Sunday Chat – Baking, Gardening, Stamping and Quilt Goal

It was a rainy day on Friday, and I needed to do a bit of baking for My Sweet Babboo. I had some fresh blueberries, and decided to use up a pound cake mix I’d purchased for the Mountain State Fair competition last year but didn’t use. Ridiculously easy, I just mixed the 16-ounce pound cake mix, with a pint of fresh blueberries and the zest of a lemon. Baked in a bundt pan, it came out tender and tasty.

While the oven was hot, I mixed up a batter for Lemon Poppy Seed bread. I had talked about this bread when we were having dinner with friends, and promised a loaf for him to try. As the recipient of some kindness from others lately, I decided to do small loaves so I would have a few to use as thank you gifts.

I set them on a rack to cool over on the table while I made a glaze for some of them.

I rolled the three lemons I had zested for the loaves on the counter with pressure to break up the pulp inside, then cut them in half for juicing using my grandmother’s glass juicer. This vintage glass kitchen tool is likely close to 100 years old, and they have yet to improve on the design.

The three lemons yielded 5/8 cup of lemon juice once it was strained of pulp and seeds.

I used two tablespoons of the juice for the glaze, and refrigerated the rest for use in cooking this coming week. Maybe lemon chicken? Anyway, the glaze was drizzled on the three loaves for gifts. My Sweet Babboo doesn’t care for glaze on his cakes, so I left his plain.

Since they were gifts, I went to the stamping bench, got out some plain white paper bags and had some stamping fun.

I stamped the bags with a little chef holding up a covered tray, with a sentiment of “a little Yummy for your Tummy”. Below the chef, it says Bon Appetit!

With a loaf in the bottom, I’ll fold over the very top, and it will sit nicely when presented. One is going to the angel at my orthopedists office who found a mistake in the pre-authorization paperwork for a procedure I need to have. This was after six weeks of battling their billing office and the insurance company who did not agree on codes. When I called the office and got her on the phone, she saw the problem right away, resubmitted the paperwork, and we were notified about an hour later that it was approved. I am now set up for injections in my knees to combat the osteoarthritis and pain I’ve been dealing with. Two years of playing pickleball hasn’t helped.

Back in the basement, my seedlings are growing well. Two nights of temps in the 20s this past week took care of some buds that were forming on some of the trees, which are blooming too early due to the warm winter. In our county, it is thought that we will lose the peaches and two early blooming apple varieties, Pink Lady and Mutsu, for this season. In a county that is the 7th largest in the nation for apple production, this is a blow to our economy for this year. Unfortunately, it is predicted that we will have three more nights of hard freeze in the 20s this coming week, which will certainly do more damage

On the frame, I have re-loaded a practice piece that I set up for a friend to do a bit of longarm practice on. She didn’t need much, as she had used one before at a local rental spot. But that place no longer rents machines, and she needed to get a quilt done quickly. So while both our husbands went to a car show, we loaded her quilt and got it done. After that, I put the piece back on the frame, and marked some squares in ink. I want to practice doing curves in squares using a ruler, and some other designs for custom quilting. I have Quadrille completely assembled, and I want to custom quilt it. I think I have time, since I don’t have to show it to you until July.

The rocks that I base coated were ready for decorating. I stamped a rabbit on one, and chicks on two others. The rabbit on the left is decoupaged, and the tulips are all painted freehand. I went over the chicks with yellow paint, then remarked the lines with a permanent marker. Then they got their labels on the back, and a coat of matte varnish. All dry, and ready to hide in town, at shopping centers, and on our daily errands. Next, I want to paint some like Easter eggs and leave them around town.

So, lots coming up this week that I’ll share later. We had a MINI club drive yesterday with pretty mountain roads coming into spring that I’ll share soon. On Tuesday, the next installment of Oh My Strippy Stars will post with block assembly. The Safelight Project will conclude with delivery to the shelter this week. I have my first round of injections in both knees on Wednesday, and I am a bit anxious about those. But retreat is the week after, so I have that to look forward to. What are your plans for the week?

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23 thoughts on “Sunday Chat – Baking, Gardening, Stamping and Quilt Goal

  1. Julie

    So sad about the fruit trees. When the cold bubble flowed south I wondered how they were doing. The 7″ of snow that fell last Friday melted completely & my daffodil sprouts were busy looking for sun yesterday. Then a fresh inch of snow fell overnight. Mother Nature is such a tease this year. Happy Spring tomorrow.

  2. Patsy

    The lemon poppyseed bread, makes me hungry. Where is the recipe?
    Terrible about the apple trees. Your rocks are so cute!

  3. vivian383

    Try not to be too anxious about the upcoming injections in your knees. Make a trip to your pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for the numbing pain cream they use on children and adults for injections prior to receiving needles. I don’t know the name of the brands in the US. The brand in Canada is EMLA . I hope this helps you !

  4. we too have the cold and I wonder what will be lost – I hadn’t heard of anyone with peach blossoms or others at this point so hopefully all will be well. I have my berry plants all covered with frost blankets for one more night I had not blossoms that I saw but thought to cover anywhere – it got down to 25 last night and again tonight. The baked goods look great!! I get injections in the lowest point of each thumb – sometimes I see relief almost immediately other times I don’t. The doctor does spray the area with a numbing spray before injection.

  5. Mary Stori

    As you know I’ve been having injections in one knees now for about 5 years……sadly the need was getting close and closer together. So my doc. tried something new….apparently $$ and preauthorization was necessary too…perhaps it’s what you are having. It’s a jell substance that he likened to putting oil on/in a car motor… lubricates and prevents the bones from smashing each other…..(I have bone on bone in that knee). It took a few days for it to become affective. Had it done for a second time 1 1/2 years later….so far so good. Hope that’s where you are headed too!

  6. The breads look so yummy! I have a gluten-free mix for a pumpkin bread that I make year-round. It is so good and so moist that if you didn’t know it was GF, you would never guess. I don’t need GF and I make it for my daughter who does and also because I love it! I have a busy week planned: the 3rd quilt finish for March, the house gets a thorough cleaning, guests for dinner Thursday night, then pack up for a scrapping retreat that begins on the 29th.

  7. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Your cake and breads look yummy! I love anything with blueberries and lemon in it. That’s sad news about the apple crop. We’re having weather whiplash here, too – but nothing is blooming yet like that. Good luck with your knee injections. I had one in one knee several years ago and it helped immensely!

  8. I’ve finished my 2 tops for the shop so this week I’ll be catching up on a few of my projects, including a quilt made out of camo clothing for my hubby’s new 6 month old puppy. I’ve disassembled several pants & shirts so think I have enough.

    I have no where special to go this week, other than donating Platelets for the American Red Cross & my hand stitching group, so hope to spen time in my sewing room.

  9. CarolE

    Good morning! Your blueberry cake and lemon poppy seed loaves look delicious. I finally received the audio book version of “Remarkably Bright Creatures” from my local library. I have a bit of hand sewing planned for this week while listening to this book. I hope your injections go well.

  10. The cakes look good enough to eat. lol
    Now…about your knee. Check into EESystems and see if one is close to you. You might be pleasantly surprised at what sonic waves can do.

  11. Rheanna M

    Your Bundt cake looks amazing! I was hoping to finish a quilt top this weekend but I had a horrible gall bladder flare up last night so might just be sitting on the couch doing some binding while watching a movie. It’s nice to have some quiet days too.

  12. Joan Sheppard

    Yummy! If I ever get lost in the mountains I’ll just follow my nose to your house! And you are welcome here – the pickle ball court is right across the street with 4 courts, and 1960’s music! I have a neighbor who makes this lemon bread for me and it is FABULOUS! Take care.

  13. Connie Jordan

    Carole, you are one busy lady! Don’t worry too much about your new shots,I recently had some in the top of my foot and while not pleasant it did help greatly right away.
    Connie Jordan

  14. Wow — you’ve been a productive woman and it’s all the harder when you are in pain. I’m glad you got the paperwork straightened out. Sometimes it can be so frustrating and just goes on and on. The bread will be most appreciated! I almost always make the mini-loaves and end up giving away some, freezing others, perfect for a treat with a surprise guest (or even a non-surprise guest!). Well done with the seedlings and the cake looks fabulous. Happy week! Good luck with your shot.

  15. Helen

    What type of drug are you having injected? I had some cortisone shots one time and they just about did me in. Can’t take the steroids! I do hope yours goes well. Have you considered replacement surgery? My suggestion is if so, do it now. Don’t wait. They probably won’t get any better. I waited too long and now am too old to consider doing that. I am 81. Wish I’d done it at 50-60! Would have been so much easier then. Anyway, I’ll be praying all goes well for you. Thanks an God bless. Helen

  16. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Hoping your knee treatment gives you pain relief! Take it easy the day of the procedure as someone I know felt so good they went home and got on the treadmill for an hour…and paid for it the next day plus the shot wore off faster than subsequent cortisone shots.

    My mouth watered seeing your breads! I am sure the recipients will enjoy them!

  17. Sue Hoover

    That is very thoughtful of you to give a gift to show appreciation and friendship. More people should do that. I’ve passed out Christmas cookies to the neighbors for over 15 years and have only received cookies from one neighbor once. Isn’t that strange? I hope the cookies don’t go in the trash due to dietary restrictions. We’ve been having hard freezes here too and are looking forward to FINALLY getting some warmer temps again. I’m taking a long-arm certification class at my LQS so I can rent a long-arm when I want to quilt a large quilt. I’ve got several just waiting! haha! Have a good week and I’m looking forward to the next Strippy Stars instructions.

  18. Sandy Miley

    Thanks for sharing your fun and creative ideas. I hate hearing that about the trees. Best of luck on your knee injections. I hope you get some relief.
    Happy quilting.

  19. Hi Carole, your baked goods have my mouth watering this morning! The chef bags are adorable, what a nice gift. Your painted rocks are adorable~ good luck with your knees, I hope you get some relief 💕

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