Early Garden

Walking around outside today in the sunlight, it is about 66 degrees and calm.  It is so quiet, like the season is holding its breath for a moment while the flowers get ready.  A couple have started to show their faces.

These are the crocus flowers that were mostly closed and dusted with snow, was that only 5 days ago?


A volunteer has appeared, a white crocus.

white crocus

Up near the house, two tiny jonquil blossoms are showing their faces.


And a last surprise, a hope I had last year might come about.  This is the stirrings of a beautiful lavendar hyacinth flower, planted two years ago after it bloomed in the house.  Maybe this year I will get a bloom outside.


Over to the side, I can see the tiny tips of my purple iris bulbs, but there isn’t enough to show you yet.  There is also a white Easter lily planted that bloomed nicely last year, but I haven’t seen it this year yet.  But, Easter is a bit late this year, so patience is called for.  It is hard, this time of year makes me so antsy to dig in the dirt.   I bought some gold gladiolus bulbs yesterday and will get them planted for hopeful blooms this spring.

How is your garden doing?