Early May Garden 2015

Oh, finally!  Spring has taken over, and I am able to do some  planting.  Even though our last frost date is still over a week away, I feel confident that we won’t have one again this month.  So, I went to the garden center and picked up my torenias, along with a few other pretties.  If you are local, Raymond’s Garden Center on Kanuga has a lot of these beauties in several varieties. Go get some, the hummingbirds love them.

Garden May 2015 - 2

My lettuce is coming along now that it is planted in a larger pot.

Garden May 2015 - 3

The iris blooms are coming along, too.  Although only four or five actually are blooming, the ones that are blooming have multiple blooms on each stalk.

Iris May 2015

Irises May 2015

Tomatoes, parsley and thyme are coming up, and the day lilies are getting ready to bloom.

Planting May 2015

The hydrangea is leafing out beautifully, and I hope it blooms this year.

Garden May 2015 - 7

This tip was on the internet some time ago, and it is brilliant – use coffee filters in the bottom of your pots to keep the dirt in while allowing excess water out.

Garden May 2015 - 4

I did that with the torenias, using the green hanging planters.   These purple ones are Summer Wave.  I love how they attract hummingbirds.

Garden May 2015 - 10

I start with one plant spreading the roots over the bottom soil as I go.

Garden May 2015 - 8

I put three plants in each hanging pot, making sure I add enough soil around the plants and in the center.

Garden May 2015 - 9

All planted up and hanging up.  A hummingbird found one this next morning.

Garden May 2015 - 16

I did four for the veranda.

Garden May 2015 - 17

This yellow torenia is called Gilded Grape.

Garden May 2015 - 12

DH thinks I have too many pots, so I thought to use a couple as a stand for a longer planter. It adds some height and interest to the collection of clay pots. More Gilded Grape torenias are here.

Garden May 2015 - 14

A sunny corner will have a pink geranium along with a white lobelia. I cannot wait for those to bloom.

Garden May 2015 - 18

I set this pot on its stand, and planted a yellow and white striped variety of Superbells.  I had these last year too.

Garden May 2015 - 19

The large pot next to the front door is planted with double begonias in a bright yellow, and some tiny pansies in purple and white.

Garden May 2015 - 20

Below are two pots, one with more tiny pansies, and the other with an orange star flower that was a gift.

Garden May 2015 - 21

The staff at Raymond’s is always so helpful. Today, a lady recommended this variegated leaf New Guinea impatiens,with leaves of yellow and green.  I planted those in clay pots to put in the bottom of my little tile top tables. They add much needed weight to the bottom so the little tables don’t tip over.

Garden May 2015 - 6

Impatiens do beautifully in the shade.  Most years I put white ones in the table pots, but this year the flowers will be pink.   The tables are set by the rockers to hold a drink.

Garden May 2015 - 11

I found a green planter to use in a tall stand. These pretty, intense blue flowers will trail over and down.  I didn’t manage to get one with an information tab, but I’m pretty sure it is another variety of lobelia.

Garden May 2015 - 15

I have about half of the pots planted with something, I didn’t show you the jump-ups or the other bulbs.  This post was long enough as it was, LOL!!  My experiment with the bakery boxes wasn’t the best, it was hard to get the seedlings out to transplant.  I’ll rethink that idea for next winter. In a couple of weeks, I’ll go to the bargain bin and see what I can find that is new to me.  Remember my bargain hibiscus from last year?  Who knows what can be found this year!

Garden May 2015 - 22

What are you planting now?

9 thoughts on “Early May Garden 2015

  1. Jan Beckert

    Wow, you’ve been busy! How do you do all this, and still find time to sew and quilt?! Spring has finally arrived here in VT, and everything is turning green and flowery in the fields and woods. Don’t you just love this time of year?

  2. Sharon Schipper

    Our planting went on hold here in Colorado, tons of rain, soggy ground, and then SNOW for Mother’s Day! About 4 wet sloppy inches average down here in Denver, but real snow up in the mountains. My honeysuckle I can almost see growing, but glad the other seeds haven’t come up yet. I want another black eyed susan vine, and my west porch gets too hot in the afternoons without the shade being down, but I’m putting my spider plant out there this year, and hope my cosmos come up in the raised beds! The landlady has all grass and old junipers she thinks she must have (they smell like cat pee actually!) elsewhere, and my son and I hope to do a water garden and some flowering trees when we get our own place in a year or so. Sigh…. Love your porch!

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