Quilted Jacket Sew Along – Extras!

The jacket was done, and I just could not bring myself to throw away the bits left over from the pattern cutting step. This doesn’t look like much, but I just had to figure out something to do with these. Settle in for a long and picture heavy post as I finish everything left. Now, note that all these pieces are quilted already, so sewing them together in the traditional way would be problematic. But ever one to relish a challenge, I had an idea.

I straightened the edges, leaving the angles, and placed the pieces up against each other, moving them around until I had the largest rectangle possible.

Then, the pieces were sewn together using a wide zigzag, butting the edges against the flange on an edge-joining foot. Yes, the edges are raw, but I’ll take care of that.

I kept going, adding more and more, squaring off as the bits got too ragged to save.

The last bits to add were long pieces that I made special from leftovers. I just layered the print with the leftover bamboo batting and the same backing and did a quick edge stitch to hold them together. I needed the total size of this piece to be about 18×24 inches, with 3-inch edges.

Next, I got out my tape maker, and made single fold strips with the raw edges in the middle. I did this using the small pieces left over from the yardage that wasn’t quilted.

With these strips, I covered the zigzag stitching, beginning with the innermost pieces that would be crossed by other strips.

I top-stitched the strips on the right side with the machine on both edges. The raw edge at the end of this one will be covered by the next strip crosswise from the left. Then that raw edge will be covered by the strip coming from top to bottom on the right of the foot. This will also add strength to the piece so it won’t come apart at the zigzag stitching lines.

Working my way from the center to the edge, I covered every raw edge.

The top is done, and measures 18 x 24. Note that the outside edges are still raw.

Next, I found a piece of black fabric large enough for a lining. I added a pocket with bit of leftover fabric. The pocket is two layers of fabric from a leftover fat quarter, with batting between, stitched around the edge and turned. I top-stitched all around the edge to close the opening for turning, and finish it off. The pocket is top-stitched on three sides to the lining, about 3 inches down from one short end.

Place the lining pocket side together with the top side of the quilted piece, and stitch all the way around the edge, leaving an opening for turning.

Turn and edge-stitch all around to close the opening and finish. Then, turn the short side to the inside 1-1/2-inches and top-stitch in place along the edge finishing line. This will create a channel for the snap frame closure I wanted.

Next, sew the side seams. Using these clips, holding the edges is easier than pins. Sew up from the bottom to the foldover part, leaving the top 1-1/2-inches folded over free.

Then, box the corners on the inside at 2-inches.

Turn the bag right side out. I found an unused leather strap on one of my purses. they often have shoulder straps included on bags that work better as satchels, or that have satchel handles big enough to put on my shoulder. So this one was great for the bag. I clipped it on one end of the snap frame and threaded that through the channel. Then I add the other end before putting in the pin that holds the frame together.

Of course, I need accessories too, LOL, so with some of the leftover yardage, I did a couple of quick cases. One is for my sunglasses and the other for my cell phone.

Back to the jacket, I had mentioned I wanted to do some beading. I thought these twisted black bugle beads would add a bit of panache.

Hand sewing these during football games was easy, but I realized early on that they would not show much. I left spaces between the beads for ease of movement, so the front wouldn’t be stiff.

Ultimately, I decided to stop after three rows. Even close up they are hard to see.

Here is the finished front.

I was asked to show the back of the jacket, not really remarkable as it is the same fabric as the sleeves. But I do like the placement of the print more to the left shoulder and not in the middle of the back.

But, you all know, I am not done. I adore wearing hats, and I had this black one found at a thrift store last summer. It was the perfect choice for one additional accessory for my set. I made a band of the blue rose print fabric with the seam running down the middle of the side to be glued to the hat. I bought a blue rose for an accent.

A bit of hot glue, and judicious trimming of the rose, and I have a hat to match.

So, I now am finished with the Sew Along, with a five piece set. The jacket and hat will be entered in the State Fair in Clothing. The purse and accessories will be entered in Quilted Purses. Share your progress in our Facebook group!

Did you do a jacket? How do you plan to use up your leftover bits?

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34 thoughts on “Quilted Jacket Sew Along – Extras!

    Love the fabric, and the jacket, but most of all I love how you used the leftovers to build a whole ensemble that looks totally pre-planned!!
    It truly is, as the French say, “Magnifique”!!
    I am sure you will take best of show with this!

  2. Peggy Ott

    GM Carole…Wow that is a very nice ensemble. I Love the hat touch! Very creative purse, pulling together those scraps. Being creative through our projects is the most fun. Hope you take lots of ribbons…keep us posted.

  3. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Brilliant and beautiful use of all the leftover fabric! Sometimes I worry that our love of fabric leads us to excess consumption – seeing that it can all be put to good use rather than landing in a landfill is inspiring! I hope more people will make use of all the beautiful resources left over from various projects for items such as potholders, trivets, coasters and mug mats, tote bags, etc. the way you have done.

  4. Judi mitchell

    This shows your creative and persistent fabric creations.. lovely use of your “quilted leftover” pieces .

  5. Joy B

    Beautiful! As I started reading your post, I was wondering what those leftovers would become. A purse is a wonderful accessory to your lovely jacket.

  6. Lynda Duncan

    Wow, I am fairly new to your blog, but it is just a joy to see what you do.
    It only are your skills exceptional, but your creativity is off the charts!
    That is just a lovely jacket, and what you did with the scraps is amazing❤️❤️

  7. Linda

    I enjoy your blog so much. With all of your interests and talents, your blogs are always interesting, and your imagination and self confidence are enviable. I wish I had the energy to do all that you do! Thank you for sharing your life.

  8. Patty Brenner

    I’m in awe of your beautiful work! I don’t even know where to begin on what I like best – this is a stunning set!

  9. Joan Sheppard

    It was like reading a novel – and the plot thickened – then SWITCHED! Exciting! And so beautiful with the beads and flower! Thanks!

  10. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Love your embellished finished jacket and accessories! You worked with perseverance to create a wonderful ensemble in time for the fair competition!

    Other projects took priority over my quilted jacket. I will get it done!

    What a wonderful use of your quilted scraps with the bonus of binding accents for extra flair! Fabulous!

    Thank you for a fact-filled and creative post!

  11. Mary

    I just knew you would have fun with the leftover pieces. It makes a very smart ensemble.
    Hope you win a prize at the State Fair!! :))

  12. Sandra B

    As I was reading your post, I was thinking to myself that you just had to enter your jacket and all the accessories in the State Fair competitions! What an amazing use of all the leftover bits and pieces! Love them all!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    I have not made a jacket yet, but plan to….have a couple of other things going on at the moment that need to stay priorities… then with the holidays and all the accompanying time crunches, it will most likely be early next year before I get around to making the jacket. But I do have fabric already selected and have narrowed down the pattern to a choice between two options, so that’s good.
    Thanks for sharing your jacket project with all of us!

  13. Your jacket and bag are positively gorgeous. You inspire me to think about how I might immediately use left over fabrics from a project, instead of just putting them into a scrap bin. I’ve really enjoyed watching this entire process.

  14. Beautiful jacket and extras. I first quilted my coat pockets, but did not like the look so picked out the quilting and just topstitched. Thank you for this fun sew along.

  15. Mary Ellen

    I love how you used the leftover fabric to make your tapes to cover the seams! It’s so much better than a solid black . unless you wanted a “stained glass” look. You certainly have the “use it up” quilter spirit and way more energy than I do.

  16. Robin RK

    WOW! You had a lot of good large scraps. I’m amazed how many items you were able to think of to use them. Everything is so pretty. High praise to you for all you do and share

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