Stashbusters December Check In

It is the last Stashbuster check in for this year, and our final one will be in January. This has been a fun way to concentrate on reducing the stash, only buying what is needed to finish projects. I had a bit more out than in this month, thank goodness!

Last week I got the moose quilt done, just in time to count the fabric out! Total out for panel, borders, backing and binding = 3 yards.

The London Quilt was finished, and will be auctioned off next weekend. Fabric Out = 3-1/2 yards. I am still looking for leftover fabric scraps from your stash of British theme prints, if you find anything do let me know. Some have suggested prints by designers online, but many are simply nice florals with English names like Notting Hill, and are not recognizably British in theme. Also, I cannot pay full retail plus shipping for a charity quilt, even though some of those prints suggested would be fun. But if you have a leftover fat quarter or more, do let me know.

I finished the sleeveless top and elastic waist skirt for my show entry. Fabric out = 3 yards.

This month I didn’t even look at the exchange table at the guild meeting, LOL!!

Here are my totals
November Fabric IN = 0
November Fabric OUT = -9-1/2 yards
November Net Total = -9-1/2 yards
Year to Date = -28-3/4 yards out

The great folks at Sulky will send this prize to one lucky winner who reports their totals this month. The prize is a set of quilting cotton 50 wt threads in Christmas colors, and a pack Organ sewing machine needles!

If you need to see where you were last month, click on Stashbusters November to see your last report in the comments. Now it is your turn, how did you do?

November Fabric IN =
November Fabric OUT =
November Net Total =
Year to Date =

24 thoughts on “Stashbusters December Check In

  1. Jo Anne

    Fabric In: 4 yards
    Fabric Out: 42 yards out
    Monthly Net: 38 yards out
    Year to Date total: 286.25

    Stash busters is motivating me to finish languishing projects! When I finish a project, feels like I’ve reached the finish line in a race…exhilarating!

  2. Margaret Nelson

    November Fabric IN = 2
    November Fabric OUT = -6
    November Net Total = -4
    Year to Date = 196 yards IN

  3. Cindy

    You once posted direction on making reusable bags from dog/cat food bags. I can not find it on your site. Any chance you could email it to me. I have saved the bags and want to make them for Christmas gifts. I love everything you do.

  4. You’ve been so productive, Carole — puts me to shame. I haven’t picked up a brush since October (though I’m hoping to paint a few holiday cards once my company leaves.) Your work is exquisite. I wish I was making a trip to England soon to scout fabric for you! Every time I hit a fabric store, I look!

  5. slmrn1

    November fabric in: +8
    November fabric out: -4.5
    November Net Total: +3.5
    Year To Date: -26
    Not much sewing this month but a lot of crafting with my Silhouette cutting machine, creating Christmas cards, tree decorations, gift card holders. My purchase was fabric for a New Years’ Day quilt along with my sister. Excited for that. Have a quilt to bind before Christmas and some small gifts to sew. It’s going to be a busy month. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  6. Vicki in MN

    November Fabric IN = 35.25 yds
    November Fabric OUT = 81.5 yds for 34 table runners and 9 wall hangings!
    November Net Total = 46.25
    Year to Date =372.25

  7. Joan Sheppard

    Can’t even begin to count the number of yards that came INTO the house. But being aware of my failure is the first step in correcting it – right? The Share table didn’t help at all! LOL – but 14 quilts went out to charities, (and my foster puppy ate one) so maybe there’s hope for me yet! Thanks for the inspiration – love the London quilt.

    1. hank1609

      November in: 1.08 yards remnants
      November out: 0.58 various small projects
      November total: +0.5
      Year to date total: +11.53

  8. Nancy

    A better month but still more in than out. The IN is from the Pineapple Fabrics sale. It’s hard to resist a sale…Out was mostly a queen size quilt I donated for an upcoming guild auction.
    November Out: 24.25 yds
    November In: 27.5 yds
    YTD Out: 433.25 yds
    YTD In: 95.4 yds

  9. Jan

    Carole, it was a good month as I tried to finish up and clear out in preparation for a fresh start in the new year!
    November Fabric IN = 0
    November Fabric OUT = 26.5
    November Net Total = -26.5
    Year to Date = -231.75

  10. Shirley Marvin

    Well, had an opportunity to purchase yards at $1.00 per so bought more, 60 at least as some was a 1/2 banana box she called scraps. Did get some table toppers made so some out.

    fabric in 60 yards
    fabric out 5 yards’
    out 139 yards
    in 15 yards

  11. Always to check and see how we did each month! I knew I would have more in this month because I ordered 4 yards of wide backing and it came before the calendar turned over to December!
    Nov In: 8.75 yds
    Nov Out: 6.5 yds
    Ytd In: 36.75 yds
    Ytd Out: 35.875 yds

  12. Niki B

    I was doing so well until this week. Went to Missouri star quilt on Wednesday and another shop in Oklahoma city today. I didn’t get anything done in November, kept thinking we would leave for our winter home and life just got in the way

    November in. +15.5
    November out. Zero
    November net. +15.5

    Ytd net. +6.5.

  13. Connie S Wolfe

    No Black Friday sale purchases along with several finishes of donation quilts helped me to finally make a good dent in the stash. I also finished a baby quilt for a nieces’s shower.
    November In: 0 yds.
    November Out: 17.15 yds.
    November Total: -17.15 yds.
    YTD Total: – 3.85

  14. Amanda

    November In: +26 Yards
    November Out: -10 Yards
    Total for November: +16 Yards
    Total for Year: +263.25 Yards

    Hope we play again in 2023 so I can use up all this fabric! Appreciate the challenge even though I haven’t been successful 🙂

  15. Alexandria

    The threads for this month’s prize pack are beautiful. This will make someone very happy.
    I was given fabric and made microwave bowls for gifting.

    November In: 1 1/4 yds.
    November Out: 1 1/4 yds.
    Total for November: 0
    Total for Year: + 10 1/2 yds.

    Thank you,

  16. Well, Nov is a crazy month for us, as we had 9 Veteran events in different cities for Veterans Day and awarded over 100 quilts, but I did sew, since my machine came back! By the way, that means we have awarded over 500 quilts so far this year! Only used fabric I had in the stash, too, and all went to Quilts of Valor! Quilt #70 this year is Patriotic QOVF Mystery Fall 2022: #71 is Quilty Girl mystery–Long May She Wave; #72 is HST in black, gray and yellow It was leftovers plus some stash fabric from the Entwined I made #61 which was already awarded!). #73 red and strips pinwheel center with small panel blocks surrounding; #74 is USA map panel with HST and panels surrounding; #75 is a pattern called Evergreen done with Navy branch fabric. So, that should be 60 yards used this month!! And, donated some fabric yardage to be put in Christmas Child boxes for the teen girls.

  17. Laura Riley

    I picked up some fabric that I needed to be able to finish four different projects that I currently have in the works. I also signed up to participate in the New Year’s Eve Mystery Quilt Along from Craftsy, Stitchn’ Heaven, and National Quilter’s Circle so ordered the kit of fabric for that. However, my in for November is quite high because I had the opportunity to attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Found quite a bit of fabric/kits that were difficult to pass up. Although I was also able to be productive during the month by finishing (as well as close to finishing) several projects. I have several quilts that just need the binding so will keep plugging on that so they can be added to my December out.

    November Fabric IN = +54 yards
    November Fabric OUT = -42 1/2 yards
    November Net Total = +11.5 yards
    Year to Date = +62. 3/4 yards

  18. Good evening, Sorry I’m a little late in reporting-my computer was in the shop for cleaning and tune-up. Here’s my report for November:

    November: Input: 3 yards for pillowcase bags Output: approximately 4 yards for three tote bags (Christmas gifts)

    Total output: 4 yards Input 3 yards (+ 1)

  19. Julie

    It looks like I’ve been lazy in November. In addition to knitting I was finishing quilts tops given to me, so they don’t count as much towards fabric used, just the backings. They’re going out in December’s countdown. 3 quilts given away this month.
    Fabric In = 0
    Fabric Out = 18 yds
    Total In = 137.3 yds
    Total Out = 225.75 yds

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