Just Roll With It Embroidery

The last time we had this embroidery on a Sunday chat, I was in the middle of the stitching. For some reason, I had a hard time getting going on it. I think the decisions on colors stymied me for a bit. Once the decisions were made, it went a bit faster.

Having a few preseason football games helped, LOL!! I did the outer ring in black, kind of like a cast iron pan. I have a lot of black and yellow in my kitchen, so it needed some.

Many readers have asked about the pattern, and it is an iron-on transfer from Stitcher’s Revolution Kitchen Sayings. The design is ironed onto whatever fabric you choose. I am using an even weave fabric for embroidery. I use two strands of DMC floss with a large eye needle.

I planned to use tiny seed beads for the little dots instead of French knots. Each one was sewn on, then tied off.

Finally, all the stitching was done.

I went to the stash of hoops to find something to use as a frame. Well, crap. The six inch size was too small, and the eight inch size was too big. This is my own fault, as I ironed the design onto the fabric too close to the edge. My plan to spray paint a hoop black was not going to get done this day. I needed a seven inch hoop, or a small round craft frame. Unfortunately, going to several local stores and thrift shops over a few days yielded nothing I could use. Now I was running out of time, so ordering one online wasn’t going to get here in time for me to finish before Monday.

So, now what? Well, first I needed to put some fusible interfacing on the back to cover the stitches and make sure nothing pulls out. It makes the piece more finished from the back, important in judging.

I trimmed the interfacing, then pressed some folds to show me where to stitch a straight line.

The folded areas now act as facings, and I topstitched them down. There wasn’t enough at the top to form a pocket for a dowel, so I just stitched the top edge down like the others. Now I needed a way to hang it, so I pulled out some black ribbon to use as tabs.

I sewed three tabs to the top edge, and used a wooden spoon for a hanger.

So, there it is, all done and ready to enter into the Mountain State Fair on Monday. I have several more designs that I’d like to stitch from that set, and perhaps this fall and winter I’ll do more. Are you doing some embroidery or slow stitching?

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40 thoughts on “Just Roll With It Embroidery

  1. I love what you ended up doing better than the original plan! Hanging it on a wooden spoon adds so much to it’s charm. Good thing you ironed the design “too close to the edge”.

    1. Pat Semeraro

      I love how you hung your embroidery on the wooden spoon much better than a hoop would have looked. And your interfacing idea is brilliant.

  2. Constance P.

    Lovely! The seed beads add a bit of elegance. Great idea to cover the back of your piece. I’ve judged for the county fairs in my region and, if we can see the back, we judge the back. That’s something we are taught in judging school and I’m afraid many folks aren’t aware of. If there is a knot, it will hurt an embroidery piece, as will running floss from area to area with jumps over 1/4 inch wide. Let us know how your piece does. You have given it such a clever finish that I think it deserves a ribbon.

    1. Joan Sheppard

      When my grandmother taught me to embroider her RULE was that it needed to look reversible. We would have a starter thread that would lay on the fabric back and the face stitches would cover/lock in the tails. No knots also keeps the piece flatter if you put it on something, cardboard, wood. Thanks for the judging advise. I thought it was just my family!

  3. Carole, I like your finish with the wooden spoon even better than the idea of a hoop! It coordinates well in your kitchen. I have “covered” the back of hand stitched pieces for years, mostly to protect the stitches and anchor them. Good luck at the fair! I am currently working on a religious themed series of felt Christmas Stockings by Bucilla that will be a holiday decoration in my home. So far I have four of six completed. These are all hand sewn applique with sequins and beads. I work on these in the evenings when my husband and I watch TV or movies and YES! NFL Football. My favorite stitching times are Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday night games. And, yes, I cover up the back of the stitched design by fulling lining the stocking when it is finished.

  4. Sandra B

    Thé wooden spoon is perfect! And, as others have said, I think it is better than using a hoop….great finish!!

  5. Donna

    That’s adorable! Hope you get first place! My beloved mother used to embroider tea towels for my sisters and me! I still have some and use them daily!

  6. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole, A beautiful hanging which I would hang in my kitchen in a heart beat. Loved the beads used on it to give it dimension. Lots of time, effort and work you put into this little gem. Especially like the spoon as the holder. Phyllis

  7. Anita Barra

    You are so talented. I bet seeing this project in person is delightful because of the colors and beads. Good luck!

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Spoon was inspired! Mother of invention! Such lovely even stitches as well. Do you take 2 threads? or one folded over?
    Love seeing the end result. Thanks

  9. That’s a great way to finish your embroidery, good luck at the fair. I’ve bought those patterns too and have finished one for my daughter. Also have the camping trip designs, they are fun as well.

  10. Sandi

    I have a counted cross stitch that I started a few years ago. Every so often I get it out and work on it. It’s pretty big so will take me quite a while to get it done. Your embroidery is cute. It was a great idea to use a wooden spoon.

  11. Sarah

    Good luck with your Fair submissions! I like the way you finished your Just Roll With It embroidery piece. Very creative!

  12. Melanie

    Great finish, Carole. I like your end result better, too! Congrats on a great finish. And good luck in the fair! Can’t wait to see what you win…lots of blue ribbon entries. :o) m

  13. I did an embroidered piece that was to small to turn edges, so I sewed edges to a paper plate and put it in bottom of a pretty wicker basket. Hung on wall, looked so nice so I made a grouping of many..

  14. Kim Sharman

    Such a brilliant idea to display your lovely embroidery on the wooden spoon; so much better than in a hoop! Love the black beads you stitched on. They look fabulous. A lovely embroidered finish.

  15. Karrin Hurd

    Great finish! I have done multiple motifs from the Stitcher’s Revolution series. I need to prep some more tea towels. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Michele Bretz

      For hanging on a wall, use an old silver spoon or fork, flatten the eating part and bend upward. Drill a hole at the top. Use this for hanging your wooden spoon.

  16. Such a cute and clever finish and so glad that to hear that you are entering it into the fair. Wishing you great luck ; it is a beauty. Happy stitching.

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