September Hike

Saturday was a gorgeous day here in the mountains, temperature in the low 70s and clear.  A nice change from the overcast days we have had lately with afternoon rain.  We decided it was a perfect day to hike to some of our local waterfalls.  We drove over to Dupont Forest, our favorite place to hike, and picked the Triple Falls  trail.  We haven’t been up there in a couple of years.

September 20 hike -1

It is an intermediate trail because it has plenty of elevation change.  Luckily it goes up to the falls, so the last part of the hike coming back to the car is downhill.

September 20 hike - trail 2

There were a fair number of people out, but many times the trail was all our own.

September 20 hike -4

We stopped along the stream a couple of times both going up and coming down.

September 20 hike -3

We hiked up to Triple Falls, which is named for the three distinct waterfalls all on the same mountainside.  You can see two here, the third is at the bottom flowing to the left behind the trees.  We were high on the next ridge looking to the falls, and the people below will give you an idea of the scale.  These falls are high and lovely.  The roar of the water can be heard from quite a distance.

September 20 hike - Triple Falls

DH walked down to the very bottom to get these photos.

September 20 hike -triple falls bottom

September 20 hike -lower triple falls

September 20 hike triple falls lookg up

We weren’t too tired when we got to Triple Falls, so we decided to keep hiking. Going up we could get one more view between the trees.

September 20 hike -triple falls 2

We made it up to High Falls.  We went there earlier this year from the other side where the covered bridge sits over the river.

September 20 hike -high falls 2

Even the rocks are pretty with a sunny day.

September 20 hike -5

September 20 hike -downstream

We have a couple of weeks to go before our color season begins, but I did see this little section of a tree  starting to show a bit of red.

September 20 hike - a bit of color

Everything is so lush and green, lots of rain this summer. The stream on the left is quiet at this spot.

September 20 hike -creek trail

Yes, the downhill is easier going back, LOL!

September 20 hike -6

I hope you enjoyed the views!

7 thoughts on “September Hike

  1. manasotavacation

    Gorgeous pics! I went to Triple Falls on Tour de Falls a few yrs ago. It’s so much nicer when it is not crowded, like it was at the event. Thank you for sharing. I can now take a nap as all that viewing has exhausted me!!!

  2. Denise

    You were in my neighborhood, we love when people visit us so we can share all of this beautiful area we are so blessed to live in.

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