Treat Bags for Safelight

I am at it again, LOL!!  I have too much fun with stamping and making up bags of goodies, so once again Safelight will get some fun treats, Autumn Jubilee style.  I have a bunch of white lunch size bags, so easy to decorate!  I got out stamps and stickers for some creative playing.

Treat Bags at

This time, I started with my roller and a jack-o-lantern wheel, putting a row on the left side in orange.  Using the roller guide keeps the lines straight.

Treat Bags at

I lined them up to dry while I finished rolling the rest of the bags.

Treat Bags at

Each bag then got a cute stamp with a witch, a mummy, a Frankenstein, a ghost and a cat all riding a broom, stamped in purple.  The cute greeting is stamped in green.

Treat Bags at

This “Shoot for the Moon” sentiment seemed to fit the theme, so I made some little notes to go inside the bags.

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The bags were packed with hand lotion, lip gloss, the little note and a few pieces of candy.

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All the bags are filled, ready for the next step.

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I folded the tops over and sealed them with tape, and a sticker.

Treat Bags at

I had a bunch of different ones to use, the witches hats and jack-o-lanterns were really cute.

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Today’s giveaway is a Sewing Machine Lighting Kit with Expansion set by Inspired LED!!  I have a string of these over my stamping workbench and the extra light is fantastic.  They are mounted under the shelf and shine light right where I need it.  Could you use extra lighting in other areas of your home?

Leave a comment on this post, then click on the button below to enter the drawing for an Inspired LED Sewing Lighting Kit with Expansion Module!  Find all sorts of Inspired LED Lighting products on Amazon, for sewing machines, worktables, indoor and outdoor.  Due to electrical differences between countries and restrictions from the sponsor, this drawing is open to US residents only.

All ready to go, I’ll be delivering them later this week.

Treat Bags at

80 thoughts on “Treat Bags for Safelight

  1. sheryl harrison

    i’d love to have more lighting in my sewing room. i have a lamp on my sewing machine but it’s in the way when i do machine quilting.

  2. jrp53

    Your generosity and talent knows no bounds! Your bag recipients are so lucky. Thank you so much for your kind giveaway.

  3. Jennifer Rauch

    I do love the Halloween treat idea – even as adults, we need a little something extra & practical to get thru our days! I’m sure the folks @ Safelight will enjoy the little surprise. And I would love soe extra light in the new craft room we’re trying to organize. Always in my own light it seems! Thanks!

  4. Diane

    Love all the ideas you have. This project is small in size but mighty in love. Thank you you for all the lovely ideas you share. Blessings. Diane

  5. I’m with Jennifer! We all could use a few treats to help and encourage us. (That’s what your blog posts do, Carole!). It would be grand to win the lighting kit, as these old eyes seem to need more and more light these days.

  6. Carmen Montmarquet

    Wow, you sure do put a lot into everything you do! What cute trick or treat bags!!
    You sure have a creative and giving soul! Thank you for everything you do!

  7. Diann Smith

    My grandma eyes could use some extra light quilt piecing wise. I have heard of the LED but not experienced it yet. Thanks for the chance and quilt on!

  8. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

    OH, your playtime looks like so much fun and productive! You do so much and are so giving Carole. Thank you for sharing with us via your posts. I don’t know how you do all you do!

  9. lv2bquilting2

    Good morning Carole…..You are one of the most selfless people it has been my pleasure to know, even though we’ve never met in person. The thoughtful things you do for the less fortunate, is commendable, and I am sure those little white decorated bags will make some people very happy to be the beneficiaries of your ‘playtime.’

  10. Joy Breedlove

    Cute bags, what a lovely gift for the shelter residents. And yes, more light is always a good thing when sewing or crafting.

  11. Dian

    In my 145 year old home, there never seems to be enuf counter lighting when I work in the kitchen after day. This type of LED lighting would certainly help. I would love to try it on my singer 301 too. Thank you Carole for the inspiring things you share with readers while giving your time and talents to others. Thanks for the great ideas you share

  12. shoshana

    shoot for the moon and you’ll end up in the stars, what a wonderful sentiment, and thank you for being a wonderful inspiration!

  13. Lisa Marie

    You are so generous to make Halloween bags. And they are super cute too! I hadn’t thought of using the light set in places other than on my sewing machine, but now I’m thinking of all the places they could help. The older I get, the more I need good lighting!

  14. ANN D

    The older I get it seems I need more lighting to see better. My dining room needs to be brighter these days. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Rhonda Snider

    I would love to have more lighting over my cutting table.
    It is a great thing that you do so cheerfully for Safelight.

  16. Diane Pickthall

    The bags are so cute! And you are so sweet to do them. I love the lights and would love to brighten up my old sewing machines throat!

  17. Brenda

    Those are so cute! What fun! I am old and have failing eyesight and could definitely use that lighting on my sewing machine. Thanks so much.

  18. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I have slow growing cataracts and extra lighting is a pure blessing. Your bags are so cute and I’m sure the ladies will love getting them.

  19. Patricia Evans

    Like so many others, I need more light on my machine these days.
    Thank you for thinking about the Safelight women for Halloween. You always come up with such great ideas.

  20. Debra Miller

    I have macular vision issues so bright lights are a must always. Love the cute treat bags-Safelight is so lucky to have you as their guardian saint!

  21. SoCalQOV

    I admire all the things you do for others. And, you are involved in so many creative things. Can’t imagine where you store all the themed place settings!!

  22. Camille

    I could use more lighting in my garage. One bulb in the middle of the room just does not help much after dark. Your treat bags for Safelight will make many people smile and reassure them that someone cares!

  23. Robin

    Sweet treat bags for those at Safelight. I know it will bring about lots of smiles. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  24. EllenB

    Thank you for your generosity and clever ideas. This would be a great idea for holiday goodies distributed by our church to those less fortunate.

  25. EllenB

    I can always use more lighting in the sewing room. Though I just had cataract surgery which helped immensely, my eyes aren’t getting any younger!

  26. quilterpt

    You really went to town with the stamping on your little gift bags. How kind of you to do all that. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Christi

      I forgot to say yes of course I need more light in my sewing room over my machines. I just can’t seem to get it right.

  27. Hi Carole! These bags are just SO wonderful. Very creative and fun. I have to thank you and your sponsors for the giveaways, especially the one today. I really would love to have one of these for the extra light. ~smile~ Roseanne

  28. Laura M

    So interesting to know that the light strips can be used almost anywhere. I’m finding the better the light the better and I like the illumination from the LED lights. Thanks for sharing your lovely stamped bags.

  29. Carole, on behalf of the Safelight clients, thank you so much for these adorable treat bags! They are going to be so excited to have them. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, generosity, and kind gestures.

  30. dezertsuz

    I know they appreciate you at Safelight so much! You have found a great cause, and they have found a wonderful friend. These are so cute and bound to cheer recipients. Thanks for always being so kind.

  31. Carole…these are adorable. The bags would make great classroom gifts bags too. They are sure to bring a smile to the ladies who recieve them.

  32. Christine Y

    I definitely could use more lighting in my sewing room so I could sew more in the evening time. But I have a small space so must be something easy to install and up on ceiling or upper part of the wall.

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