Autumn Jubilee in the Kitchen

Gathering around the table when there is a chill in the air brings family together. These crisp autumn days call for a pretty setting and good food to put on the plates. Fall produce is abundant now, with winter squashes coming into the stores and produce stands. This butternut squash recipe from the Cookish cookbook from Milk Street is a great way to showcase this wonderful vegetable.

The dish is a new and interesting flavor. First cut up the butternut squash, then roast until it is nicely browned.

Toss with the hoisin sauce ingredients and serve, yep just that easy. I didn’t have any actual hoisin, so I used the substitute I’ve used before of equal parts peanut butter and molasses. It made a nicely nutty, slightly sweet squash dish. If you’d like this recipe, I’ve linked the Milk Street pdf for it – Roasted Butternut Squash with Hoisin and Chives. Find more interesting flavors with easy to cook recipes in Cookish.

A tasty and easy main dish that would go nicely with the squash is a slow roasted pork shoulder, also called a Boston butt roast. I discovered this black bean garlic sauce at Milk Street, and I have been using it in different ways as it is full of flavor. This time, I rubbed it all over the roast, then put it in a 250º oven for 8 hours, fat cap up. The slow roasting creates a juicy and flavorful roast with a nice bark.

You can get Milk Street New Rules on Amazon, and have a peek at Milk Street: Tuesday Nights cookbook for fast and easy meals. This Taiwanese 5 Spice Pork dish from the Tuesday Nights book is now in our regular rotation. It is so good, and I’ve made it often enough that I almost have the recipe memorized!

Find wonderful recipes on the Milk Street Website, along with exotic spices and more to take your meals to a new level. Take advantage of weekly free recipes. or join the community to access cooking school videos, all the recipes, and more.

Now the fun news, the newest cookbook from the creative cooks at Milk Street concentrates on Vegetables. There are many ways to put vegetables in the center of your plate. Here in the U.S., meat has been the focus of the plate for centuries. The rest of the world, however, knows how to approach vegetables, grains and beans not only with respect but with a fresh, lively approach, one that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Learn how winter vegetable stews could taste light and bright, not hearty and heavy. Try eggplant and potatoes with punched up flavor using whole spices. Make a zucchini dish fit for a main course enriched by ricotta cheese and lemon. There are 250 recipes of fresh ideas for everything from side dish pleasers to meatless main dishes. It will publish in November, and the wonderful folks at Milk Street are giving away a copy of this hardbound book to someone reading this post!

Leave a comment on this post, tell us your favorite vegetable side dish or main course, then click on the Rafflecopter button below to enter the drawing.

You can pre-order Milk Street Vegetables on Amazon, or from the Milk Street website. What is your favorite vegetable side dish or meatless main dish?

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to my Canadian Readers!

57 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee in the Kitchen

  1. Rhonda P

    My favorite side is roasted butternut squash and brussels sprout with a little olive oil and salt and pepper.

  2. Edy John

    How to pick just one favorite vegetable…broccoli, asparagus, kale, spinach, winter squash, carrots….my favorite is whichever one is in a new recipe. So I guess my favorite is variety!

  3. Pat Kleber

    My “favorites” change every now and then, but right now I enjoy roasted and grilled Brussels sprouts. Love to add garlic and pepper!

  4. Joyce

    I love a corn and tomato salad made with roasted corn on the cob, or a Caprese salad made with tomatoes from the garden.

  5. The butternut squash with Hoisin and Chives looks delicious. We love squash, especially when it is not too sweet. We like a Spinach and Mushroom quiche for a meatless main dish. It would be nice to have some new ways to enliven our veggies; peas and green beans plain can get kinda boring!

  6. lee

    I have a couple butternut squash from our garden to use and will try your recipe! Easy to do and looks delicious! My favorite vegetarian main meal is Black Bean Sweet Potato Stew – you serve over rice. It is very tasty! Thank you!

  7. Kim J Teigen

    I love just about all vegetables. My favorite way to cook them is to roast them. If I have to pick a favorite, it would be asparagus. And for this time of year, butternut squash. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  8. Sandy F

    Asparagus is my favorite vegetable, and I love it grilled or oven-roasted with a spritz of olive oil and a dash of sea salt.

  9. Barbara

    Not too fond of vegetables so could use a cookbook on them. I guess my favorite veggie dish is the Southern Comfort glazed carrots I used to make for Christmas dinner at mom and dad’s house and for guild potlucks.

  10. Bonnie Larson

    This time of year, I really enjoy the fall produce, specifically the squash family. But, I do struggle with new recipes and also how to remove the skin. A cookbook would be awesome to help. many Thanks

  11. Deb E

    A cookbook highlighting recipes for veggies — wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway, keeping my fingers crossed as I’d love to have some great recipes for preparing vegetables.

  12. Twyla Starr

    I love vegetables especially broccoli and brussel sprouts and squashes. I like new ideas and the simple recipes interest me most. Steamed broccoli with toasted walnuts in butter is a favorite. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  13. Deb E

    This blog site is wonderful – unfortunately I can’t quilt right now as we’re getting ready to move our daughter into her new home. But I’m thoroughly enjoying looking at everything and loving that its everything ‘autumn’ — in my favorite colors!

  14. Carolyn Montgomery

    my favorite vegetable main dish is Claire Robinson’s 5 ingredient butternut squash soup, yummm. it’s what for lunch today.

  15. CarolE

    I love a lot of vegetables, but my favorite would have to be butternut squash, especially roasted butternut squash soup.

  16. The squash looks really good. I have been reducing my meat intake for a while – I am now to three or four times a year. I do like to use exotic spices to add variety.

  17. I can’t think of any vegetable that I’ve turned my nose away from, as I love them all. The recipes you showcased look so good I can almost smell and taste them. They all look yummy.

  18. Margaret Nelson

    I love squash casserole. It can be a side or the main. I sometime add chicken and cheese to change things up.

  19. Joan Sheppard

    I owe so many neighbors a meal and these look like the ones to go to, make a little buffet for everyone to help themselves. I can smell the hoisin sauce from here! Thanks

  20. Julie

    Lots to see on the Milk Street web site. I’m a lazy cook, prefer to spend my time sewing. I love all vegetables. My favorite vegetable is often the one that’s ripest in the garden. That would be the garden around the corner at the farm market. Fresh tomato sandwiches are heaven. The most reliable vegetable, root crops. The fresh yams are delicious right now.

  21. Juana Ibanez

    I am a mushroom person. Cooking up a couple different kinds of sliced mushrooms with an onion, a dash of cayenne, and lots of pepper…. Yum! That being said, I have been cooking squash more since I started following your blog, Ms. Carole! Your descriptions and combinations of things I normally eat (butter, cheese, lol) give me the joy of trying something new. My husband isn’t a convert yet, to these winter vegetables. I’ll keep trying.

  22. Mealnie

    I could not choose just one vegetable because I love almost all veggies, but one dish I love as a side or main dish is stir fry that is so easy and flavorful made with various seasonings or sauces. Yum. I could eat it every day!

  23. Melanie

    I love all veggies, but my favorite is a vegetable stir fry, and I could eat it every day, I think, as a side or main dish. Thanks for all you do, Carole!

  24. Sheila

    I never knew brussel sprouts could taste so good, until I had them tossed with melted bacon fat, roasted in a hot oven and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. I know–it doesn’t sound terribly healthy but for a Keto follower, it is pure heaven!

  25. My daughter and her spouse get fresh produce from their farm share near Portland, OR. They would love to add these recipes and the special cookbook to their collection and pass the recommendations on to those who are shareholders in the same farm. The farmers love to pass on individual recipes for using their versatile stock.

  26. Sherrill

    I don’t have a fave veg side but a local tea room I visit for lunch weekly served the BEST butternut squash soup I’ve ever had and it was ONCE last year. I’ve been asking this year when he’s going to make it this year but so far no date has been given. I’ve tried a few recipes and didn’t like them nearly as well as the tea room soup. I’m a fairly picky eater so when I DO find something I like, I take advantage of it. LOL And it’s just me here so I don’t cook often.

  27. Bobbie Woodruff

    I love rudabakers , my hubby doesn’t. So I’ll make a large pot and freeze servings for me. I like mine cooked with bacon or white meat. Then mash them after they are done. Yum!

  28. Kathleen Dell'Aquila

    We absolutely love grilled eggplant. We brush with a thick coat of olive oil, lightly seasoned with garlic salt…delicious.

  29. Lynn Losorelli

    My favorite vegetable dish is a light version of eggplant Parmesan. It uses panko breadcrumbs, cooking spray, fresh mozzarella, and a fresh tomato/basil sauce and is baked in the oven. Amazing!

  30. Barbara Yoder

    This time of year and actually all through the winter I really like all things squash and pumpkin. My favorite soup is Butternut Squash soup with ginger. It was a soup my husband really liked also so I remember him when I eat it. Baked squash eaten with a little bit of butter as a side dish is a favorite also. Since I’m only cooking for me, I don’t like to spend much time cooking so I’m all about quick and easy with lots of vegetables.

  31. Libby Ernst

    I love squash! This dish is definitely worth trying soon. My favorite veggie dish is plain ole stir fry with as many veggies as I have thrown in. I usually just flavor with some seasoned salt and butter. Yum.

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