Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

One thing in my hand sewing basket that I use a lot is my felt needle keeper. It was a party favor years ago at a quilt club Christmas party. It is getting a bit shabby, but is so useful, that I thought maybe it would be nice to make one in wool. So our Autumn Jubilee Wool stitch along will be a needle keeper, but you can use the motifs to do a little penny rug instead if you prefer. Start by cutting out the shapes from the pattern pdf below and matching them to the wool felt colors you like.

For the base, cut two pieces 8 inches x 5 inches, and round the corners.

Now, mark one of the bases with a chalk liner or other marking tool with these intervals. Begin with a one inch line from the left edge, then measure 3-1/2-inches from that line. Next measure over 2-1/2-inches, then a final line which should leave one inch to the right edge.

For the acorns, use two colors of brown, or gold, one darker for the cap.

These are really small shapes, and it helps to have a pair of microserrated scissors with sharp points to get the pieces cut out.

When you have all the leaves and acorns cut out, place on leaf on the left side within the first 1-inch area at the bottom. Arrange the rest of the leaves and acorns in the 2-1/2-inch section. Note that I decided to cut two of the red maple leaves. Choose your favorite leaf and cut two.

Stitch the motifs down using your favorite method. I like to use a whip stitch, but you can use a blanket stitch if you want to. You can start and stop with knots underneath, as this will all be covered up in the finishing.

So, work up to this point, and we’ll finish the project next time. Here is your pattern page for your stitchery spot – Wool Applique Needle Keeper Pattern

Today’s giveaway Sponsor, One Of The Flock, is giving away a $50 gift certificate for their lovely wool felt collections or kits. Lovely soft wool felt, fabric and roving in beautiful colors are the hallmarks of this shop. Visit One of the Flock’s Etsy store, and leave a comment on this post of your favorite wool bundle or kit you’d like to stitch.

After you comment, click on the Rafflecopter button to enter the drawing.

What did you find at One Of The Flock that you’d like to stitch?

63 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

  1. Ginger Michael

    I liked the Jingle Bells Candy Cane Kit. Thanks for letting me know about this shop. The color range of their wool felt is extraordinary.

  2. What a lovely project! Just right for stitching in front of the football games this weekend. I have ordered from One of the Flock, and their products are high quality and service is nice and prompt. For this season, I love the Bittersweet Fall little wall hanging—Love the combo of applique and embroidery. Also like the Farmfresh Christmas table mat. Always love the variety of projects offered in Autumn Jubliee (also just love saying those two words!!).

  3. Julie

    I ordered from OneoftheFlock when AJ posted last week & I already have my supplies, feeling lucky! I can start on the needle case today. I ordered the Let It Snow ornament for my daughter, she likes little hand sewing projects.

  4. I’ll have to hunt around and see what I have for wool scraps (or go shopping)! One of the Flock has such pretty things. I’d love to make one of their Fall wall-hangings, like the pumpkin one.

  5. Candy Soehren

    I would love to try my hand at a wool applique project. I do enjoy hand stitching. My favorite project from One of the Flock is the Sweet Land of Liberty kit.

  6. Linda B

    Loved learning about this vendor One of the Flock! The Fall Harvest and Fall Leaves collections look wonderful for fall projects! Love the needle keeper design too!

  7. Bonnie Larson

    I would love to stitch up the Trick r Treat candle mat.I love autumn and Halloween is such fun. Thanks

  8. June Neigum

    Thank you for such an assortment of projects. I am not a wool person but forwarding this on to a friend who is.

  9. Beth

    Thanks for the pattern and for introducing me to a new shop to buy my wool projects. I saw sooo many really cute things there, I will definitely go back there to shop. Right now I am most attracted to the fall kits.

  10. Love your needle keeper! I recently purchased Primitive Christmas and Fall Harvest from One of the Flock. I’ve been eyeballing Berries & Cream and several others.

  11. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Great project! I, unfortunately, don’t have a lot of wool in my stash except in 5″ squares! Those acorn caps are sooooo tiny!! LOL Thanks for introducing me to this shop. I absolutely LOVE the new Pansy Beauty Candle Mat kit!! Pansies are amongst my favorite flowers. Their prices for the bundles seem very reasonable!

  12. Joy B

    There are so many pretty things at Just One of the Flock’s site, it’s hard to pick just one. But I’d say Farm Fresh Christmas is probably my favorite. Brings back memories of hauling home a Christmas tree with my children.

  13. Kathleen Dell'Aquila

    The PRIM SPRING BLOSSOMS, Wool Applique Kit at One of the Flock is really lovely. I would really love to buy that kit and some different colored bundles to build a stash. I have no felt at this point and will have to buy some for the needle keeper project.

  14. debby815

    I have several items in my cart and as soon as I finish looking through the site, I’ll check out. There are so many lovely things there that I don’t have a favorite. I hope to make many things this fall.

  15. Kathy E.

    It’s been so long since I stitched with wool and remember loving it! I really like N THE MEADOW Snowman kit shown in One of the Flock’s shop.

  16. Melanie

    After the last post, I ordered the pastel bundle and another piece for background (angel, I think it was called). Today I looked at their selections and found Moondance kit that looks like fun, so that is my pick. Happy Fall, and thank you for all you do for us, Carole. This needle keeper looks fun, but I have leaves and acorns cut out and ready for another project, perhaps one you offered last year and I didn’t get finished; I’ll work on that. I love working with wool, such a relaxing project.

  17. It’s funny–but I have been thinking about a little needle booklet of some kind–
    and then–you show us one with pretty fall leaves and acorns–how cool is that!!
    hugs, di

  18. Debbie Miller

    I love the Snow Faces ornament kit! If I started now I could make ornaments for everyone in the family!

  19. manasotavacation

    The wool work is so neat! I can’t handle needles these days (hand issues) but loved seeing this project for needles.

  20. What a cute needle keeper. And I have favorited One of the Flock on Etsy as I work with wool a lot (making two white felt and one Liberty Lawn Polar bears for Christmas as I speak) and they have some lovely felt collections. I see several that I like but if I had to choose one, right now it would be the Prim Christmas Collection (followed by the Desert Rose grouping).

  21. Jean McKinstry

    The New Wilde Cauldron roving is so beautiful, I can see a scarf for myself in this. What a great display of goodies. I need a new needle case, mine was made by our daughter maybe some 40 years ago!!!

  22. Bobbie Woodruff

    That is so nice. I never did anything wool. Where do you buy wool fabric? I’ve never looked for any before. That will be so cute. You do such a variety of crafts. I wish I had daughters that would like things I made. My boys have quilts but aren’t interested in any thing else. They aren’t married.
    Look forward to seeing everything else you have for this month.

  23. Eileen Maher

    MISCHIEF night candle mat pattern is my choice, but it’s hard to decide..lots of great patterns and kits and wool !!

  24. mary4g

    A darling pattern, thank you, I can’t wait to see the next installment. One of the Flock has so many wonderful palettes, it is hard to choose just one! Mistletoe collection is calling me as I have some ornaments that I am working on. The rovings’ are all wonderful, this site is going to be hard on my wallet. Thanks for the introduction.

  25. Judyk

    I can’t make up my mind between Picking Pumpkins or Falling in Love. Guess I need to get both 🙂 I need the needle minder ASAP. Thanks for all you do.

  26. Elaine Nemeth

    Sew happy to have my quilt pieces cut as nd ready. Now to get out my wool goodies. Thanks for all your hard work into making your site a joy to go to.

  27. lee

    So many great items , but since I love trucks I would love to stitch up the Farm Fresh Christmas penny rug quilt! Thank you !!

  28. Lisa England

    The BITTERSWEET FALL Pumpkin Wall Hanging is beautiful ! I love decorating with pumpkin themed things. I haven’t sewn with wool yet, but I would like to try it.

  29. Great project Carole. I’ve printed this out to complete this month, thanks! That link to one of the flock is wonderful too as there are no shops near me, closest one is 90+ minutes one way. (Live in the Adirondacks) love the skin tones collection and their Prim Roving collection besides a few more great eye candy.

  30. Pam

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful project. I love my sewing machine, but it’s nice to have a handwork project for quieter meditative times. I’ve done some wool stitchery before, making small blocks to decorate denim purses. But I never thought of a needle keeper – I’m going to do this! . I’ve also started experimenting with wet felting (I still have a lot to learn!) and I love One of the Flock’s Sorbet Silk Merino roving. It would make a beautiful sky in a landscape.

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