Bleeding colors on quilts

At some point, nearly every quilter will face the problem of a bleeding fabric in a finished quilt.  Some of us try to minimize this by pre-washing, but there are times when that isn’t possible, like a block of the month club where you only get a few little bits.  Other times, pre-washing just didn’t do the trick.  It mostly seems to be red/purple fabrics that are the culprits, but other colors can give us fits as well.


Fellow blogger Vicki Welsh on her blog Field Trips in Fiber has done the work of creating a tutorial showing you how to get those bleeds out, and what causes a lot of problems.  Find her blog post here.

This is terrific information every quilter should have at their fingertips.  Bookmark her page, and download her detailed document so you always have this information ready if you need it.

See the comments section for more on color catchers.

Happy Quilting!!

2 thoughts on “Bleeding colors on quilts

  1. I always put a colour catcher in the washing machine the first time I wash a quilt. That really helps to prevent bleeding, but I suppose that is too late when the bleeding has already occurred.

    1. I do too, Emmely, but those color catchers, while helpful, are not always enough. I have seen examples of quilts on other blogs where the color catcher didn’t do the job, leaving a pretty quilt with a bleeding red patch. I actually saw a post yesterday about that, but I cannot find it again to comment with this link. (Update, found it, Terry’s Treasurers – The quilter washed and dried her quilt with the color catcher, but didn’t notice the bleed until the quilt came out of the dryer. Vicki shows how to deal with that.

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