Voting is Open at Amy’s Creative Side for Bloggers Quilt Festival

Voting is open at Amy’s Creative Side and you can go vote for your favorites in all the categories.  There are lots of prizes to be won by those who have entered.  If you feel inclined to vote, click on the icon in the sidebar or on the links below.  Thank you Amy for hosting this fun event!!

Just to remind you, I have two quilts entered.  My Miniature Mariner’s Compass is in the Mini Quilt Category.


And my Scrappy Mystery is in the Small Quilts Category.


Go see all the wonderful quilts, a full quilt show on the internet!  Of course, I would love your vote, but the fun is in the show itself.    There are a lot of beautiful quilts to get you inspired this holiday weekend to do some quilting.  Have fun!!


Updated May 31,  didn’t win, not even close.  There were some really wonderful quilts in the show, and you can still see them.  My Mariner’s Compass got only 13 votes.  I think I didn’t make it clear in the picture how small it is.  I think I will enter it again in another show with a different picture to highlight its tiny size.  The scrappy only got a few votes, but it had a lot of competition with some spectacular quilting.  Congratulations to all the winners!!



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