Finishing the Safelight Project

Last May, we began the Safelight Project 2021 collecting donations of sewn case sets, stamped cards and money to fund the spa bags for new residents of the local domestic violence shelter. The higher quality canvas bags are filled with full size lotions, facial cleansers, nail and hair treatments, new sunglasses, sets of spa size bath products, new hairbrush, pedicure kits, soap in crocheted holders with matching scrubbies, reader made case sets for cosmetics, tissues and sunglasses, and two handmade inspirational cards stamped by readers and me.

I had cases of some products from the first delivery in the basement waiting for the shelter to have the space to take delivery of the final half of the bags. I called Safelight in mid-October to ask if they were ready to take the balance, and they were. I attempted to order cases of what was still needed online, but delivery problems meant the store was not doing online orders. So My Sweet Babboo and I made three trips to the retail stores in the area, loading up carts with hundreds of items for the bags. We tried to check out with around 100 items or less at a time so we didn’t back up the line too badly in these staff-short stores. As lines formed behind me, I apologized to the people having to wait saying it was for the shelter. Not one person minded waiting.

Back home, I put my big cardboard mat over the longarm and began setting out case sets to match up with sunglasses colors and crocheted sets. It was fun to do, and every set went together nicely. My Sweet Babboo came down to help, stuffing soap into the crochet bags, and tissues into the tissue cases. I placed new sunglasses inside the sunglasses cases, and put the four spa bath items inside the cosmetic cases along with lip balm.

Once all the cases were filled, we began placing pedicure kits and hairbrushes with the sets, again looking to coordinate colors with the colors of the case sets.

Then we set up an assembly line, taking a canvas bag and choosing a case set with its color coordinated hairbrush and pedicure set to coordinate with the handle color on the bag, then adding the rest of items from boxes on another table, finishing with a sheet of glitter tissue. I think the glitter tissue makes the bag feel like a gift.

Naturally, wouldn’t you know, there were two items that I apparently miscounted and didn’t get enough to fill all the bags. So, I set those bags aside, and made one more run to the dollar store.

Another bit of stuffing, glitter tissue added on top, and all the bags were complete and ready for delivery. I made an appointment for the following Monday.

We loaded up the car, putting the seats down in the back and stacking the bags up. It was due to rain that afternoon and we hoped to finish before the bottom fell out.

The trunk space was stuffed as well.

Shelter Director Kristen Goossens was there to greet me and help unload the bags. The wind was kicking up as we loaded up her two-level rolling cart.

Executive Director Lauren Wilkie (center) joined us, and we were able to unmask for a photo as we all have been vaccinated. My Sweet Babboo took the photo. Then, the bags were sent safely inside before the rain began.

The first raindrops were spitting on the windshield as we headed home. So, this year’s Safelight Project of spa bags for the new residents is complete. Thank you to everyone who donated or contributed to this project!!

Our local guild area is working on the Quilt Project for Safelight, and I’ll bring you an update on that after our next meeting where we will be swapping blocks. We can still use more blocks, see this download pdf for the block instructions and where to send them – Safelight Quilt Blocks. I can really use more red/cream blocks, and more light floral/white blocks. Also, I need a few purple/white blocks for a rainbow quilt I have in mind, along with gold or yellow/white for that same quilt top. Please let me know in the comments if you can make a block and send it.

What are you sewing this week?

19 thoughts on “Finishing the Safelight Project

  1. Rheanna

    I will be dropping off 2 donation quilts at a friend’s house for her to long arm. They will go up for auction next September at our church’s fall festival. One is the baby size of the scrap dance pachenga and the other is a lap sized Christmas quilt. I know it seems early but each year there are approximately 40 quilts to auction so it takes all year to prep.

  2. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done to you and your hubby for all the time (& energy) spent putting all these bags together. I’m sure the recipients will be very happy to receive one of these bags and knowing that ‘somebody’ is thinking about them at this time in their lives. 🙂

  3. Julie

    There was time to make some as AJ2021 wrapped up last week. I sent 6 blocks on Saturday, hope they work with your red/cream layout.

  4. Jean McKinstry

    What a wonderful end result from so much behind the final photos , matching sets, good sturdy bags, and goodies inside, all to give hope and a feeling of ” I really do matter to someone”: is what they will realise.colour co-ordinated, and then the huge delivery, so glad the rain held off till it was finished.

  5. lois92346

    My heart was deeply touched by the photos of the last steps in your Safelight Project. May you and your delightful husband be blessed by all your kindness.

  6. aldampierverizonnet

    The time and care that you and your “Sweet Babboo” do for others is so heartwarming. Thank you for your energy and many thoughtful deeds.


    I have blocks for you as well. A batch of blue & white ones & some multicolor ones ready to mail. Just need to press. I will try to knock out a couple of the ones you need too.
    The Safelight bags are amazing!
    Thank you for all you do!

  8. Your car was certainly chokka-block packed with all those lovely gift bags. Such a wonderful idea to make the ladies feel a little special as they are getting on with their lives.

  9. Kathleen Cuilan

    You are such an inspiration and a shining light to so many people. It is such a selfless act that changes so many lives. Thank you for showing all of us how we can make things better for everyone!

  10. Joan Sheppard

    Best reason ever to shop for fabric! My stash of all those especially white is near zero! So tomorrow after my booster shot I’ll stop across the street for purples and red. Florals maybe…
    Thanks for doing this.

  11. I love this project and you are terrific for all you do with it! I know they are terribly grateful!

    I’m actually sort of using needle and thread this week! I’ll be attaching hang tags to my felties for my art sale!

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