Elongated Star Block Using the Tri Recs Rulers

Sometimes you look at buying a ruler set and wonder if you will ever make more than one quilt with it.  No affiliation here, but I really like the Tri Recs ruler set that makes an elongated star.  My local quilt shop had the rulers, and I saw a demo there.   I have done several quilts and projects with it, and I’ll probably do more. Here is a candle mat with just one block, with squares added to the corners.  This was also my first attempt at stippling free motion quilting on my domestic machine.  I used Aurifil thread for this one.


So you can see how easy this is, here is the basic instruction using the rulers.  There are also templates available all over the internet.  Once you get the star point units done, it is a basic nine-patch.  Start with cutting your triangles using the angle rulers. I want the finished block to be 12 inches, so I use a 4-1/2 measurement for the Tri Rec units.


Note that you need a right and left red triangle. I put my fabric right sides together and cut two at once.


Place the red unit on top of the white one, right sides together. Note that the cut off point fits neatly on the angle showing you just where to sew.


Sew with a quarter-inch seam allowance. A quarter-inch foot comes in handy here.


Press the red outward with the seam allowance under the red.


Repeat for the other side.


I like to do them chain style with all the right sides at once, then all the left so I don’t get mixed up. By now you know that I am a big fan of laying things out multiple times to be sure you are doing it right. Saves a lot of frogging!


Cut 4-1/2 inch squares of fabric, one red for the center and four white for the corners. Multiply by the number of blocks you want to make.  Sew in rows, press the seam allowances to the left on the top and bottom rows, and to the right on the middle row so the seams will nest.  On this project, I used plain background squares for the corners.  It became the Patriotic Table Runner with the addition of some plain print blocks.


Here is the allover print TriRecs star without the cornerstones shown in the candlemat, quilted in the table runner. Both looks are interesting.  The variegated thread is from Superior.


Here’s another quilt I made, this time adding some yellow squares to the purple stars, and adding the same yellow to the sashing as cornerstones.  The center of this block is a pinwheel, so the star pinwheels through the center.  Note that the right and left points on the star are different, the left is black while the right is purple, so it matches up with the center pinwheel.  This adds a lot of movement to the quilt design. (The candlemat above is a pinwheel too.)  This quilt is well loved and has been washed a few times for that old-timey look.  It is wonderfully soft to cuddle under on a chilly evening.


Do you have a ruler set you use over and over?

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13 thoughts on “Elongated Star Block Using the Tri Recs Rulers

  1. manasotavacation

    Wow…that is a LOT OF BANG FOR THE BUCK… Those stars are quite dramatic,,,,,LOVE THEM!

  2. I don’t normally use a specialty ruler but I’ve bought a hex n more one to play with -hope I get as much use out of it as you have with this one!

  3. Beautiful quilts ! I love the rulers too they make it very easy, although I don’t have the set you have used. I use and love the 1/2 square and 1/4 square and 60 degree rulers. I am thinking after reading your post that a set of these rulers may just be on my list.

  4. Michelle M

    I use the Wondercut ruler all the time for HST units–when I’m piecing more than one or two, it’s my go to ruler, because you strip piece and then cut—you don’t have to square them up–

  5. I have this ruler and always forget about it…. I think my neighbor gave it to me when she stopped quilting some years ago. I like the star block tho. I will pin this to come back to. Thanks Carole.

  6. Neal carol

    Can you use the tri tool to make a larger triangle than the what the triangle allows. I need to make one that is 8 1/2 ” for a finished 8″ block. My thought would be to extend the lines on the ruler from 6 1/2 to 8 1/2. Do you have any ideas?

  7. Joan Sheppard

    Just found this tutorial and want to add my approval of the Tri Recs. I like the big numbers, easy to read, I used them to make a table runner of a Pitcher of Lemonade and glasses and Christmas trees years ago and while the Recs are small, sometimes the big ruler just gets in the way.
    Thanks for reminding me about them – I took them out and made a Triangle Frenzy Table Runner. It was supposed to be a placemat but it got a little out of hand (ie. HUGE)

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