A Promise of Spring

As I poured a hot cup of coffee this morning, I opened the shade on the window over the kitchen sink and saw a scene of quiet beauty.  Overnight there had been a light snow, like the world had been dusted with powdered sugar.   This happens several times each winter in our part of the state.  I had to admire it for a bit, then grudgingly went back to get ready for work.


As I backed down our steep driveway to the circle, I found two more delights.   The tulips I planted last fall are peeking up.   And a little crocus I didn’t know was there was almost in full bloom below the big oak tree in our front yard.  Both were outlined in that powdery snow.


This winter has been strange, with really deep cold followed by warmer days.  Each warm day is a gift, a promise that spring is not far away.  Last weekend there were five robins in the front, taking advantage of the seeds spilling to the ground from the feeder.   Surely warmer days and spring flowers are not far away now.


As one that likes to play in the dirt, I am eager for spring to come.  Although I have to moderate when I plant because the last frost date here is in May.   Even today, I was looking in the store for seeds, as I have a new idea on how I can start them indoors.  Regretfully, my last two attempts have failed, but I am not deterred.   But, no seeds yet.  I’ll have to get out the catalogs and get an order done.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the quiet peace of our mountain home, and watch the tulips grow.  I’ll share them with you as we go.