Stashbusters September Check In

Time for Stashbusters check in! Have you had a good month of sewing in August? I did pretty good this month with my Quilted Jacket project and two small quilts.

For Fabric In, I did well, only coming home with three fat quarters from a guild game. But I also donated three fat quarters to the same game, so it was a wash. With one of the FQs, I made a potholder as was requested for our holiday party, and turned it in at the area meeting yesterday. I made a second one from the leftovers from this one. This project did double duty, as I did a process post for the MadamSew blog that will publish this month. They have some new rulers that are fabulous, but not in the shop yet.

When I did the quilting on Mother Goose, I had a nice wide back on the longarm, and I put another Project Linus quilt on right up close.

This allows me to quilt across both, so I get the ending half row done on the Mother Goose and the beginning half row on the red Project Linus at the same time. This is my Fascination pantograph, and the thread was the same for both quilts, Glide in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Taking them off, I check the stitching to be sure it is good, then cut them apart and trim the batting/backing. I used the leftover backing to make binding for both.

For Fabric Out, my Mother Goose Quilt will count out as 4-1/2 yards for top, backing and binding. It left the house for its new home shortly after it was done.

The Project Linus quilt will count out as 2 yards for fabrics, backing and binding, as these blocks were sent to me by readers. I delivered it yesterday to the area meeting.

My Quilted Jacket Project yielded a lot of fabric out! Between the jacket itself, the purse, accessories and hat, I am counting 6 yards out! This includes the jacket pieced top, back and sleeves, lining fabric and binding, and all the accessories from the leftovers. All I have left are a couple of fat quarters from that bundle that weren’t used. So there is a possibility for more coordinating accessories later, maybe a tote bag? We’ll see.

This month, Sulky wants to help us get started on our projects for Halloween! They will send this wonderful Halloween Haunt thread set of quality 50-wt quilting thread to the winner of this month’s drawing. To enter, just post a comment on your progress this month using the format below. Post your totals by 5 pm on Sunday to be eligible for this month’s drawing. Be sure to check out Sulky’s site for great sales on threads and stabilizers. – Sulky Threads and More!

One more time, I thought I’d tell you how I figure yardage out on scrappy projects. I count a yard of fabric as 1440 square inches (40 inches wide x 36 inches in length), and apply that number to the square inches of the finished quilt.  So if I have a finish of 60×72, that equals 4320 square inches, divide by 1440 and I get 3, so I count out 3 yards.  It is a rough estimate but good enough for this.

So, here are my totals
August Fabric IN = 3/4 yard
August Fabric OUT = -13-1/2 yards
August Total = -12-3/4 yards out
Year to Date = -26 yards out

If you need to go back to the previous Stashbuster post to find your YTD totals in the comments, click on August Stashbusters. Congratulations to Niki who won last month’s drawing!

One more note, there will not be a Stashbuster check-in next month due to Autumn Jubilee. We will pick up again in November, so keep a piece of paper handy to jot down your totals as you go for the next two months.

Share your progress, good or not so good, with your fabric totals to be entered into this month’s drawing, and the grand prize drawing at the end of the Stashbuster year in January. How did you do this month?

Now until Saturday 9/3, C&T Publishing will be having an Autumn Book Sale! Customers can enjoy 30% off books in our Autumn category, no code necessary!! Hurry, sale ends tomorrow.

Then get a jump on Fall with the Fall Botannicals kits from Sulky, with hand or machine designs and gorgeous fall threads!

29 thoughts on “Stashbusters September Check In

  1. Nancy H

    My totals remain the same as reported in July for June. We have arrived at our new home. Boxes are everywhere. My sewing room will be the last room I unpack as I know I won’t want to unpack anything else if I can sew. I am missing my fabrics, thread and machines!

    August In = 0 yards
    August Out = 0 yards
    YTD Fabric In = 1 1/2 yards
    YTD Fabric Out = 400 1/4 yards

  2. Rheanna

    Better month than last time. I spent some time organizing my stash and realizing I had more baby flannel than I would ever use at this point. So I donated 10 yards of it to my quilt group. A multiple small projects got done so I was in the black this month even with some purchases. Hoping the next few months are productive as it gets cooler out so I can end the whole year at least equal. The biggest bummer is that I had bought 5 yards as a backing for a quilt last month only to realize it really didn’t work for the quilt when I finished it this month. So into my stash it will go.

    In: 12.75 yards
    Out: 23 yds

    Diff for month: – 10.25 yards
    Diff for year: 37.25 yards

  3. Margaret Nelson

    August Fabric IN = 0 yard
    August Fabric OUT = -6 yards
    August Total = -6 yards out
    Year to Date = +248 yards in

  4. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    I also use the edges of wide backs for my binding…fewer seams to miter and less corner shuffling to avoid the joins.

    Did better on stashbusters this month.

    August Fabric IN = 12.5 yards: wide backings, a kit I fell in love with and fabrics that called my name August Fabric OUT = 48.5: Gave yardage away for guild projects, second hand sewing store and delivered 4 charity quilts August Total = 36 yards out! Yes!

    Year to Date = 185.25

    Contractors are doing work on the house and in the shuffle to clear their work area, found long lost fabric that can be donated in September.

    I’m going to check out the C&T book sale!

    Thanks Carole for keeping us motivated on multiple levels!

  5. Shirley Marvin

    Well, I did better.
    I made 10 lap size quilts using panels. , some pot holders and a potato bag.
    So out = 27
    in = 6
    YTD — out= 124 in=94
    So, more out than in. : ) ..

  6. Checking in for my August Stash Busting:

    August Fabric IN = 2 1/4 yards
    August Fabric OUT = 7 yards
    August Total = 5-3/4 yards out
    Year to Date = 5 yards out

    Also I made tops #13 & 14 for the shop making an additional 6 yards in & 6 yards out.

    This month begins a couple of Quilt Alongs which I hope will result in more Stash Out.

    Happy Stitching & Stash Busting!

  7. Amanda

    August Fabric In: 0.0 yards
    August Fabric Out: 1.0 yards
    August Total: -1.0 yards
    YTD: +230.75 yards

    Lots of progress but only small finishes. But no fabric entered the house, so overall a successful month!

  8. Julie

    I almost broke even for the year until I was waylaid by an Autumn panel. It’s going to be hard to make additional progress this year, there’s a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.
    August In = 3 yds
    August Out = 18 yds
    Cum In = 124.3 yds
    Cum Out = 122.75 yds

  9. Laura Riley

    I did better this month as I was able to finish up some quilts and gift them. I also was able to keep my in total in the single digit camp. 🙂

    August Fabric IN = 8 yard
    August Fabric OUT = -21 yards
    August Total = -13 yards out
    Year to Date = +31.75

  10. Sue Hoover

    August Fabric IN = +5 yards
    August Fabric OUT = -9.5 yards
    August Total = -4.5 yards out
    Year to Date = +6.75 yards in

  11. Vicki in MN

    August Fabric IN = 47.5 yards
    August Fabric OUT = 58 yards
    August Total = 10.5 yards out
    Year to Date = 165.25 yards out
    Still going in the right direction, a little slower this month because I went to a quilters estate sale…too many beautiful fabrics and then Connecting Threads having a stash sale every day didn’t help! I need to work faster in September to use more and that way I might be staying home more too, LOL

  12. Niki B

    August was a good month. Finished my jacket and a purse for my sister.

    August in. 0
    August out -10 yards
    August net. -10 yards

    Ytd. -9.5 yards

    I was disciplined on our short trip to St Louis and didn’t even go in fabric shop. There is a regional quilt show here in a couple of weeks. Don’t know if I’ll be able to resist!

  13. slmrn1

    I have been keeping my stats, but this is my first-time reporting. Two big quilt backings sure helped my “out” fabric use this month.
    August in: 3 1/2 yards
    August out: 23 yards
    August total: -19 1/2 yards
    YTD: -29 1/2 yards

  14. Connie S Wolfe

    Carole, your monthly reporting has been very motivating. I finished two more small Comfort Quilts in August, dug out two UFO’s that are now out in the open for finishing, and pin basted another small Comfort Quilt which might be getting some attention today since we’re in the midst of scattered showers.
    August In: 0 yds.
    August Out: 7.6 yds.
    August Total: -7.6 yds.
    YTD: +19.2 yds.

  15. Jan Snell

    Carole, Congrats on Using It Up this month. I am also moving in the right direction with a quilt made and given and some fabric given to others who thought they could use it.

    August Fabric IN = 5m
    August Fabric OUT = -13.25m
    August Total = -8.25
    Year to Date = -171.25 m

    Yay, me ! Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I love your tracking system and encouragement. Jan

  16. June Neigum

    Still plugging away on my two big projects so none out and none in either. I was good this month. Next month is not going to be so good and it is just the 4th of Sept.
    O yds In
    O yds Out
    YTD 51 yds Out

  17. poodlegirls

    Now that the holiday weekend is over I can add my totals. We had a busy weekend, then yesterday was our 52 wedding anniversary. We went for a nice drive to the East of us and on back roads. Saw a lot of migrating birds which was fun. Now down to business. The month of August saw quite a few dog scarves being made for the girls groomer. That was 6 1/2 yards and one quilt donated to Linus. Another 8 yards. I also added some fabric-6 yards for various planned projects.
    Out- 14 1/2; In- 6
    For the year
    out-280; In-22

  18. Susan Nixon

    Good to see one of us is still stash busting! I gave away so much fabric this year, I lost count, but that’s not surprising with the other events of the year.

    I can’t believe it’s time for Autumn Jubilee again! I know you have lined up some wonderful ideas, and I hope there’s one thing I can manage to make. I’m only sewing an hour a week or so, but hoping to gradually increase that.

  19. Michele Bretz

    Fabric out: 15 Fabric in: 0 Fabric out total : 25 Fabric in total: 0

    How do you handle made products passed through from one person to an organization? The oncology ward at the VA received 25+ quilts and 35 bags.

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  20. Linda Garcia

    Hi Carole. I am a couple weeks behind as usual. Thank you for listing your pantograph pattern. I have found a couple nice ones from your blog. I appreciate the things that you share with us,

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