Stashbusters 2023

Time for our first check in for the new year! Today, report your fabric in and out for January. Every month we’ll check in on the first Friday of the month. The goal is to have more out than in at the end of the year. No, you don’t have to inventory your stash, just keep track of what comes in and what goes out each month. Plus, if you did the challenge last year, we start over at zero for this year. I keep a clipboard in my sewing room with fabric in and out in columns, and make notes when I bring in fabric (purchased, gifted or nabbed from the free table at guild) or complete projects to count as out. The idea is awareness, and no judgement when the sale table calls, or retail therapy is needed.

I am starting out strong with the Pillowcase Project. The first round of black and white ones I showed on Tuesday totaled 8 yards and 16 inches out.

Then, I got busy with some red fabrics, and made 2 more. This time I loaded the serger with red thread. I have lots of colors and it was good to use those rather than just white. I cut, rolled and clipped.

A short time later and I had two more.

Fabric in = four yards. Two trips to the local quilt shop yielded no fabric for specific project needs. I went to try to find a backing for Quadrille, and some border print for the blue and yellow quilt. In both cases, I didn’t find anything that would work, although I did come home with a new ruler, two sets of templates, and some new pins. What I did find, however, I could not resist. This is the same London print I bought online with a grey background last fall for a border to the London Quilt. It has a blue background, and will be set aside for another charity quilt later this year.

So, here is my Stashbuster report for this past month.
January Fabric IN = +4 yards
January Fabric OUT = 10-1/2 yards!!!
January Net Total = 6-1/2 yards out
Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -6-1/2 yards Out

Your turn. You can report anytime during the month as there are no deadlines, and the posts stay up. How’d you do last month?

47 thoughts on “Stashbusters 2023

  1. Karen Addleman

    I’ve been busy this month. I finished a quilt for my daughter, a tote bag, a pillow and donation blocks for my guild. I also donated some fat quarters to the guild. I have 12.5 yards out and only 1.25 yards in for a fabric for a new great nephew’s quilt.

  2. Rheanna M

    In: 7 yards. 5 for backing for quadrille and 2 that were on clearance and I couldn’t pass up since I had a gift card.
    Out: 1 yard for a lap size quilt top for veterans
    Total of 6 yards in.

  3. Nancy H

    Several 3 yard donation quilts with backings and a table runner. I’ve got several more tops ready to sandwich and quilt, but they aren’t finished and out yet.

    January Fabric IN = 0 yards
    January Fabric OUT = 16 yards!!!
    January Net Total = -16 yards out
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -16 yards Out

  4. slmrn1

    Fabric in: 8 3/4 Yards
    Fabric out: – 13 1/4 Yards
    January Net total: – 4 1/2 Yards
    Year to date Net total: – 4 1/2 yards
    I think my stash account is the only account I like seeing in the negative. LOL.

  5. charliedisante

    For January, I made 4 lined pouches using approximately 6 fat quarters and a lined 14 inch square tote with long handles so approximately 2 half yard pieces
    Nothing IN so, yay.
    2.5 OUT
    0 IN

  6. Sarah in Franklin TN

    I have 10.5 yards in. Bought for a specific project and already being used. Eight yards out for a net of 2 1/2 yards in.

  7. Oh dear I went to a big sale in January… 31 yards came home, plus a new quilt shop opened andi bought 3.5 yards of wide backing so I guess it’s really closer to 9.5 yards …. And a couple of small 1 yard cuts… And nothing out. Total in 42 yards. Good thing yesterday counts next round because I visited a small quilt shop in Lovington NM where I stopped after taking my sister to the doctor 😁

  8. June Neigum

    Finally finished a year long project 92x77quilt. 13 1/2 yards out. 2 1/2 yd squared quilt, a quick baby quilt 2 1/2 yds, A string quilt took lots of scraps 5 yards. 5 yards came in for backing and another piece off the free table. Bought 5 yds for a OBW from fabric that looks a lot like your jacket blue. That should be fun.
    Fabric out=23.5 yds
    Fabric in=10 yards
    YTD = 13.2 yards out

  9. Tammie

    Wanted to do this last year, but never did. So, I’m holding myself accountable this year! I’ve been on a buying spree in January…dreary weather brings it out along with a quilt that I’m trying to match a green and rosy red to…hard to do over the internet, so I’ve had some mismatches come in for that. But, finally landed on the winners..yes! So, here’s the report…..
    Fabric in…30 yards
    Fabric out…60.25..(finished 2 king size quilts plus several more)

    Nice start for the year!

  10. Niki b

    My January progress

    Yards in. Zero
    Yards out. -2
    Ytd January progress. -2

    Carole, you have a great start for the year. The pillowcases are great.

  11. Elle

    January Fabric IN = ZERO
    January Fabric OUT = 39.4 yards / 8 finishes
    January Net Total = 39.4 yards out
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = 39.4 yards Out

    It could have been more but my LA has revolted and I’ve yet to figure out the problem. I quilted 2 each 2 days in a row and day 3-breaking threads. Sigh……… I sewed like a crazy lady the first 2 weeks of the month and I have 11 flimsies waiting!

  12. Sharon F

    I started a new quilt in January, from fabric I bought a few years ago, and I’m working on two long term projects. It will be a long time before I have any fabric go out. But I didn’t acquire any this month, either.

    In = 0
    Out = 0
    Net = 0

    1. Here is my Stashbuster report for January 2023:.
      January Fabric IN = +13.25 yards *
      January Fabric OUT = -6.75 yards!!!
      January Net Total = 6.5 yards In
      Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = +6.5 yards In

      *Grandkids of longtime neighbors [since 1975) finally got around to having an Estate Sale. I picked up 13+ yards of fabric (8+ will soon be backing!). I also got 3 quilts probably dating to 1930-1950s & hand pieced/hand quilted. Not as old, I got 11 throw size afghans. I will keep one, and after some minor repairs & washing, these will be donated.

  13. Patty Brenner

    Yards in: 0, yards out: only about 1.5. Not much sewing except working on the Ribbon Runs Through It BOM.

    Truthfully, I did buy fabric in January, but it has been sent to my Texas house and I’ve been in Arizona mostly since before Thanksgiving. My mail has been on hold and will be delivered tomorrow, so February will have a good sized number in 🙂

  14. Joan Sheppard

    Really haven’t counted the “outs” maybe 9 yards? But the weather has kept me from wondering over to the local Quilt Shop – so IN is “0”. But they are moving to a new place, farther away but BIGGER! Love these people – they have a resident Burmese Mountain dog that will help carry your purchase to your car!

  15. Connie S Wolfe

    Great start to the year, Carole! I finished a lap sized quilt for a shower during January. No other finishes for the month, but several projects started. It’s all balanced out by the 9 yards of free fabric from my sewing group. These were masculine and darker prints that I think will work for some of the older men at the various donor sites. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Here we go 2023:
    Out: 5.25 yds.
    In: 9.0 yds.
    YTD Total: +3.75 yds.

  16. poodlegirls

    I didn’t have a good start to the New Year! 15 yards in for several projects. 1 1/2 out -dog scarves! Not a very auspicious beginning! Year to date total: +13.5! Better start sewing and finishing things!

  17. Beth

    January Fabric IN = +3 yards
    January Fabric OUT = -10 yards
    January Net Total = -7 yards out
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -7 yards Out

  18. Jan

    Jan. Fabric In: 0
    Jan. fabric out: -24 3/8
    Jan. Net total: -24 3/8
    Year to date: -24 3/8

    Carole, it was a good month for quilting for charity! So progress has been made. Thank you for once again running this fun initiative.

  19. Margaret Nelson

    There are 2 local quilt shops closing. I don’t want to report what I brought in. Nothing has gone out.

    I do know I bought 12 yards for some variety and 4 yards of background for my OMyGosh quilt.

  20. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    I look forward to the Stashbusters challenge. It has helped me remain disciplined to shop my stash first for what I need and to donate fabrics I am not likely to use. Thank you for keeping the challenge another year!

    January Fabric IN = 9 yards January

    Fabric OUT = 26 yards

    January Net Total = 17 yards

    Year to Date = 17 yards out

    I am happy to report that I completed a king size quilt plus a couple charity quilts.

    Just back from a fabulous retreat!

    Jo Anne

  21. Carole, I just love the pillowcases. The bright band is just perfect! i am watching myself this year so I had 2 yards in and 6 yards out. It’s a step in the right direction and I hope to continue this month.

  22. My first time participating in the Stashbusters challenge and I can immediately see why my stash cupboard is overflowing. I was only able to complete one quilt in January.
    3 1/3 –
    4 +
    For a grand total of 2/3 yard + for January
    I can only get better from here. Time to get quilting. 😄

  23. Sarah

    January-0 in, 5 out.
    Net -5

    I like your pillowcases. They are pretty and so satisfying to use a yard for a quick make!

    My young granddaughter is getting into sewing and wanted to make two pillowcases-one for valentine’s day and one using disney princess fabric that has been waiting its turn. She had a great time- I think she is hooked! She spent a long time shopping my stash and making her decisions. Wonderful fun for me too!

    Thanks for hosting this again!

  24. My Jan is off to a good start! no new fabric in, and two plastic trash bags of unwanted fabric donated out!
    Plus my quilt #1 was Jubilant Garden Path in Army fabric. #2 was patriotic Diagonal Squares, #3 was Fat Quarter Mixer in patriotic, #4 was a UFO of scrappy Friendship Braids.
    # 5 was also a UFO–Oriental wheelchair quilt, #6 was Slice and Dice in patriotic, #7 was Disappearing Hourglass Medallion in white and black (because I won the pattern for Christmas), and last was #8 Diagonal Squares in patriotic (again, because it is fast, easy and effective). All are for Quilts of Valor. So 8 quilts and backs @ 10 yards each= 80 yards used! Plus I worked on several BOM, BOW and trying to finish the New years Eve Mystery~
    No rest for the wicked!!

  25. Laura Riley

    I’m starting out the year with a large addition of fabric. My sister-in-law has embroidered about 12-15 block sets that are ready to be made into quilts. She tried assembling a quilt but found out that was not for her so she asked me if I would be willing to do that. She had several totes with the blocks and fabric that she had purchared to go with each block set. As I was adding up the yardage I saw that she had purchased plenty of fabric for each quilt; hence, the large input. I also bought some background fabric for a project and some fabric for another project. But on the posititive side, I was able to finish up some projects so that I can count them out.

    January Fabric IN = +132 3/4yards
    January Fabric OUT = -35 1/2 yards
    January Net Total = +97 1/4 yards in
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = +97 1/4 yards IN

  26. Diane D.

    January Fabric In = 0
    Jan. Fabric out = 3 yds
    Jan. net total = -3 yds
    My hope is that my counts are always in the negative as I really, really don’t need any more fabric.

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