Christmas Moose Quilt

When I last showed this quilt’s progress before the holiday, it was assembled and the quilting had been started. I am using a snowflake pantograph called Flurry, with silver grey Glide thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Quilting had to be done over several days, one pass at a time as I had time to work on it.

The moose is really cute in his sweater.

The pantograph is not very dense, so this will be a cuddly quilt.

As I finished, and was checking the back, the stitching looked fine, but there are a couple of spots where the fabric color had faded where it was folded. I didn’t notice this before I loaded it, and now it is too late to change it.

Here’s the other one, in the interest of full disclosure. I am showing this because this quilt is for sale.

I took it off the frame to trim.

Here’s a closeup look at the center panel.

I put a red binding on by machine, stitching to the back first.

Then it is topstitched to the front side.

On the back, the red binding is an accent to the green.

On the front, the red blends with the border and cornerstones.

Finished and ready for someone to enjoy this season. The quilt measures 37 x 49-1/2 inches. Sale price $50 plus shipping, payment via check. Sold.

Please leave me a message in the comments, or send me an email if you are interested in it. Are you working on Christmas projects this week?

21 thoughts on “Christmas Moose Quilt

  1. One more quilt to finish for Christmas giving. I have most of the sub units for the blocks finished. The plan is to assemble the blocks with the top finished by Dec. 10. That will give time for the longarm quilter time and me time to do the binding before Santa must deliver on Christmas Day.

  2. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Your moose quilt is so cute! This is going to be a great quilt for someone and a bargain too!

    I’ve completed three Christmas quilts as our local Sleep in Heavenly Peace is giving out holiday themed quilts with each bed this year.

    You did a super job with the quilting and finishing!

    Jo Anne

    1. Myrna

      Sleep in heavenly peace. A chapter is now in my hometown, the only one in British Columbia. Local quilters have donated to this very grateful group. A great charity.

  3. What a fun quilt panel. The quilting motif is fantastic. That is a real bargain price for anyone who wants to add something new to their Christmas decorating and doesn’t have the time or sewing skills !

  4. Very cute quilt, Carole! I only wish I had young ones in the family to give it to. Yes, I’m doing some Christmas sewing. I am making a series of table runners to help beautify our entry way and Narthex area at my church. I have fall and Christmas done already. I am now working on a raw edge applique round table mat featuring figures from the Nativity. It will be felt on felt and needs to be finished by Christmas Eve, so I have a couple of weeks. Then, I’ll need to make winter motif runners to be ready by January. After that will be spring and Easter, then summer. I pair the runners with a small grouping of items at the center. I make all these from stash fabrics and are a permanent donation, to be used each year as the seasons change. This is a win-win all around… my church gets a pretty and welcoming new look and I get to use some of stash scraps and remnants!

  5. that is so cute. I too have found fabric recently that had fade marks on it – mainly from where it was folded and kept on shelves years ago that had been exposed to light – some years ago I moved the fabric off the shelves and in cubes under the tables so that isn’t happening now.

  6. Love the moose! I’m finishing 2 tops for the shop before I can get back to Christmas stitching. Then making a few small items for a few of our daughter’s work friends. Then some last minute Pillowcases and then binding a few quilts..

  7. Marsha Wackerly

    Sent you email about purchasing for my granddaughter whose parents have declared bears are her thing. Thanks.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    “Oh what Fun…” I seldom use panels but sometimes you find one like this that is too cute to pass up! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. No Christmas sewing planned at the moment….well not true…I do have a runner I may make. It is time to start getting out the Christmas decorations…the season goes so quickly. Its a cute quilt, I am sure someone will grab it!

  10. Such a sweet quilt and already on its way to someone, fantastic! The panel is so cute, and the pantograph so perfect. We gifted ourselves a sheep skin rug for the basement, so Christmas shopping is done except for the girls and their guys. It will be something they need , hopefully hand made if they will tell me!

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