Holiday Tour of Inns

The Hendersonville Historic Preservation Commission held a Holiday Tour of Inns as a fundraiser for their preservation efforts.  Seven local bed and breakfast Inns participated with wonderful Christmas decorations.  This was the first time I have been inside many of these wonderful homes, and DH thoughtfully recharged the camera battery before we went so I could share some of the beauty and decorating ideas.

This is the Elizabeth Leigh Inn, a wonderful Victorian home with a wrap around veranda.  It was built in 1893, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Elizabeth Leigh Inn 1

The front door welcomes holiday guests.

Elizabeth Leigh Inn 3

The wood staircase was draped with lights, garland and red bows.

Elizabeth Leigh Inn 4

My mother-in-law could live in the purple room, with the fireplace decked out in purple too.

Elizabeth Leigh Inn 5

Greenery, red wine glasses and Red Castle china create a holiday sideboard.

Elizabeth Leigh Inn 9

Even on a December day, the veranda is inviting.

Elizabeth Leigh Inn 12

Next is the Pinebrook Manor Inn, a little farther out of town with more land and garden area.

Pinebrook Manor Inn 1

A sunny yellow main living room has Santa on display with a lovely garlanded fireplace. Cherubs trumpet over a crackling fire.

Pinebrook Manor Inn 5

Back on a sunporch, a little village nestled into the greenery. Wouldn’t you like to shop here?

Pinebrook Manor Inn 6

A Santa collection graces the corner of the breakfast room with another decorated tree.

Pinebrook Manor Inn 7

There was a beautiful tablescape on the formal dining table, with Old Rose china on gold chargers.

Pinebrook Manor Inn 8

The stair railings were draped in greenery garland with red bows and cardinals.

Pinebrook Manor Inn 10

In the front room was a lovely tree with a red and gold ornaments, bows, angels and Santa figures.  All the front windows held electric candles surrounded with greenery and red bows.

Pinebrook Manor Inn 3

There was just too much to show all in one day, so will continue tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying all the decorating and tablescape ideas!

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Tour of Inns

  1. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. These two places are really delightful and nicely decorated.
    This has been some 2 years for me, I am caring for my parents (91) and yesterday we called EMS and got mom into the hospital
    I think after all of the testing and such, she might have a virus. It was good to get her in a bed on a nursing floor and
    we shall see how she is doing today.
    I think both of these Inns are lovely. I need to go there…. no no, I tell my husband I need to go to sewing jail.
    Taking care of my parents is a joy, but I can’t remember what my life was before. — dementia perhaps

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