Finishing the Mother Goose Quilt

When we left off last week, I had loaded the Mother Goose quilt on the longarm. I left it for a day while I worked on assembly of my quilted jacket. One of the things I like about having projects in progress is I can work on one for a while, then move to another one as I get tired of sitting or standing.

I threaded the machine with ecru Glide in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. The pantograph is called Fascination, and is one of my favorites for a quick finish.

It has two lines on one paper, so I can quilt a wide area before having to advance the quilt.

After the quilting was done, which didn’t take long, I used the remnants of the backing for binding.

All done, some little kid is going to love this.

That border is just too precious, isn’t it? I like the cornerstones out of that blue too.

All it needs is a label and it will be good to go.

I did another little quilt at the same time, and I’ll show you that one next week. What are you working on this week?

26 thoughts on “Finishing the Mother Goose Quilt

  1. Rheanna

    What an adorable little quilt! I also love the blue corner stones with the border. Excited to see the other quilt you made.
    I finally finished binding my last quilt for the church auction. I don’t mind binding but I am really itching to get back to piecing quilts. And I think my hands and wrists could use the break from binding too. I have a blue and white half square triangle quilt on my design board that keeps calling to me so I will probably play with that tonight.

  2. Julie

    Mother Goose Dream Window, it’s lovely! I’m hand-quilting a little appliqued apple wall hanging. There’s just the top border to finish & I’ll complete it with a facing rather than adding binding. It’s the Club project for August and I decided to try needle turned applique rather than fusible. It was more fun than anticipated.

  3. Lenora

    What a wonderful quilt for some child to grow old with as well as passing it down to their child, grandchild and possibly a great grandchild. Good quilts are the ones who continue to add chapters to their story. This could be a great quilt for an extended family!

  4. Diane D

    Your quilt is so cute and whimsical! I finally got a quilt top done for my 15..almost 16 year old granddaughter. She picked out the pattern and 20+ fat quarters for a Turning Twenty. The fabrics were so different from each other that I really wondered what this was going to look like. She had florals, some solids, a fat quarter with cows, some very bland colors. I was surprised when it all came together and didn’t look too bad. My granddaughter loved it!! Now to get the backing and get it quilted.

  5. Margaret Nelson

    This week bowl cozies are under the needle and a customer’s quilt was on the frame. I bound the quilt yesterday.

  6. Rosemary

    What a precious quilt!! So adorable!! Know whoever receives this is going to be extremely happy. How sweet of you to share.

  7. Joan Sheppard

    Since I don’t have a quilting machine, I copy the quilt pattern to paper then cut out, then “draw”. I love this pantograph that you used for this quilt but do you have any suggestions on making it easier for those of us without quilting machines? Anything bigger than 45 x 45 I take to the quilter, but like to do my own for the baby quilts. Thanks as always for all the great pictures and ideas

  8. lois92346

    Oh, Carole, It’s absolutely PRECIOUS. You did such a good job on it. I love every BIT of it ~ especially the borders.

  9. That is so adorable, Carole! The border print is so fun, and your coordinating blue and ABC print are perfect with it. I’m still quilting my Halloween Jubilee quilt, taking my time, but planning on having it done by mid-September.

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