Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape and Blog Hop

The beautiful Asian print on my new table runner becomes the base for a Christmas tablescape also Asian inspired.  Something different for this year!  I begin by covering the table with a burgundy color tablecloth, picking up the dark red in the Asian Inspired Christmas Table Runner I made just this week. It is placed at an angle across the table.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

Remember my thrift store rice bowls find?  The pattern looks nice with the new runner.

Asian Print Christmas Table Runner at

So, the color scheme is taken from the runner, with red and gold being the focus.  Red square small dishes are placed on white china with the rice bowls next to them.  Square gold chargers anchor the stack.  Crystal knife rests take on a new role as chopstick stands for the wooden chopsticks, placed horizontally with the points toward the left as is proper for Asian tables.  Regular flatware is added on the right side for those who would rather use those.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

Cream color napkins are held with porcelain rings featuring a red flower similar to the ones in the runner.  Sake cups and soy sauce dishes are added (both thrift store scores!), completing the place setting with an odd number of dishes which is also usual for Asian tables.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

For the centerpiece, I added tiny faux lights and some miniature ornaments to my artificial bonsai.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

Then the decorated bonsai was set on a brass sleigh.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

Flanking the sleigh and bonsai are two metallic gold candles in clear glass holders, with gold accented candle rings.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

It is a touch of Asian flair to a holiday table, just waiting for a special meal.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

So, what to serve?  Well, you could try some of my original Oriental inspired recipes from my Japanese Inspired February event, like Shumai.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

Or the Pearl Balls called Zhenzhu Qiu.  Both recipes are easy, if a bit messy in prep.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

Add some egg rolls and steamed dumplings with sticky rice and you have a meal fit for A Christmas Story’s Ralphie!!  Or try my Asian Inspired Crab Salad for the holiday potluck.

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

Of course, a roast duck would make a fine Christmas dinner, too!

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

And as they say in Japan, Itadakimasu!!

Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape at

I’ll have my more traditional table later in the month, with my holiday china.  For now, enjoy a fun blog hop of tablescapes!!  Since this is the last day, all these blogs have their creative and wonderful tables posted for you to enjoy.  Thank you to Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate for putting us together!


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30 thoughts on “Asian Inspired Christmas Tablescape and Blog Hop

  1. Rita C.

    Carole, I am really inspired with your tablescape! Your quilted piece is beautifully finished, and I think your choice fabric border and interior stitching is absolutely perfect – stunning. There is something very clean and crisp that attracts me to the Asian motifs in design, and I use a bit of it in my own decor. The rest of the table completes the look, effortlessly and flawlessly. Beautiful job.
    Have a very joyous Christmas season. It was a real pleasure being in your company again this season.

  2. Such a beautiful tablescape…but then I would expect nothing less from you! Those square gold chargers are gorgeous. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year….thank you for another year of wonderful, entertaining and instructive posts. I so appreciate you and I KNOW I’m not alone in that sentiment. Blessings from southeastern WV.

  3. You have blended the 2 cultures wonderfully Carole, the bonsai tree sitting in the sleigh is unexpected and delightful! Your runner is beautiful and placing it on a diagonal looks great. The red square dishes really make the table say holiday! Very unique!

  4. This is so much fun to use Christmas mixed with an Asian inspired look. The decorated bonsai is such a great way to mix it all together. Creative!

  5. Carole, I am amazed at your talent. Your runner is very beautiful as well as the place setting for each guest. I love your Asian theme. Your food will be wonderful I am sure.

  6. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Elegance shines through the simplicity of your Asian tablescape is very elegant. Love the bonsai in the sleigh!

  7. Carole, I love that you did an Asian inspired tablescape. The quilted piece that you made this week is so pretty. I would love to share this lovely meal, but no chopsticks for me I have yet to master them. Enjoyed hopping with you this week!

  8. Jeanie C.

    Beautiful. You are so talented. I do so enjoy your post. I had a mini stroke week of Thanksgiving and doing a lot of rehab now so the Holidays have been different this year. So it gets me more in the spirit when I can see and read blogs like yours. I got just a few things out so I could say was some decoration out. Not nearly all and my biggest sorrow is I can’t fix all the goodies I normally do. But then there is next year to begin to plan for.

  9. Your Asian themed Christmas table come out beautiful – love the inspiration – that runner is very pretty. This reminds me of the movie – The Christmas Story- when the Bumpases dogs eat their Christmas turkey and they have to go out for Chinese food!! We used to have Chinese takeout on Christmas Eve all the time when were younger so this strikes a chord with me! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  10. I love everything about your tablescape! That table runner is gorgeous and it’s the perfect piece to build the rest of the tablescape around. The bonsai in the sled is so unique and unexpected – and it works! I like that you took something you don’t usually see in a Christmas tablescape and made it work so well. So happy to be hopping with you!

  11. Very very nice!

    Se non per Natale, verrò a riguardare la tua tavola ispirata all’Asia e le ricette, i miei figli amano il cibo esotico!

    Arrivo al tuo blog grazie al blog di Donna Bianca

    Ciao, Fior

  12. Your thrifted rice bowls are beautiful with your quilted table runner Carole! How clever to place your bonsai tree in a sleigh as a centerpiece. We look forward to watching Ralphie and A Christmas Story every year 🙂 As always it’s a joy to blog hop with you, Merry Christmas!

  13. farmquilter

    Love your Asian-inspired table!! I just had to go and check out all the other tables…oh my, you ladies are so talented!! Merry Christmas!!

  14. Your beautiful runner looks perfect as the anchor to all your Asian inspired pretties. I am always astounded as to how much pretty and different china and other such things you have tucked away just right for any tablescape. Your Asian inspired tablescape is lovely. Oh, and all the different foods sound delicious.

  15. Kari

    Carole your pretty table runner is a perfect backdrop to your Asian tablescape. Love the bonsai tree in the sleigh. I love the Christmas story Movie and the Asian meal they had to eat in place of the turkey the dog stole from their table….so your choices are excellent. I keep saying if one does not find inspiration or an idea or two from all the wonderful stylists than they are not looking and your inspiration is exceptional. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  16. Carole, what a unique and special tablescape! My mother has grown bonsai’s for many years and would love what you did by placing one in the metal sleigh. And, how wonderful you made your own runner! But wherever did you find the opportunity this busy time of year? Merry, merry!

  17. Carole, this is so unique! The runner you made is beautiful, and it is definitely the star of the table. I love the bonsai tree decorated with mini ornaments in the gold sled. And I love that you scored the bowls from thrift shops! It’s a pleasure to be hopping with you. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  18. Carole, I didn’t realize that the runner had an Asian motif in the first picture. I thought it had Christmas colors and was festive. The Asian theme is unique and you did a great job of incorporating it into a Christmas tablescape.

  19. Chloe Crabtree

    Here I am! Better late than never! Wow, what a creative look for a Christmas table! It is amazing how close the pattern on your rice bowls coordinates with your runner! Look at you, making your own runner! Your faux bonsai decorated for the holiday is the perfect centerpiece! Thank you for joining another hop! Merry Christmas!

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