Matching Ironing Pad – Part 2

The next sewing day, I finished off the quilting on my portable ironing pad.  If you missed part one, click on Matching Ironing Pad Part One.  I used Signature thread in a dark grey top and bobbin.  It looks good on the heat resistant fabric, but also blends with the print.


It is fairly centered, not too bad. Now, to bind it. I wanted the mat to be a little bigger than it was going to be if I cut it to the heat resistant fabric size. And I thought the binding could be a little different than the usual too. I thought if I cut the piece outside of the stitching line on the heat resistant fabric side, I could simply add a larger binding as a design opportunity. I cut the mat size 3/4-inch outside the heat resistant fabric. Instead of the usual width of 2-1/2 inches, I cut my binding 6 inches wide. Folded it was three inches, and made a 1-1/2 inch border all around. Kinda neat, huh!!


I creased the corner in the usual way, adding the line to the crease, just like I showed you in the binding tutorial.


Continue around just like it was a skinnier binding.


Turned as usual, and stitched down, it is finished. All the corners mitered just like they should.


I added a wide green grosgrain ribbon to tie it in a roll for carrying to classes.


Laying it out flat, it can be used for class pressing projects.  The extra wide binding makes a nice frame, don’t you think?


Here is the outside, not too bad on the centering. It is just a bit off to the left, but I don’t think the quilt police will catch it.


Here it is all rolled up ready to pack for a class or workshop.


Now, where did I put that little bitty travel iron?



4 thoughts on “Matching Ironing Pad – Part 2

  1. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    Happy Sunday Carole. I read this yesterday but I was at mom and dad’s Ashby Ponds apartment. (I am always busy and still exhausted)
    I love this ironing pad. Yours turned out wonderful. I want one!!!
    Thank you for sharing how you made it.
    I will try to make one so I can bring my machine to mom and dad and do stuff….. oh yeah, and need a tiny iron too.
    Lastly, I like imperfect stuff.
    Have a wonderful day. The cooler days are over in No Va (40 miles west of the Cesspool) and today it is going to heat up again

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