A Santa Mystery

I was prowling a thrift store a few weeks ago and found a cute little Santa figure.  He had such a happy face, and seemed a little familiar.  So, I bought him.

Santa 1

I thought I might have one similar, and when I got all the Christmas boxes out, I found it.

Santa 5

So, I figure if there are two in the series there have to be more, right?  I’ll just look at the bottom and find out who made them.

Santa bottoms

Wrong. There is nothing on the bottom.  One has a remnant of a stick on tag that may have one day had the name, but no more.

Santa 3

I did a search for Santa figures on eBay, but after looking at several hundred, I didn’t find a single one like them. Their robes have a shimmery look, with a little glitter.  There are trees and candy canes in relief on the robes.  They are 4-1/2 – 5 inches high.

Santa back

I’d love to add to this collection.  They are part of my luncheon tablescape that I’ll show you soon.

Santa 4

So, dear readers, I am asking for your help. Does anyone have one of these sweet faced figures? Or does anyone know what company or artist made them?

Santa 2

11 thoughts on “A Santa Mystery

  1. Kathy h

    I don’t think I have seen these before but will look to see if I find any. He does have a sweet face and I like the santas like that too.

  2. You may have to continue to look at Thrift stores .. Also have you checked the sites of well known china makers (Palzgraff, etc..). Good Luck on your search …

      1. You know maybe a shop where you can go in and paint -a ceramics place; someone there might know .. You may have to take it into them so they can see (?)
        You are very welcome .. sorry its wasn’t a helper !

  3. Boy, those look really familiar to me too…. I’ll try and do some searching (both my memory and Google) and let you know if I find anything. They’re really adorable!

  4. Hobby Lobby use to carry Santas like these a few years ago. They were a plastic hard mold figurine(not ceramic) , bare and you painted them. I have a few some painted and some in process. Hope that helps.

  5. mleewest

    Love your Santas–hope you find out the info. Your header is breathtaking!
    Michael at Foodie Friday–Rattlebridge

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