Christmas Candle Wrapper

This cute candle wrapper is so fast and easy!  I made it to dress up those wonderful candles that come in jars.  This size will fit the large jar, and is not as tall as the jar edge, so there is no danger of it catching fire.  It goes together in under an hour, so you could make one this afternoon for a gathering tonight.  All it takes is two pieces of fabric (fat quarters work great), and a yard of ribbon.

Wrapper 17

Start by cutting a 14-inch circle out of your focus fabric.  I used a cute baking print in Christmas colors.  Fold your fabric into fourths, and measure out 7 inches from the fold corner in several places marking with a chalk marker or other marker.

Wrapper 1

Connect the marks to form a curved line.

Wrapper 2

Cut out the circle.  Cut a second circle from your lining fabric.  I used a tone-on-tone red.

Wrapper 3

On the focus fabric, mark a small line one inch from the edge.

Wrapper 4

Sew a button hole on that mark about an inch in length.

Wrapper 5

Cut the buttonhole open.

Wrapper 6

Place your fabrics right sides together and sew 1/4-inch seam leaving an opening to turn it right side out.

Wrapper 7

Clip the edge all the way around up to the stitching line. This will help it lay flat.

Wrapper 8

Turn and press. Press the seam allowance inside the opening to hold it in place.

Wrapper 9

Topstitch very close to the edge all the way around, catching the open area.

Wrapper 10

Sew a second line of topstitching 1/2 inch from the edge, being careful to go on the outside of the buttonhole.

Wrapper 12

Now sew a third line of topstitching 1-1/4 inch from the edge, being careful to go on the inside of the buttonhole.  This forms the channel, and the buttonhole becomes the access point.

Wrapper 13

Take a ribbon, one yard in length, and attach a bodkin.  You can use a safety pin if you don’t have one of these.  Thread the ribbon through the channel.

Wrapper 15

Pull on the ends and gather the fabric evenly around the ribbon.

Wrapper 16

Place your candle inside and pull it tight to the candle.  Tie a bow with the ribbon ends.  So cute, and it fits the large jar candle nicely.

Wrapper 17

It also can stand by itself if needed for a quick candy dish.

Wrapper 18

This size works great with Mason jars too, to dress up gift of cookie mix or jam.

Wrapper 19

Dress up your holidays with this cute wrapper. You could even use it to wrap a small gift. Happy Holiday Sewing!

Wrapper 20

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  1. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary b here:
    Oh, this is adorable. And you can flip it up side down and put it on a kitty head.
    I think I will choose that option.
    Very cute. Thank you for sharing how to

  2. Great tutorial! What a neat way to turn an ordinary (albeit useful) item into a more thoughtful gift. I wonder who is getting peanut butter for the hoidays 😉

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