Sunday Chat – Garden, Kitchen and News!!

Well, it has been quite a week. The temperature was so cool one morning this week, that I put on long pants and a sweater before going downstairs to the kitchen for a cup of the industrial grade jet fuel that I call coffee. Did I say cup? I meant 3 cups. Three oversize cups, just to be clear. As I lingered, enjoying the cool air, someone we all know showed up for breakfast. I got a chance to try the new camera that My Sweet Babboo bought for me. My old one died, and it has been a few weeks since I could get good photos of Oliver and his buddies.

I haven’t been able to photograph our avian choir members for a bit. I caught this chickadee sharing a meal with a goldfinch. I am pretty pleased with the performance of the new camera. It is a Panasonic Lumix FZ80, same brand as all my little cameras. Not as expensive as many others, yet it has all the features an amateur needs. I really like it.

While they were chowing down, I was in the mood for those Japanese Chicken Meatballs again. These are just so good!! The recipe is in Milk Street’s World in a Skillet cookbook, and now that I’ve made them a few times, I can get the recipe done in 30 minutes! See my post Japanese Chicken Meatballs for the whole process and the downloadable recipe.

On the veranda, the flowers are not cooperating. My hanging baskets have never looked this pitiful. The torenias never took off, and the petunias just didn’t do much either. I am disappointed in both of these. The hummingbird has been by, and I think she is disappointed too.

I mean, why can’t they look like this one, that gets the same amount of light, and water, and fertilizer, and tender loving care? The hummer stayed a bit longer on these blooms, and the pink ones that are in another pot.

Ah well. Maybe next year. In the meantime, the impatiens are outgrowing their spaces in the tile top tables.

The geraniums are gorgeous.

The white snapdragons are giving me blooms here and there.

The lobelia continue to bloom profusely too.

I was at our guild meeting this week and showed my cover quilt. The gals were surprised, and gave me a round of applause. I appreciated their enthusiasm for the design and the honor of having it published. This is my second published quilt pattern, and it is such fun to see it in print. The issue is Quilts and More, Fall 2022 issue, available at your local quilt shops, some grocery stores and magazine stands.

The cool morning, and the Autumn Elegance quilt put me in the mood to work on fall projects. So, the news is that the final plans are coming together and I am happy to announce that it is indeed going to be a wonderful Autumn. Yes, although inspiration was slow in coming, I am well on the way to having all the projects and giveaways lined up to do another Autumn Jubilee! So we are on. For newcomers to my blog, click on the Autumn Jubilee category on my sidebar and see what we have done the past six years. This will be the seventh year!! Autumn Jubilee is a whole month of projects and giveaways, lots of fun!!

Oliver should have a lot of food around now, as the acorns have begun bombing the house, but he is forever asking for another sandwich. My Sweet Babboo says I need a dog again. But I don’t have to give Oliver shots, or find a kennel for him when we want to run off for the weekend.

The garden squash plants have been pitiful this year, with lots of flowers but no vegetables. The only squash I have from all the plants is this one, which I hope is a spaghetti squash. But I don’t know if I should take a chance on the critters getting it to let it ripen in the sunlight, or bring it inside for safety.

The good part of the garden is that I harvested enough fresh, organically grown tomatoes from my vines, that I could make the first tomato pie of the season. Here I’ve sliced them, and de-seeded them. I let them dry in the refrigerator for 8 hours, then sprinkled them with the seasonings, and gathered the ingredients for the pie.

About an hour later, I took the creamy, cheesy, fresh tomato feast out of the oven. The aroma was outstanding. In case you missed it on previous posts, here is the recipe post with the downloadable pdf – Carole’s Tomato Pie.

With my new camera, of course I had to do an artsy shot of my dinner on my August tablescape.

Couldn’t wait to dig in!

I worked on my Quilted Jacket this week, and it is essentially done. I have to decide if I am going to add some beading, just for a bit of over-the-top bling. I’ll have more on that project on the Tuesday Sew Along post. I hope to get some progress on other projects this week, around playing pickleball and doing a test drive for one of the car clubs for an event coming in September. More on that soon.

How’s your garden? What is on your agenda this week?

32 thoughts on “Sunday Chat – Garden, Kitchen and News!!

  1. Mary Stori

    Our garden has suffered from too much rain……a difficult statement to make since we appreciate the rain as we have our own well. Too funny though, I was about to look up your tomato pie recipe to compare it with the one I have…and ta da…look no further…you included it in this current post. Thank you…..

  2. Linda B

    Well that was a happy note to hear…that Autumn Jubilee is underway. You always delight us with your inspiration! Look forward to seeing! I am finishing up sashing and borders on a twin xl sized sampler quilt…maybe today! Will be nice to finish it up and off to the long arm people and off my to-do list!

  3. Rhonda

    The cucumbers are finally winding down and the tomatoes are starting to ripen. I think I have enough to try your pie – it looks delightful! So excited for Autumn Jubilee!!! Looks like you got a great camera, lovely photos Carole!

  4. Margaret Nelson

    So excited you got to share your cover!

    I’m deep cleaning/decluttering this week for my sister’s family is coming for a visit. They moved back from the Netherlands last week.

    I don’t plan on sewing much but I know I’ll miss it.

  5. Rheanna

    I am so excited to hear that Autumn Jubilee is on! Fall is my favorite time of year and the Jubilee has been the icing on my cake the last few years. We should have a lot of tomatoes ripening this week so I am planning on making tomato pie this Friday.
    I have been inspired to go through all my flannel baby fabric and donate what I won’t use and create some small quilts with what I have left.

  6. Julie

    I love Autumn Elegance! Happy to report I got my copy of the magazine on Monday. Now to pick out the fabric……….Another Autumn Jubilee on the horizon! Maybe that cold morning helped put you in the mood? We were supposed to have a hot humid few days here, but I’m sitting under a quilt right now so it’s not. The garden I tend the most is at the family plot (cemetery). The spring bulbs were a riot, the fox gloves were unbelievably lush & tall, the usual summer staple begonias are a bust. You never know what the year will bring. Congratulations on having a nice camera back in your toolbag. You photos are always so nice.

  7. I love the pics with your new camera, Carole. I agree, you can’t stop feeding Oliver now…you have him trained! I love seeing him with his little peanut butter sandwich! So cute. Your tomato pie looks great. I made it last year and loved it. I’m the only one in the family who eats tomatoes, so it took a week to eat it. I think I may look at making a smaller version without the crust for a low carb side. Your geranium is gorgeous. Have a great week. Looking forward to seeing your jacket, and YES, add that bling!!

  8. what a fabulous, newsy post! I’m so pleased about your cover. And your new camera — the photos are great and I’m so glad to see the Avian choir and Oliver again! Yay for the jubilee. Hopefully I will be able to join in on at least a few projects! Have a marvelous week — it looks to be off to a good start. (Oh, and thanks for the tomato pie recipe — tis the season!)

  9. The tomato pie looks delicious. We had a beautiful crop of tomatoes until the raccoons discovered them. We have had to water daily to keep our container plants thriving. Happy Sunday, Carole!

  10. Hi Carole – So happy that the new camera pleases you, as I know how much you enjoy photography. I’ve been babying a bleeding heart in a hanging pot since Mother’s day, and it has continued to bloom until this past week! Our summer pool Sundays at Grandma’s are winding down to a close. That means more time in the sewing room because Fall and cooler temps are on the way!

  11. I often get lots of vines and leaves, but not much fruit on the squash-type plants, and wish I knew why. I have one small pumpkin this year off of 4 plants! Hooray for a new camera, and glad you’re enjoying playing with it. I’ll look forward to Autumn Jubilee, too!

  12. Sue Hoover

    I can’t believe I didn’t download your Tomato Pie recipe earlier. Just did and will try it out next week. Looks & sounds so good. Congrats again on getting your quilt pattern published and I’m looking forward to AJ2022. Your little Oliver is adorable and I don’t blame you for not wanting to get tied down with a dog. So much responsibility when you want to get away.

  13. Debbie Myers

    I was thinking about your Tomato Pie yesterday! It’s just perfect for brunch or a light dinner. I found the Quilts & More issue with your Autumn Elegance pattern in it at CVS on Friday while waiting for a prescription, so I’m now contemplating fabrics for it! Thank you!

  14. Dianne

    I am with you, it is weird how some plants, sweetly cared for do nothing much, while next to it another does really well. I am always on the hunt for vine weevil grubs in the roots.. sometimes it is that.. and ants have plagued me this year.. They bring their aphids onto the plants & milk them and with this they bring diseases too. BUT… put out antkiller & you risk killing birds which eat the ants which have eaten the antkiller… what to do???

    1. Keysha

      Hi Dianne. I had heard you can apply used coffee grounds to the soil to keep the ants away. Happy gardening!

  15. lee

    I have been babying my garden! I hope your squash makes it ! I have 5 delectata squash that I think will make it through ripening stage and that is my big hurrah for the veggie plants! Congrats ofnyour cover quilt and getting a new camera – How fun!

  16. Elle

    That is not a spaghetti squash. I’ve had a few of those variants on my squash plants as well. I treat it like a butternut-peel, halve, deseed and roast. It’s firmer than a zucchini so not amenable to a quick saute’.

  17. Enjoy your new camera! So looking forward to your next Autumn Jubilee! Not sure I’ve done all, but it is one on my “must definitely do” list each year! Our garden hasn’t been as happy this year. On my walk this morning I actually passed 2 yards with brown leaves on the ground & one garden with leaves turning red. Oh, My!

  18. Oh goodness…My petunias ,in a hanging pot, started off with a bang but shortly looked like someone sat on top of them. Then they eventually just passed on .Next year I’ll try again.

  19. Joan Sheppard

    So much wonderful news. Love the new pics with the new camera! And good to see Oliver – who needs a dog you have him! I’m still waiting to see him in a little vest. Love the quilt you published! So much gentle movement like a little spin in the breeze! And the chicken! I had that on Thursday – thanks for the recipe – I copied earlier. Thanks,

  20. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    The garden is going strong but some of the potted flowers have seen better times and will be replacing these faded beauties with fall plants.

    Your new camera is taking great shots! So happy you were able to find a suitable replacement!

    I am going to try the Japanese meatballs! They look delicious, easy and not too much time to make.

    The longarm’s been busy quilting charity tops and have been binding away. My quilted jacket parts are on deck to be assembled and I want to get this done before I head out to a retreat later this week as I want to do the seam finishing and binding there. I’ll snap some photos and post on your FB page.

    I love when I have something to look forward to and Autumn Jubilee is always inspirational!

    Thank you, Carole, for your uplifting shares!

  21. I can’t believe that cute Oliver always coming to you for treats! Great captures with your new camera! There is nothing better than a fresh summer tomato pie, and yours looks amazing. I am going to dry your tip on letting tomatoes drain for 8 hours in the fridge, I usually just let mine sit on paper towels for 15-30 minutes. Congrats on your published pattern and I’m looking forward to Autumn Jubilee!

  22. the garden looks great bugger about that one pot…….weird how that happens…….keep Oliver don’t get a dog……now that I missed my trip I can’t look for the mag………….bugger… often does it come out?

    1. Joan Sheppard

      Sometimes the library can order a copy for you, even from a different country. Our library is going digital and I get a lot a magazines available that way. Some from outside the U. S.

  23. Angie VE

    Love your coffee description 😂 and yes, that’s how I enjoy mine too! We’ve been bunny watching in our yard lately- there’s a small family of them living under our magnolia.

  24. Susan Salo

    Ooh on the cover! How neat is that?? I’m taking a break this weekend and making a mermaid costume for a good friend’s granddaughter. My sewing skills are really rusty so it’s been more time-consuming than I thought! You and your camera are taking really nice pictures. I hope to do Jubilee this year after missing the previous two.

  25. We are officially in drought conditions here in central, southern England. As a result our crops of soft fruits and runner beans have been really poor. The grass is frazzled brown and many of my bedding plants just couldn’t recover from the effects of several heatwaves. On the bright side, somehow most of the established trees and shrubs have remained green and our roses have been flushed with beautiful blooms several times this Summer.

  26. Marge

    My mom had friends who lived across the street from her in Daytona Beach, FL and she would feed the critters also with p-nut butter sandwiches. One day they returned to their home and they had gotten in the house thru the chimney and tore the place apart….Hope you have a screen over yours.

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