Sunday Chat

It was a week of flitting from project to project. Somehow my concentration was a bit off. Early mornings were cool, but the days warmed up fast to hot and humid. On the bird feeder this week, a mom cardinal brought her son. You can see he is almost done molting his baby feathers and is coming into his full red color. The tips of his wings are still grey, and a little fluff is still visible at the top of his tail.

A rainy beginning of the week gave me plenty of time to play in the basement. I had a bug to do a bit of stamping, and I needed a couple of cards to send. I was able to use a bit of the paper I made for this one. I think I’ll make a bit more paper (see my post Making Paper) with the dried flowers I’ve done for color.

I finished a few more rocks to hide in town. I can paint and stamp a bunch in one day, and then it takes several days to decoupage the labels, and spray varnish. With the awful humidity now, it is taking days for them to dry. I do love those little snails. The sewing theme ones will be left at a local quilt shop soon.

I had a meeting downtown this week, and left two of them at the Visitor’s Center. I like leaving them where people from out of town are likely to find them. When I came out of the meeting, this one was already gone.

The one I put on the bench in the shade was still there, but I would guess not for long!

The harvest has been good this week. My squash plants are dying though, and I do not know why. The tomatoes in the same bed are doing great.

This guy was back again, very early one morning. He was sitting at the base of the pole that holds the bird feeder when I got up and opened the curtains. I went out to yell at him to scare him off. He stopped at the edge of the driveway to be sure, so I snapped a quick photo then yelled at him again. He scampered into the forest.

Normally, the bears cannot reach the feeder, but this one is persistent. He jumps up and bats at the feeder with those huge paws. He must have been doing this for quite a while before we got up this particular morning, as it was bent over. You can see the bracket on the bottom is bent, wow. My Sweet Babboo has worked quite a while to re-engineer it. It will be down for several days while he tries a new design even higher off the ground. I hope the bear will give up while it is gone thinking it is gone for good. In the meantime, the birds ate off the ground as there was quite a bit of seed spilled. A couple of goldfinches figured out how to get the remaining seed before it was taken down. One is inside the cage pulling seeds from over his head.

On the quilting frame, this batik lovely will be the next up. It is destined to be a Quilt of Valor. Not all of the Quilts of Valor are in red white and blue. Although most of them are patriotic colors, some veterans prefer quilts that are more decorative in colors for display and use in their homes. (Edited to add, I didn’t make this top, it was given to me to quilt by the QOV committee.)

I did get a little way more on the embroidery project. It got pushed to the back of the line as I finished off the quilt sleeves last weekend. I am planning to get farther on it today.

What are you working on now? Any fun plans for this week?

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  1. Julie

    You make the cutest painted stones. What a naughty bear. I don’t have any bears in the neighborhood, but the raccoons are a lot like mini-bears, rummaging through everything in sight. Last night a little one was pawing the sliding glass doors hoping to get inside & raid the bird seed stash. The batik quilt is beautiful, such rich colors. I haven’t started my next project yet, still pondering what to do.

  2. That bear is definitely persistent. I’m glad he scampers when you yell at him, though. Would definitely be worrisome if he didn’t. I was totally distracted this weekend with a fun little baby/wall size quilt. It will be in my Monday post. Today I need to get back to “regular programming” and catch up on some blocks.

  3. Oh my! I hope that bear doesn’t remember where you live next spring! He’s already pretty big and strong! It’s nice that you can decorate the rocks and leave them there to brighten someone’s day.

    1. Nanci Cartwright

      I envy you your tomato haul. I have all of two tomatoes on my one plant in a pot this year. We are having our front courtyard and backyard completely re-done this year and right now they are in complete deconstruction mode. Most all plants will then be on drip lines in our arid landscape but I do plan for some stand alone vegetable planters for next year.

      I love that QOV quilt and I’m sure that the Veteran who receives it will be thrilled with it. It’s nice to see one in different colors than the traditional red, white and blue. I also love your painted rocks. Little pieces of delight for people to find and enjoy.

      I just finished the Daybreak Quilt top with Three Sisters fabric, but set it aside temporarily. I can’t wait to quilt and use it, but right now I am cutting out the Pumpkins & Cream quilt that I’d like to be finished with completely by October so that it can hang in the den during the Fall months. I quilt with rulers on my home Juki 2010 machine so it takes me time to finish a quilt start to finish. I also cut out more Liberty Tana Lawn fabric for six more parts of the English Paper Pieced Sweet Sunday quilt that I hand stitch together in the evenings while watching TV. I’m about 2/3rds done with it but EPP (for me anyway) is really slow stitching. I’ll be lucky to finish it by the end of the year or later but I’m okay with that. It’s my relaxation in the evenings.

  4. Linda B

    Love your little rocks and desire to bring an unexpected joy to people who find them! Everyone needs a little spark of joy, don’t they! I am still in my utilitarian sewing mode. Finished sewing swiffer duster heads out of flannel for christmas gifts… my theme this year is cleaning things. So nice (and unusual for me) to be finished with Christmas this early. Next going to make a couple Bombazine oven mitts (free pattern onlinei). I made one for myself a year or so ago, and want to improve on the materials. Whatever I do, it will be in the basement too…super hot week coming up.

  5. Cathie J

    Oh wow that bear is persistant. I love your painted rocks. How nice to leave them for people to find. I don’t think I would ever pick one up because I would assume it belonged to someone. I always like to see your card-making. I would like to do that someday. Your embroidery is pretty and that quilt is gorgeous! You’ve been busy. Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. karenfae

    your rocks are so pretty but if I saw one I would feel like I was stealing something that someone forgot and would come try to find it again 🙂 My squash plants haven’t died but sure were limp yesterday from the heat I hope it will be better today as I watered for several hours last night. One of the tomato plants is dying though and I don’t know why. hot and humid here to can barely be outside comfortably for more than the morning,

  7. What a view out the window – to see the bear! We have what we call “squirrel wars” here, trying to keep them off our bird feeders, but I’m not sure how you would keep a bear away. I love your painted rocks! When I find them around here, I don’t take them – just enjoy the sight and leave for the next person. Not sure what I’ll be working on this week – my mom is needing a bit more help right now, so I may not be home much.

    1. Diann, we have had great success with the hot pepper birdseed. Squirrels don’t look twice at the feeders any more. And the birds can’t taste it. Just be sure to wash your hands after handling it – cause it will burn if you touch your eyes !!

  8. Patricia Evans

    The culprit with your squash is probably squash vine borer. Not much you can do about it at this point. I think I’d leave the bird feeders down for a while. Up here, they recommend only feeding the birds during the winter. Thy can find enough to eat during spring, summer and fall. Nothing getting done here, as I injured my left arm and so gardening and sewing will have to wait until both hands are available.

  9. JennyM

    Do you line your embroidery blocks with anything before stitching? I’ve read to do that, using a light weight batting or flannel. Supposedly it is to prevent thread from showing through when traveling to a new spot. I am curious as to what you do. Thanks.

  10. Mary Ed Williams

    You have yet again worn me out with all you do! Our QOV leader does a lot of national work and so we send quilts to various places. We send some that are not patriotic to a workshop for women with PTSD because that is what they request. The women in particular don’t want patriotic quilts. That is a lovely quilt.
    So have a wonderful week, stay cool, and watch out for bears!
    Mary Ed

  11. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Wow, that bear is really persistent! His eyes look like puppy dog eyes questioning, are you really sending me away?? And those little finches are creative to get inside the cage!! The QOV is pretty. I’ve never seen one in those colors! I can see why some would like it though. I love your embroidery project. I think I would put Tide in the banner though!! LOL

  12. Your bear is beautiful and healthy-looking !!! Well-fed, I guess 🙂

    This year’s bear on our hill has gotten far too comfortable. He has abandoned the feeders, and twice now has gone into people’s garage and stolen a whole big bad or bucket of seed – in the middle of the day ! We are all now keeping our garages all zipped up now !

  13. Susan

    In Ohio we have been told to take down our bird feeders for a while. The song birds are being affected by a virus and so far there isn’t enough info about it to stop it or cure the birds. It is very sad.

    I haven’t found a painted rock but I have found a quilted heart. It too has its own web site…can’t remember its name…the info is on the attached tag. They are big enough to be used as a book mark. They are made like a crazy quilt with quilting, ribbons, buttons, etc. very cute.

  14. Melanie

    Nice post, Carole. The bear will be back. They never forget where they find food, even when it disappears. LOL But you did the right thing by shooing him off. Love the birds and your rock adventures. :o)

  15. I didn’t realise that female cardinals are a muted colour, but then, we dont have them here where I live. How scary, a bear in the garden! And…….I admire your kitchen rolling pin stitchery. I have purchased that set of patterns and I’m making one all about chocolate for my daughter, must get working on it again.

  16. What a determined bear?! It’s been hot here too, but not as humid as you I’m certain! I am still working on the coat, though I am happy to say I have finally sewn some of the pieces together! I have to trim out the batting from the seams and catch stitch them down, so they are taking awhile. I hope to have sleeves made and maybe set in today or tomorrow.

  17. I broke down and got the courage to fix the quilting on my scrap dance Pachanga on my domestic machine after taking it off the mid arm frame when the tension went nuts. Now it awaits trimming and binding. I have the label created on my embroidery program. This one won’t get a hanging sleeve as the quilting is disappointing. I love the pattern and once I wash it I will feel better about the finish. H-H-Humid here for last 2 weeks, so lots of pool time with the grandkids and nothing much productive. LOVE that little bear. Glad you are able to chase him away. Wondering if you can hang some “tin cans” from the bottom of the feeder to clank around to distract him?

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