Block of the Month September 2014

This month the LQS picked Wild Waves from Quilter’s Cache.  This is a pretty simple block as all of the parts can be chain-stitched each step of the way.

Sept BOM 2014 - 22

The colors chosen by the quilt shop are a really pretty blue/green variable, a darker blue watermark, and the standard grey that has been the background on all the blocks.

Sept BOM 2014 - 1

Once again, I do not like the instructions given, and have used another technique to sew the elements of the block.

Sept BOM 2014 - 2

Start by cutting eight squares 3-7/8 inch square.

Sept BOM 2014 - 3

Cut these in half on the diagonal.  Don’t these look pretty!  I want to stop and make them into flying geese.  Ah, but we move on with the block.

Sept BOM 2014 - 4

Cut a strip of blue and a strip of grey,  4-1/2 inch’s wide, then cross cut your squares.  I stacked my blue and grey to go faster.  ( In the link, it says to mark lines and start sewing here, but the sewing line is so convoluted so I have changed it to a chain piecing technique.)  I like to put a piece of painters tape along my measurement line to make cutting go faster.

Sept BOM 2014 - 5

Sept BOM 2014 - 6

Stack the grey squares on top of the blue squares and cut each set on the diagonal twice so you have four quarter-square triangles.

Sept BOM 2014 - 8

All the QSTs fit together in the same way, so all you need to do is take one of the stacked QSTs, and begin sewing a scant quarter inch seam on the side that is pointed up with the flat across the bottom.  Sew all of them on this side and you’ll have it done perfectly.

Sept BOM 2014 - 9

Chain piece to save time. Note that I used a leader on this group, believe me it will make it easier to start a chain of those little points.

Sept BOM 2014 - 10

Keep going with more triangle sets.

Sept BOM 2014 - 11

Press to the blue side.

Sept BOM 2014 - 12

Now, again the units are all sewn the same way.  Take the QST units and sew the long edge to the variable blue HST.
Sept BOM 2014 - 13

Chain piece here too.

Sept BOM 2014 - 15

Press to the HST, and square up to 3-1/2 inches.

Sept BOM 2014 - 16

Lay out the design.  Although this is a simple block to make, the position of the colors can make a difference with that blue and green variable color, so lay it out and play with it a bit until you are happy with the color layout.

Sept BOM 2014 - 18

Slightly different placement yields this –

Sept BOM 2014 - 19

Then this –

Sept BOM 2014 - 20

Sew the units in rows.  Press toward the variable color HST.  This time I went in vertical rows as the pattern suggested.

Sept BOM 2014 - 21

Voila!  Done.

Sept BOM 2014 - 23

If you missed any of the previous Blocks of the Month, you can still catch up, just click on the Block of the Month Category on the right sidebar.  We have three more to go, and will work on putting them together in January.  You have time to catch up!

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love this block and the colors/fabrics you used. I thought it was a quilt. I am going to dye cotton and I love to use this design for a quilt which my dyed fabrics. Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Amsterdam

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