Sewing Kit

Looking over the supply list for a class I am going to take, it had a lot of little things that could easily get lost in a big bag.  Things like marking pencils, seam measure, seam ripper, thimble, thread snips, and well you get the idea.   I remembered I had a pattern for a sewing kit I got at a garage sale.  So, I dug it out, pulled some sewing motif fabrics and started cutting.  I was excited that I had all the things needed, including the clear vinyl for the scissor point lining!  I started with quilting the outside shell.


OK, now I know why the bloody pattern was in a garage sale.  The instructions were a nightmare, align part H to lower side of part B, stitch this, fold that, elastic here, oh crap.  THOSE type of instructions.  This would be an exercise in patience, which is definitely not my strong suit. I would get confused, then frustrated, take a break, go back, start again.


After quilting the shell, it took most of the day to get the zipper in, and the gusset sewn to the shell.  It took a while for me to realize that the heavy duty Heat-N-Bond in the project was responsible for the many thread breaks.  This after re-threading the sewing machine several times, changing thread brands twice, changing the needle, and generally getting close to throwing the whole thing out.


The instructions said to Heat-N-Bond two layers of Timtex together for the interlining and then construct the lining on top of that.  Oh good grief, if I cannot sew through the Heat-N-Bond by itself, I sure wasn’t going to get a needle through two layers of Timetex too!!  So, now what. The lining would have to be re-engineered, and the instructions were hard enough without having to make a change. So I got this far in a day.  Not really very far, but will soldier on!


To be continued….  Here’s Part Two!

9 thoughts on “Sewing Kit

  1. you are going to leave me hanging… you do make me laugh…another reason I seldom purchase patterns anymore…I don’t understand peoples me pics…lol looking good so far you know ..

  2. I admire your perseverance! I’d have cut my losses and made a zippy pouch. I am not fond of following directions, even when they are good!

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