Creating Yard Art

Gardens full of flowers are a joy to behold.  Sometimes it is nice to have some art pieces in with the flowers to add some interest when they finish blooming, or before the blooms appear.  Something to add a bit of charm to the flower bed like this miniature rusty bicycle.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

So, with that in mind, I wanted to do something with these doves.  They were our bridal cake topper when we got married, in the 70s.  It has been stored away in my cedar chest for years and years.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

The piece is plastic, with a lot of yellowing on the base.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

I began by removing the pink gauzy bow and the side wires.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

Using a spray paint, I chose a metallic oil rubbed bronze color to simulate a metal finish.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

The paint has some metallic flecks in it that give the finish some depth.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

I used several light coats on the top and sides as best as I could reach.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

When it was totally dry, I turned the piece on its side to spray the underside of the doves and base.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

Again, several coats were applied, turning it over to be sure all of the surface was covered.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

In the sun, it looks like a bronze statue now.  The darker color really brings out the detail in the base.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

Nestled into the penstemon greenery, it really begins to look like a heavy bronze statue.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

Placed in the dianthus pinks, the contrast in light flower and dark doves create a focal point for visitors to notice.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

Yard art by recycling something from the past with wonderful memories is special.  Now when I see that piece in the garden, it reminds me of the number of years we have been together, making dreams come true.  No longer hidden away in a cedar chest, now it can be enjoyed all through the seasons.

Do you have memory piece you can upcycle, or have you already done one?

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Vintage Charm

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

21 thoughts on “Creating Yard Art

  1. Hi Carole,
    This really turned out great and it looks spectacular amongst the pink dianthus! Wow – you would never know how it started out. What a special piece for your garden – I’ll bet you wish you had done this many years ago! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Carole, this turned out wonderful! I hadn’t considered this option for some of the stored away and unused items we have hanging about. You have me thinking about a silver plated candy dish with a broken leg. It has a handle and might make a good bird feeder.
    Thanks ~ L

  3. Linda B

    Very clever, Carole, and I bet you smile every time you see it! I kind of liked it better on the fence post, than in the flowers (:)). Like a fancy finial. I love finding inspiration from my own stuff like that.

  4. The faux bronze piece is so pretty and totally does NOT look like it’s made of plastic! Well done!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve passed up an interesting looking statuette or whatnot at my local Goodwill just because it was made of plastic—I’ll know next time. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    I agree that you have so many fun ideas! I loved your doves in the pink dianthus, and am wondering where they actually ended up. I love that little rusty bicycle, too!

  6. This is a great idea – no point of storing something away when you can repurpose it so you can enjoy it every day. It looks so pretty among the flowers.

  7. Jean McKinstry

    Those doves look wonderful, and a symbol of love, theirs and yours, perfect with pink Dianthus.

  8. Patricia Evans

    How clever you are Carole. This is delightful and so much better than being hidden away in the cedar chest. Most years I forget to get my purchased garden art out, let alone create new pieces. It’s been so hot this summer, I haven’t spent much time outdoors. Really different than last year when I don’t think we hit 90° once.

  9. That is a really cool idea! I bet one could find something from the thrift store to work on. I will be thinking of this the next time I shop.

  10. debrapugh

    This is beautiful! !!:)

    And then I cracked up having a memory 🙂 About 4-5 years ago, some birds or Mother Nature ‘gifted’ me with bindweed.

    Since I had morning glories as well, I didn’t catch on that this was a different vine…they look similar…anyway, my grandson’s tricycle was parked on the side of the house and quickly became yard art within a week with that fast-growing bindweed just about covering it ! 🙂

  11. Diane

    Really enjoy your blog. Like the table decorations and the fact we both visit Goodwill or hospice shops and yard sales. Recycle, recycle. So much fun.
    I could use your advice on caring for a miniature rose I just purchased from Food Lion. They always look sooooo cute, They were marked down so I bought one. I repotted it and gave it a Mircale- Grow drink. Do they need full sun? I don’t usually do roses. Any advice will be appreciated. Diane

  12. Cindy B

    That is fantastic!!!! Makes me think my faded plastic flamingos need a uplift! I will look at plastic doo-dads in a different light now.

  13. No one will ever know your doves are plastic, Carole. Such a wonderful way to display something from your wedding – so much better than stored away where no one will see. Love the miniature bicycle.

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