Dinosaur Eggs for Easter – a healthy alternative

I really enjoy doing silly stuff for the ladies that I work with.  For years I have done candy and sweets for various holidays, but with the staff we have now, one of the girls is diabetic.  I certainly cannot add to her difficulties with her diet by giving her sweets.  She is struggling hard with her weight, as we all do, and I am trying to lose weight as well.  So, what to do for an Easter goodie?

Colander project - 1

I was in World Market over the weekend, and I saw these little colanders.  Cute aren’t they?

Colander project - 2

I thought they would make a nice ‘basket’ for something, useable and geared toward a healthier idea for a gift. I got some green grass, and started thinking about eggs.  Hard boiled, maybe, but what might be a little different?

Colander project - 3

Then it hit me, avocados!!  I love them, they are readily accessible now too.

Colander project - 4

So, how do you like the dinosaur eggs?

Colander project - 5

Something for the girls that is healthy, yet seasonal!

Colander project - 6

Yes, I am a little crazy, but I think this is a cute idea for a sugar free gift.

Colander project - 7

I think they liked them too! Something good to eat, and a handy little kitchen gadget too.

Happy Easter!

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11 thoughts on “Dinosaur Eggs for Easter – a healthy alternative

  1. manasotavacation

    What a cute and thoughtful gift! NONE of us needs more chocolate (and I’m pretty good at foraging for sweets on my own anyway).

  2. Love your colander idea. I had a smooched (that’s a culinary term ) up avocado on a sandwich this week instead of mayo. It was so good.

  3. Mary

    My Mother goes through stages of her dementia. One is sweets & the other is fruit. Avacado is one stage. Your presentation is fabulous. HAPPY EASTER.

  4. I thought that it was Chocolate in the Thumbnail. Glad you thought enough to spare your friend the temptation. For me it’s -Give me the Chocolate and nobody gets hurt… Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh my gosh, what a great idea. Total #CreativeGoodness. And how thoughtful to give such a gift to co-workers. I love the idea of a healthy gift. And this looks like it will also be a great decoration, as well as a gift that will be useful and remembered for years to come. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  6. eva

    Dinosaur eggs are PERFECT….. and i will probably steal your idea for future Easters. yes… we all can do with less sugars, so anything imaginative as a substitution is simply brilliant and truly thoughtful. It would have been S-O-O-O much easier for you to just buy a bunch of candies and chocolates and toss them in the “baskets”. And i like your colander baskets too – more useful and less wasteful!!


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