Sewing Kit, part 2

Getting back to this kit, I figured out what I needed to do.  I had to pin the base all around to one layer of Timtex to hold it tight while I added the pockets, thread holding elastic, and scissor holding elastic with clear vinyl point guards.  I sewed through only one layer of Timtex using the heavy duty needle.


When all the interior elements were done, I lifted each fabric section and put the heat and bond between the fabric lining and Timtex.  Then I used the Heat and Bond to bond a second layer of Timtex on the backside for strength as the pattern directed.  Then I carefully pulled the threads around the edge of the lining to gather the fabric around the double layer of Timtex.  I tacked it down on the backside and gently set the interior into the shell.

sewing kit inside

After that, the interior had to be stitched into the shell by hand.  The zipper gusset was bent back and I stitched it in.  That didn’t take long!

sewing kit finish

Voila!!  Here is the outside.

sewing kit finish outside

No, I don’t think I ever want to make another one, LOL!!! But it is loaded up and ready for class now!

sewing kit filled

I took it to the AQS show for classes in Charlotte.  Wow, what a blast!!  More on that next time.

8 thoughts on “Sewing Kit, part 2

  1. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    I know how you feel when you said you did not want to ever make another one.
    This was a perfect project to practice your creative constructions and engineering skills, and good planning practice too.
    Gosh, I bet someone will ask you where you got it, and a pattern etc etc
    It did turn out adorable, and I really like the fabric.
    You did plan this out very well, and the result is lovely.
    these kind of projects are a perfect diversion from doing other things…….. I spent 3 days restoring a large pillow my mom made in 1989.
    It sat on her couch and was well loved. She made the embroidery with wool thread, is that crewel work? gorgeous motif, with animals flowers and butterflies on linen about 16 x 16. Well, it was kind of falling apart. I really did not know how to fix it, but I did some thinking…. I did a lot of darning using bits of the fabric I cut off as well, and staying in line with the grain of the fabric…. long story and it turned out very nice. I made a 14 by 14″ quilted and bound door hanging for their front door of their new apartment at Ashby Ponds where they are moving to on Monday (finally) It was a big job but I never did anything like this so it was a good skill builder.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Mary

    You are so clever. I appreciate how much work that was to plan & complete. Also loved your info on quilt show. I am lucky to have some quilts that were passed down to me from family.

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