Pardon me, has anyone seen my marbles?

I was sure I still had them, but apparently I had lost them. They were certainly missing when I got a phone call from a dear friend in a bind. The person in charge of publicity for our guild’s Garden of Quilts show called my friend and quit a few minutes before my friend called me. That day was also the day before the committee meeting. She was desperate. As the show chair she needed someone to fill that job immediately. As she pleaded for help, how could I say no? I do have a bit of free time since the Safelight project has wound down. I came home from the meeting with two large notebooks full of publicity notes from the previous 5 shows, and began making lists. Please follow our Facebook page WNCQG Garden Of Quilts Show for updates and information. If you are in NC, TN, SC or GA, I hope you’ll make plans to attend just for the day, or stay all weekend and see the Street Art, eat at my favorite restaurants in downtown, and visit our lovely Hendersonville area. The show will be in Flat Rock, NC (about 20 miles south of Asheville NC, and about a 45 minute drive north from Greenville SC) at the Bonclarken Conference Center on May 20-21, 2022. More information will be on our facebook page as it develops, like vendors coming, when to register to show a quilt, and more.

Sometimes you just need a country breakfast to fortify you to dive into a big task. I found the perfect way to cook my eggs in my Milk Street Tuesday Nights cookbook. Bring a pot with a few inches of water in the bottom and a steamer basket to a boil. Add the egg in its shell, cover and steam for 7-1/2 minutes. Immediately rinse in cold water, crack the shell all around and carefully remove the shell. The egg whites are fully cooked, and the yolk is just to the not-runny anymore point. Perfect. Add half a waffle and some sausage, and I had a meal to last me all day.

The weather turned cooler and drier, and I opened the windows in the basement while I was playing and working this week. No, I didn’t find my marbles yet, but I do have some prisms in the one window that gets a beam of sunlight in the later afternoon. For about half an hour as the sun clears the deck above and before it goes behind the trees, sunlight streams in this window and the prisms catch the light throwing little rainbows all over. As the gentle breeze twirls the prisms, the rainbows dance on the floor, walls and ceiling. You can see one in the center near the bottom of the photo. There are dozens rotating around the room at once.

On the longarm, I am in the process of quilting a Quilt of Valor. I’ll have more on it later.

I painted a bunch more rocks and hid these all over Hendersonville this week.

I did a few with a sewing theme, and placed these at Beginnings Quilt Shop. I used a stamp for the sewing machine.

Dinner one night last week was inspired by the salmon dish I had at the Tavern in Abingdon, VA on our road trip. I cut a deep pocket in the chicken, and stuffed it with ricotta, spinach and roasted tomatoes. Baked for 55 minutes, it was delicious!! No recipe, just an improv meal.

We got together with our MINI club friends for a meal last weekend. We met for an early dinner at a wonderful sushi and Japanese restaurant. Of course, we had to chat in the parking lot for a bit, have a few hugs and laughs, and admire the lineup of cars.

Dinner was fabulous! I’ve even gotten My Sweet Babboo to have some sushi if he can get it with cooked seafood and soy paper wrap. The shrimp tempura roll with avocado on the top was his. Mine was the rainbow roll on the bottom.

Ah, back home to the veranda, I may have found those marbles. When another dear friend sent an email asking if I was willing to supervise a division for the state fair, I did say no to that. I cannot do two big projects in one year, one is plenty.

So I took some time to sit in the rockers, and photograph the wildlife. A house finch shares the bounty with a downy woodpecker.

Another house finch stopped by. On the left, that is a juvenile male cardinal. He is huge for his age, although his feathers may be fluffed a bit. The red is developing on his chest and tail, and the tips of the wings. It will be several weeks before he has his full red coat.

A red bellied woodpecker has been here regularly.

A lone female turkey stops by from time to time. She enjoys some small bits of whole grain bread.

Charlie enjoys a peanut butter sandwich.

Then, a surprise. I put these small bulbs in a pot last year. I had no idea what they were. The greenery died back without blooms and I almost threw them out. But, I forgot that was the plan, so when they came up again this year, I let them stay. I had just about given up on ever finding out what they were, until they flowered this week. Oh, my, how pretty! They are pink fairy lilies.

So, have I really found my marbles? My Sweet Babboo thinks not. Perhaps I left them on the pickleball court. We are playing a couple of times a week now, and enjoying the exercise and fun with new people we’ve met.

Did you have some fun last week? What are you up to this week?

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And don’t forget to follow our Facebook page WNCQG Garden Of Quilts Show for updates and information.

25 thoughts on “Pardon me, has anyone seen my marbles?

  1. I love your sewing themed rocks! I bet other quilters found them and loved them, too. I think you’re already doing a great job on publicity for the show – wish I lived close enough to come! Glad you found some time to enjoy the porch rockers and wildlife, too.

  2. Rosemary B

    💎🌸🌟❤️you are a gem, Carole, and reading your blog always makes me happy.
    You know you can always count on your good friends to perhaps share some marbles with you.
    Be sure to delegate…. oh, wait, you were delegated🥰
    I love your rocks.
    I would love to paint rocks, but no time.
    I spent the entire day Friday with Lizzie and the three under three and Jerome and we drove all the way up to the Baltimore Aquarium. we walked and walked and walk and had a very nice time even though it was rather hot. Baltimore city is ….. well the city and a lot of innnnteresting people hanging around on the streets.
    Happy Sunday to you. Just go with the flow and your sweet adventures and pretty fairy lilies too (so so adorable) – – no stress, hang on to the marbles you have left

  3. Anita Barra

    You live in such a wonderful place! I really enjoy hearing about the flora and fauna, and seeing the photos. Thank you! I’m here in the hot , dry desert of AZ. In our neighborhood, we have beautiful flora and fauna of a totally different range: cacti, succulents, bobcats, coyotes, roadrunners, lizards.

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Sounds like a fun week, Carole! Those pink fairy lilies are beautiful and I love the painted rocks with the sewing machines. What a cool idea to use stamps for those!
    Good to see Charlie and the birds! We have a couple of little ones on our porch that will just sit and look at us when we walk out. They don’t seem to panic, thankfully. I think they are about ready to leave the nest and fly away!
    I understand about the marbles! Lost mine at our last QuiltFest in 2018 and volunteered (read coerced) to chair the Opportunity Shop. I’ve never made so many baskets in my life! We had so many sponsors who helped with items for the baskets and even had two machines donated. I decided not to do that for last year, which got canceled, BUT I got roped into doing the program book. So, my marbles are still missing. We postponed last year, and again this year, so will carry on next year which will be our regularly scheduled biennial show. Last time we had over 300 quilts entered. We had to move to a larger venue for the next one as we will probably have more quilts since everyone has been home quilting for the past year! LOL! We too have people from many states visit. Ours is a two day show as well. So just enjoy the process, I know you’ll do a great job!

  5. Now those pink Lillies are awesome. Everyone near me has the orange ones and I am tired of them. I have a peach one I like, need to check on it, it should be blooming soon – we are a little later here in Maine! Good luck with publicity….I am back on boutique at our guild event for a similar reason.

  6. Melissa Mathews

    Carole, I’ve added the Garden of Quilts event to my calendar for 2022. I hope we will be able to attend. Do you have vendors at the show? A friend’s husband has recently started a business repairing and refurbishing Singer treadle and Featherweight machines from his home in Hendersonville. He might be interested in a vendor’s spot.

  7. Joan Sheppard

    So nice to see your pictures of people HUGGING! And your photos are wonderful!
    Staying busy is what it’s all about – and we have had a whole year to “rest up”! We have doggie adoption events coming up, but I just need to show up and show off the beautiful dogs. We do make up “treat bags” for the dogs, small donations welcome at the event. But mostly it’s just fluff and fur. Huskies have that in great abundance.
    Thanks for all the lovely photos!

    1. Claire

      Hi Carole – you may have lost your marbles but you will find great satisfaction and lots of new friends!! Enjoy the journey!! Claire

  8. Nancy Noble

    I have these bulbs also. My sister gave them to me years ago. She called them rain lilies. I live in SW Va between Abington and Wytheville and put mine in garage or basement during winter.

  9. Phyllis Smith

    Good afternoon Carole, Got ya on a couple of things today I Love crystal things to hang in my windows and see the beautiful colors they cast on my walls but my little Sunshine likes to bat at them so I have had to take them down for awhil. He isso inquisitive and has to see what is in the bags I come home with my groceries I feed her dry food in the mornings and she cann’t wait till I get her food into her dish. She is a pistol but I love her to goodness. Want say to death cause I would be lost without her to keep me on my toes. Went to a quilt shop that is just a hop from my bank yesterday and found some things, spent $30.00 before I knew it. Found an interesting zipper with lace sewn onto the edges so had to have that to put onto a jacket I’d like to put the zipper onto to go with the short sleeve top that matches for this next winter season. With all this rain we are having right now that is a great project to work on if I can just find my pieces, I just have too many ides in my feeble brain. Here in our town is a HUGE antique store called Diggers Antiques and it is right on Ga. Hwy85 and close to hwy.54 almost at the town square so if you ever get here check that one out. So many treasures. I want to find a crendeza that will hold my big t.v. my son bought me for mothers day a couple years ago but I want to be able to store some of my treasures in it that I use In the holidays. Oh my how I yearn to be able to travel like you and your friends do but I’m too far from the mountains and just haven’t found another lover at this stage of life. I had the love of my life for almot49 years and its hard to find another at my age now I guess. The pedemic hasn’t helped either. Your veranda looks so inviting, some day we may get to sit out there and share some thoughts and ideas, that would be so terrific. If you do get to my town please leave me a stone to find Perhaps around the Diggers Antiques, I’ll be looking for it. Looks like a little downey woodpecker at your feeder. I haven’t had one of those at my feeders in about 2 years I guess. Had the red headed woodpecker coming up for about 2 weeks now. Have a lot of cardinals, titmouse and chickedees all the time . Love to sit on my swing and listen to them sing in the evenings. Didn’t mean to be so long today but you just had so many things I wanted to respond to. Have a great day and thanks for being a friend. Phyllis

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  10. Susan Nixon

    I look forward to following your journey on the publicity. I hope you will share many things about your experience this year … and find your marbles on the way! What beautiful birds and those pink flowers are gorgeous.

  11. Mary Ed Williams

    Hi, Carole,
    This email space is completely blanked out, so I don’t know if the message is getting to you. I did publicity for our guild show several years ago. I will be glad to pit out anything you want to advertise it in this area. I have no idea what I just typed. Love this latest blog. Is there any possibility I can get a copy of the QOY you are quilting? I am always looking for them.

  12. Donna

    You are so sweet to take on the publicity job for your guild!!! Your rocks are just gorgeous; the duck is just adorable!!! Your yard and wildlife is always amazing!!!

  13. Jo Anne Seccurra

    The Facebook save the date for your guild’s show looks great! You are off to an awesome start on the publicity!

    What a nice surprise you got with the Fairy lily. Gorgeous!

    Thanks for pointing out the particulars on the birds. Some of them look familiar and it’s nice to know what they are!

    Sending creative and energetic karma your way!

  14. Patricia Evans

    With your organizational skills, you’ll do a bang up job on the guild quilt show publicity. A little to far for me to attend. A good move to decline the second request for help.

  15. Mary

    You will have such a fun time with your publicity task. You wouldn’t have agreed to do it if you weren’t going to enjoy it. 🙂
    Love your birds and your flowers that is such a cute little lily. Glad it didn’t find its way to the compost!!
    Your car club dinner must have ticked all the boxes for you as well. So nice to be getting back to normal again. My last jab comes this Saturday and then I’ll be able to move about more freely too.
    I, like a previous commenter, can’t see the box that my comment types into so hope there are not too many typos!!
    Thanks Carole, another fun post. :)))

  16. Sherrill

    I was just in your area a couple of months ago and attended the Mountain Quiltfest show (think that was the name) in Gatlinburg. So I probably won’t make it back for your show but I’ll bet it will be a great show! There’s a show here in Aug. and I’ll just make it back from Yellowstone in time to attend the last day! Love the porch and the bird/turkey photos. Your prisms are gorgeous!!

  17. Pink fairy lilies, I love the name, and they are so pretty. That is a big project, but you will be splendid, and probably have it all planned out already!

  18. I think you have found at least some of your marbles! Looks like the marble that says “Just Say No” has been returned to its rightful place. I think i’ll have to try that chicken. I wonder if it would work on the grill or if it might be too much of a mess with the ricotta melting through. It does sound delicious (those kabobs look great, too!) Love your stones. I’m sure they will brighten someone’s day.

  19. Sue H

    I’ve never heard of these pink fairy lilies but they are beautiful! There are a few people in our guild that seem to be asked to do so much and then there are the others. Sometimes I wonder if they realize that it takes EVERYONE to keep a good guild strong. Way to be there again for all involved. I’d love to make it to NC to see the show next year. Putting it on my calendar and we shall see!

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