Safelight Project 2023 – Completing the Project and Delivering the Gifts

Last week and this week, the Safelight Project was finished up. In the mail in the last days of the project, more case sets arrived from some wonderful readers. These lovelies came from JoAnn S and Joan S.

These arrived the same day from Holly S and Chris L.

And these wonderful sets arrived from Elana G.

While my friend Lynne was over doing her quilt, we sat at the table and put the tissues inside the tissue cases, then put them inside the cosmetic cases to get started on the assembly. We also put the cards and small lotions inside the cosmetic cases. I had picked up the tissues the week before, along with all the things needed to finish up after the online ordered items were received, and the items for a man’s bag.

When Dollar Tree finally notified me that my order had arrived, a week late, I lay out all of the case sets ready to fill.

I hope you see yours in the group! We got about 8 more than we needed, and those will be saved for the next round.

I headed down to the store, and found that they failed to let me know some things didn’t ship. I was missing 2 dozen nail treatments, 2 dozen pedicure kits and 2 dozen brushes, plus all 72 sunglasses. Ugh! So, while I was at the store, I picked up 48 pairs of sunglasses so I could at least get started on the bag assembly.

I put the sunglasses I had out on the case sets, matching them up for color. I did the same with the pedicure sets and brushes.

I worked my way down the group, and it always amazes me that every one comes out looking coordinated for color. When I had these all set out, I went through and put all the sunglasses inside their cases.

I set up two stations so I could pick up a bag, put in some items, then pick up a case set, then add the last three items.

In this manner, I was able to finish 48 bags.

Then it was back to the store with a list of the remaining items needed to complete the project. It took hitting two stores to get everything missing, but I thought I had it all.

I laid out the next group of case sets, put the sunglasses inside those cases and matched up the remaining hair brushes and pedicure sets.

And more.

And still more.

Bags assembled were growing.

Then I realized that I had forgotten the last 24 nail treatments. So, while we were out over the weekend, I picked those up, finished off the assembly and began adding tissue paper to the top of the bags.

They didn’t have the glitter white tissue I’ve used before, so I got the rainbow colors. I think I might actually like this more, as it is a riot of color, and gives a hint of what is inside. Yes, I tried to match the tissue color to the case set prints too.

This year the bags are lovely, with full size toiletry spa items (hair treatment, nail treatment, facial cleansing cloths, retinol skin treatment, hairbrush), two inspirational cards, a cosmetic bag, sunglasses case with coordinating sunglasses inside, and a tissue case with tissues inside a heavy canvas tote bag with an outside pocket.

Finally, all 75 bags were assembled with all the items, topped with tissue and ready to deliver.

I made arrangements with Safelight to meet, so we could take the spa bags to them. It was a cold morning, about 25 degrees when we began loading the car.

Stuffing the trunk, and laying down the seats in the sedan, we got them all there in one trip. A total of 76 bags were delivered, one for a man, and 75 for women.

It took two trips with their small rolling cart to get all the bags into the shelter. Lauren Wilke, Executive Director of Safelight on the left and Susan Huter, Program Director on the right accepted the gifts. That’s me in the middle.

They were delighted to have them again to hand out to current and new residents of the shelter. Lauren says this will last them for a few months, as their need decreases in the warmer months, then ratchets up again when people are inside during cold weather.

So, that wraps up the program for this year. The residents of the shelter do get encouragement and smiles from this effort, and appreciate the gift of knowing someone cares. Thank you to everyone who sewed, stamped and donated to make the project possible. You all are awesome!

28 thoughts on “Safelight Project 2023 – Completing the Project and Delivering the Gifts

  1. Rita Harley

    Absolutely amazing !!!
    I love the way you coordinate all the colors of items to match !! That looks soooo nice !!
    This is my first year reading your blog …
    I will definitely start sewing some bag sets for the next round 🙂…Count me in !!

  2. This is such a huge project, Carole, and such a good one. Three cheers and congratulations and thank you to all who had a part in it this year! Everything looks terrific and I know the bags will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Brenda Travis

    It is amazing the work that you do. I am in awe and am sure the people in the shelters appreciate it so so much.

  4. Thanks for putting this wonderful program together. It gives these folks a real boost at a low point in their life. Giving comfort is such an important gift. Love seeing the photos of the bags coming together. They’re beautiful.

  5. lois92346

    Congratulations on the success of this huge undertaking! I’m so proud of you, Carole, and all your very special donors.

  6. Niki B

    Wow! What a great group effort. You are so generous with your time. Glad the safelight is there for women who need their help.

  7. thatfabricfeelingcom

    Incredible work Carole! I see how much work this takes to pull off, even with others doing some sewing. I’m thrilled mine are included in the bunch and feel humbled to be even a small part of this worthy endeavor. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The shelter is lucky to have you in their orbit!

  8. Kim from TN

    What a wonderful project and sew generous of all that make something special to add to the bags. Blessings to you Carole for leading this project each year.

  9. Patty Brenner

    What an incredible and worthwhile project ! I hope the recipients see this as a bright spot as they move towards a brighter future.

  10. Holly S

    Carole such a huge undertaking on your part! You do so much towards this project and it’s so appreciated! I am so happy that I was finally able to help by sewing some case sets. I’ve already started sewing some more cases for the next round. 😃

  11. Sallie

    Every year you do a fantastic job on this huge endeavor. And each year I enjoy being part of it and looking for coordinating fabrics to make a few sets. Thank you for all you do !

  12. Melanie

    What hard work you put into this project every year, Carole, and so appreciate seeing all the pretty case sets and products you put into those nice tote bags, the bags all lined up with colorful tissue paper to top them off. Congratulations to you, you put heart and soul into each year’s Safelight project. I was honored to help.

  13. Lynne

    Carole, this project is amazing. You are providing dignity to women (and a few men) who are at the bottom. You give them glamour, fun and support that they are seen, they matter, and they are important. Thank you for being caring and acting to help others. I am glad to know you and be your friend!!

  14. Elaine Nemeth

    Absolutely incredible. The love and joy going out throught this project is so magnificent. You are such an angel.

  15. The bags are a lovely riot of color with that tissue! What an amazing effort this has become, from your simple kind thoughts at the beginning. Just exactly what our Savior would want us to do for others, to encourage and love them.

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