that I have a project I have been putting off, so now is the time to pull it out again.  Here it is.

Wood Wreath finished2

This is a wooden wreath made of wood hearts glued together.   I picked it up in a thrift store in the 1980s, and painted it the now-very-dated color of Wedgewood blue.  When I came to my senses, and started painting the house in earth tones, I put this away.  Every so often, I run across it and say to myself, I need to repaint that thing and do something with it.

Heart wreath blue

So, I pulled it out again.  I used wall paints that I have left over from the current home to repaint the hearts.  These were the little color samplers of paint.  I did one layer in light beige, and the other in dark brown.

paint samples

heart wreath paint 2

Maybe it is because of spring, and everything greening up outside, but I wasn’t happy with this result.  I wanted it lighter, and less autumnal.  So, back to the basement to dig out the green wall paint.

Wood Heart Wreath 1

Repainting the dark brown hearts in a lighter green gave it a whole new feel.  It took two coats to cover it up.

Wood Heart Wreath 4

These flowers were left over from my Spring Floral Wreath.  I cut the stems shorter and hot glued them to the heart wreath.

Wood Heart Wreath 6

A final bow, and it is done. A fresh look for a tired, old, wood wreath.

Heart Wreath finish

It looked nice on the brick wall in the quilting/crafting/sewing basement, but I have been seeing a lot of things leaning recently instead of hanging. So, I leaned it in a window.

Heart Wreath leaning in window

I think I’ll leave it there for now. You can still see the azaleas blooming out the window on the left.

Do you refurbish old stuff?

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  1. CUte! I don’t really refurb things right now. BUt your post reminded me of my early days of tole painting while I was bed ridden for a month while pregnant with our first daughter.

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