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Back to Stashbusters, I hope you have some Autumn Jubilee finishes to add to your totals! Time to tally up the last two months of fabric in and out, and see where we stand. If you need to remember where you left off, see the Stashbusters September post comments.

I have the two finishes for Autumn Jubilee. First, for the Quilt Along, the table topper busted 3 yards. The Sew Along was a small project. I am counting it as 1/4 yard for the top, backing and binding. The wool projects don’t count. One more time, here is how I figure yardage out on scrappy projects. I count a yard of fabric as 1440 square inches (40 inches wide x 36 inches in length), and apply that number to the square inches of the finished quilt. So if I have a finish of 60×72, that equals 4320 square inches, divide by 1440 and I get 3, so I count out 3 yards. It is a rough estimate but good enough for this.

I made a Christmas tree skirt for the MadamSew blog. The tutorial is scheduled to post next Tuesday on their blog. Fabric In – 3 yards. I am counting it out as 3 yards, with some scraps left over. I didn’t use all of the Christmas print yardage I bought for the project, but the backing came from stash.

For fabric in, I couldn’t resist these small bits with yummy food prints when I saw them on the free table at the guild meeting. I sewed them up right away at retreat. Counting 1/4-yard in and out.

I made two Kindle Fire cases, one for me and a more masculine print for My Sweet Babboo. Total out 1/2-yard. Our Kindle is 5×7, one of the previous smaller models.

OK, now for the fabric in. It really wasn’t my fault, I mean really! How could I resist these adorable panels for Christmas? Plus one had matching yardage! These will make wonderful items for silent auctions at car club events.

Then there were these pretty prints, two Japanese and quite a few in my favorite Autumn colors. When I got home, I pulled 5 yards of fabrics to take back and put on the giveaway table to try to balance the load.

So, I’m feeling pretty smug, having resisted other things, leaving a few things behind so someone else might have a shot, and donating a bit. Then on day two, squirrel!!!! These just jumped into my bags when I was packing up.

More Japanese prints, and some Christmas prints, and I just had to bring home the blue/purple/green sparkly print on the right. Yes, I had to.

Between the guild meetings and retreat, plus the fat quarters I got for working the State Fair, my fabric in total for the past two months was 18-3/4 yards. Hello, my name is Carole and I am a fabric addict.

Here are my totals
September / October Fabric IN = +18-3/4 yard
September / October Fabric OUT = -12 yards
September / October Net Total = +6-3/4 yards in
Year to Date = -19-1/4 yards out

So, I am still ahead with more fabric out than in, but it was a close call this month!!

Report your totals on a comment on this post to be entered into this month’s Sulky prize drawing, a set of Quilting Neutrals and a pack of Organ Machine Quilting needles! Visit Sulky Threads for great deals on all kinds of threads and stabilizers for your holiday projects. You have until Sunday evening to comment.

Your turn, how’d you do over the past two months?

38 thoughts on “Stashbusters Check In

  1. September/October IN +23.5 yards
    September/October OUT – 11.5 yards
    September/October NET + 12 yards
    YTD 2 yard to the positive

    Went shopping for Christmas quilt fabric and just could not walk past some gorgeous batiks on a give away table. Watch out November! Quilt gifts will be finished and OUT the door!

  2. Don’t you just love how things jump into your bag? I’m much the same with paint/paper/pens! But look at th ebeauties you have added to your collection — and all the wonderful projects that will emerge! I see a lot of stitching and cutting in your future!

  3. Good morning! I was able to use some self-control over the past two months, and I am very pleased with my output. Here are my totals:
    September/October: Input: Three yards for lining for tote bags( Christmas gifts), 2 yards cork for tote bags.
    Output: 18 yards for pillow case bags for detention center, 6 yards for hygiene bags for Emmaus House, 5 yards for memory quilt for my cousin, 3 yards for shaded nine patch Christmas wall hanging for raffle to benefit St.Margaret’s House/Emmaus House.
    Total: Output: 32 yards Input: 3 (-29)

  4. i have resisted chiming in on this stash busting but I have been basically a good girl this whole year. I determined last year that I would make bed quilts for my two new step grandchildren (college age) and a wedding quilt for my daughter and new son-in-law. The kids get queen size (and they are finished!) and I am ready to sandwich and quilt the king size wedding quilt this month. I made a large wall hanging for a wedding present for my niece as well this month so I am feeling kinda smug that next month I can count an awful lot of fabric out the door! Based on your calculation method I actually sent out 1.75 yds this month but it’s gonna be a doozy next month. Carole, do you count the backing in your calculations as well?

    1. Shirley Marvin

      Well 2 months are a lot of remembering. Sort of kept track of the out/in but recalling all that got done with all the material is a but shady,.
      Made14 lap quilts using panels – made a lot of pot holders, cut a lot of netting for scrubbies, and crocheted 9 long placemats.
      So out for Sept/Oct = 53 yards
      In for Sept/Oct =14 yards
      YTD out 177 yards
      YTD in =122 yards
      Finley more out than in.

  5. mlmcspadden

    I’ve only been keeping track of the big amounts going out of my stash as I try to downsize. And in Oct that was well over 300 yards as I donated a bunch of fabric to a couple of different groups. Did have some black on white prints come in (ok, a bunch….) for several planned quilts. They will be the block backgrounds and I’m using scraps for the rest of the blocks.

  6. slmrn1

    September/October IN: +6.5 yds
    OUT: -16 yds
    Mthly Total: -9.5 yds.
    YTD Total: -39 yds
    Used stash fabric for two quilt backs, finished a quilt BOM flimsy that accounts for my usage the past two months. All my new fabric is actually vinyl that I have planned for bags for Christmas presents.

  7. Joy Breedlove

    You’re still “ahead” for the year if you count fabric out as “ahead”! You found some really pretty pieces, I can seen why they had to come home with you. Enjoy them!

  8. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    I also picked up food themed fabric! I want to make microwave cozies for the holidays. My biggest influx came from fabric my daughter designed as I will be making a sample quilt up with her.

    Did many kennel quilts as well as quilts for Sleep in Heavenly Peace plus gave away fabric I don’t have plans for. Feels good to give away something others can benefit from.

    My big news is that I freed up 4 shelves of fabric stash! Woo hoo! Thanks for leading the charge on the ins and outs!

    Here are my totals September / October Fabric IN = 35.5 yard September / October Fabric OUT = -98.5 yards September / October Net Total = -63 yards out Year to Date =248.25

  9. This was a fun math problem this morning! I took in more these last couple months because I needed backgrounds and backings, but I’m still ahead in my year-to-date out!
    Sept/Oct In: 9 yds
    Sept/Oct Out: 3 5/8
    Ytd In: 28 yds
    Ytd Out: 29.375 yds
    Hoping for a couple big finishes in November!

  10. Nancy H

    I had retail therapy in October after all the moving efforts. I also continued in November but that’s for next month. I am finally getting back to sewing but didn’t get much actually out.
    Sept / Oct Out: 8 3/4 yds
    Sept / Oct In: 66.4 yds
    YTD Out: 409 yds
    YTD In: 67.9

    I need a lot of November finishes to get this headed back in the right direction!

  11. Eileen

    You’re being so grownup and have a nice way of tracking, creating and sharing. I hope your sweet Baboo knows what an angel he has for a wife.

  12. June Neigum

    My totals went up in anticipation of 2 retreats in the coming months. 16 1/2 yards in this month but hopefully they will be made up by November end. I did finish some flimsies which I am counting but not the backing as that will get counted when I actually get them quilted. 10 yards out. Total for year end OUT 31 IN 35.5. Got some big finishes coming up to swing it in the positive more.

  13. Julie

    It’s OK Carole, you’re among friends & we don’t judge as we all have the same problem. I thought I was doing well then realized I must not have recorded what I bought when my LQS closed. There was another purchase but it was sewn right up & went out so a net zero I didn’t record. I’m still working on AJ and a fall BOM that will finish in Nov, but there was a family party so a lot of quilts found new homes.
    Sep/Oct In = 13 yds
    Sep/Oct Out = 85 yds
    YTD In = 137.3 yds
    YTD Out = 207.75 yds

  14. Jean McKinstry

    Nothing out, I am still sewing the Rays of Hope wall hanging. IN, one yard of navy fleece for neck warmers, that are going to a photographer friend for her visit to Antarctica, 1 yard of Birch fusible interfacing, woven, for backing some white fine cotton for embroidery, 1.5 metres batik for the Rays of Hope backing, and one metre for maybe the border and binding.The scrap pile didn’t diminish at all after finding 14 different fabrics in lights, medium and darks. Now to iron all the pieces and sort them back into their plastic containers.

  15. pam

    In preparation for a quilt Christmas gift away, brothers, nephew, neices, great nephew and neices
    Sept/Oct in 22 yds
    out 31 yds

  16. Margaret Nelson

    Sept & oct Fabric IN = 0 yard
    Sept & oct Fabric OUT = -48 yards
    Total = -48 yards out
    Year to Date = +200 yards in

  17. hank1609

    September in: +1.787
    September out: -7.49
    October in: nothing!
    October out: also nothing
    Year to date net: +11.03

  18. Sept and Oct were slow months–Covid attacked and both machines in the shop again. They replaced it with a new machine and it didn’t work! Sept I finished the 2012 QOVF mystery and used 10 yards for my 63rd quilt this year, and #64 is Pastel stars using another 10 yards. Oct I got to see my great grand babies in ID, but still did Patriotic Bow Ties #65, Patriotic Secret Garden #66, Fuji Stars Coast Guard was #67, another Fuji Stars for Coast Guard was #68, and my final quilt was #69 Fuji Stars in Army and Camo. I used a total of 70 yards in Sept/Oct, for a total of 690 yards year to date. Should be a HUGE dent somewhere, but I can’t see it! I did buy a jelly roll to add to my collection, you know, I might run low!

  19. Jan Snell

    Good morning, Carole. It has been a productive few months for me. First I noticed a calculation whereby my August YTD should have been -171.75 rather than -171.25. Than I went on a flurry of seasonal and end of year finishes.
    Sept. In .5
    Sept. Out-11
    October in 0
    October out -23
    Sept /Oct total -33.5

    YTD -205.25

    Thank for for the fun tracking process. Nice to see the progress.

  20. Vicki in MN

    September In-22.75 yds
    September Out-72 yds
    October In-53.5 yds
    October Out- 53.5 yds.
    Still using more than I bought!!
    YTD- 290.75 yds out

    Carole-Thank you for posting the link to the last months reports, you make it so easy to check;)

  21. Amanda

    Sept/Oct In: 46.25 yards
    Sept/Oct Out: 30.0 yards
    Year-to-date: +247.25 yards

    It’s going to be a busy two months if I’m going to sew all that fabric that came in this year!

  22. Pat

    Despite personal illness, I did better the past few months. My fabric hauls from earlier this year still await future sewing sessions in the upcoming cooler weather. 😊
    Fall totals:
    9 yd in/18 yd out= -9 yd
    Total for year= +49 yd. (Lots of creative inspiration lies ahead!)

  23. Angie VE

    I forgot to report August… so my Aug/Sept/Oct tally as I have it recorded 🤦🏼‍♀️ is:

    In: 36.5
    Out: 15
    Net: + 21.5
    YTD= -33+21.5= -11.5

    And I have 3 quilts at the Longarmer that should be ready in early Dec + several more tops ready to drop off, so I’m definitely making progress. I just need to stop adding more fabric to my cart to get free shipping when I buy what I need to finish the ongoing WIPs🤔

  24. Connie S Wolfe

    Two quilts and six placemats were completed and submitted to Comfort Quilts.

    Aug. & Sept. In: 5 yds.
    Aug. & Sept. Out: 9.9 yds.
    Aug. & Sept. Total: -5.5 yds.
    YTD Total: +13.3 yds.

    Looking to finish 3 small quilts this month which should help with the YTD Total. Oh,wait! I’m forgetting all of the upcoming Black Friday sales.

  25. Sarah

    Finally! I have some finishes. And I gave some fabrics to friends. More finishes in the works so, hopefully, this month and next will also have more out than in, especially since part of the “in” yardage is for Christmas gifts.
    sept/oct out 65. In 12
    Total out 86 in 43

    I don’t blame you at all for the fabric you added. When it calls your name and jumps into your bag, you simply have to take it!

  26. Laura Riley

    I did a shop hop bus trip in September and only looked for what I had on my list. I needed backings for several quilts, which can add up. Because my birthday was in October I did a couple of road trips to local quilt shops. Several of them offered a discount that is equal to half of your age. Needless to say I was able to get a very good discount. I picked up some pieces to make some Christmas gifts and also fabric for a class that I took while at the Houston International Quilt Show last week. In September I was able to complete and gift some quilts to a local hospice for their We Honor Veterans program. In October I gifted my friends the panels for the challenge I had for them and was able to donate six small kid quilts for a local head start program.

    Here are my numbers:
    September / October Fabric IN = +53.25 yards
    September / October Fabric OUT = -33.75 yards
    September / October Net Total = +19.5 yards in
    Year to Date = +51.25 yards in

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