Virginia Road Trip

Getting out with the car clubs again has been a real treat. We are once again meeting new people and enjoying our beautiful world. Last week we were able to participate in a long-planned overnight trip to Abingdon, Virginia with long time blogger friend Mary (who blogs at The Inside Stori) and her husband, plus so many more members with cabin fever that we had to split into three groups for the drive.

Skies were overcast and the threat of rain stayed with us all day. It didn’t take long to get from the meeting point into the curvy mountain roads of North Carolina.

The rolling hills of east Tennessee have lovely pastoral scenes with cows grazing.

These small roads lead past old barns and farmsteads. We were still getting some raindrops on the windshield.

For a while, we drove along the Watauga River. It is a pretty river, with many large rocks creating small waterfalls.

Arriving at Roan Mountain, the club had reserved a pavilion in the park to have our picnic lunch.

After a nice lunch and chat time, we set out north again to Virginia. The views coming down Roan Mountain were spectacular, even with the heavy fog over the mountains in the distance.

In Abingdon, we had time to walk around downtown for just a bit before dinner. This fabulous historic home has been converted into a couple of shops. There are also several museums that looked interesting, but we didn’t have enough time to see them this trip.

The stonework of this old church was wonderful.

In the center of town, a charming park with a gazebo welcomes visitors.

A pretty fountain has a lovely sculpture of a woman with animals around her feet.

We had dinner as a group at The Tavern, a historic building that is now a wonderful restaurant. We had a wonderful time, meeting new people and getting to know some more members.

A plaque on the side gives some of its history.

This was my meal, one of their signature dishes, fabulously presented. It was grilled salmon stuffed with cherry tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese, topped with grilled asparagus and served on Basmati rice. It was delicious!

We spent the night, and then headed home on our own. We wanted to go back by the Watauga river, just to enjoy its views again.

We stopped for a bit at a park on Watauga Lake. It was calm and quiet.

More scenes of wonderful old barns with grazing horses in fields.

Clouds were lifting from the mountain peaks as the day warmed up.

These older barns were tucked into the side of some rolling hills. The cow on the side was a nice artful touch.

One more scene of rolling hills as we cruised back home.

It is wonderful to live in this beautiful part of our country. We have another drive tomorrow, plus a dinner on Saturday evening. More sushi, yum! What are you doing for fun this weekend?

25 thoughts on “Virginia Road Trip

  1. Rita C.

    My husband went to undergrad in nearby Bristol (TN)! We’ve been to Abingdon numerous times, and I’ve been to the Tavern with my sisters several yrs ago. You were in Virginessee territory?! Lol, have you seen the Geico commercial? I wrote about it in one of my posts several years ago. Here’s the cute commercial

    1. Joan Sheppard

      So cute – love that little guy (advertising at it’s very best – like the Budweiser Hoses!) I still don’t buy either one, but they are entertaining! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary Stori

    You created a terrific travel log, accompanied with picture perfect visual of this trip. Yet again our club experienced some rainy weather on ‘drive’ days but the temperatures were warm so a few rain drops didn’t negatively impact the day.

  3. Your road trips are fun for sure and the mountains just add to the enjoyment.
    Today granddaughter #3 is coming to make two birthday cards and peanut butter cookies. ,
    The birthday party is tomorrow evening for her two sisters….granddaughters #1 and #2.

  4. Thanks for taking us along – what beautiful scenery, and I’d love to check out those shops. I hope to spend most of my time inside where it’s cool, but we do have a grad party to attend on Saturday. We have been in the mid-90s with high humidity for the last 9 days (so far), and we are all getting a bit weary of it.

  5. Kathryn

    We would love to make the drive you describe from where we live in Hendersonville. What routes did you take, if you don’t mind sharing the information? We have lived in Erwin, Tennessee and in Nellysford, Va. so would love to touch base on both these former states. Thank you, Kathryn

  6. karenfae

    I have not been to that particular area of Virginia it looks like a lovely place to explore. So glad things are getting back to normal. We take off for 12 days to Colorado tomorrow first trip in 19 months!!

  7. Such beautiful views, no matter what the weather! Your dinner looked delicious, too. So glad you’re able to get out and do more of what you love now – so glad we’re all able to do that again!

  8. Julie

    What a beautiful town! I want to go. I do not enjoy road trips, particularly those that include interstate expressway. Expressways spoiled it for me. I love back roads at 45 mph max, winding around the topography, enjoying the scenery, mooing at the cows and baaing at the sheep. Watching the horses play & groom each other. And, walking through little towns that are steeped in history. Nothing is more fun than finding a town museum and looking through the story of the area.
    This weekend I’m taking a zoom FMQ class from a virtual quilt expo. Zoom is one positive out of the past year. I wouldn’t have traveled a few hundred miles for the show in person so I really appreciate the opportunity to take the class remotely.

  9. It is so green and lush, just beautiful, Carole! My weekend now starts on Friday 😁, and I have had a good morning doing chores…cutting up chicken, canning beef filets, and now to the sewing room to work on my dress for the wedding. I pulled an arm roast out of the freezer and put it in the crock pot about 6:30, so I think we’ll have a nice dinner later today. We are enjoying a day off from the heat…it will only be high 70’s today, hurray!

  10. I absolutely love road trips. I actually prefer to drive vs fly, just to enjoy the scenery. And this road trip to Virginia is gorgeous. Lucky you. I’m truly so happy to see your life getting back to normal and you getting out and enjoying such a beautiful drive, time with friends, as well as opportunities to meet and make new friends. Enjoy.

  11. CarolE

    Good morning! Thank you so much for taking us along on your trips. Your part of the country is beautiful. Once my husband retires, as soon as he sells his business, we are going to tour the country. What is the best time of year to see all the pretty places you have been taking us along?
    This weekend is going to be spent in the sewing room quilting a baby quilt for my first grandchild!
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Oh, another road trip and a MOST DELIGHTFUL one at that. I would love to travel a tiny bit on the Blue Ridge Parkway! (For those who do not know, I have seven tiny, geriatric dogs, most in their teens….upper teens). I am so pleased that you share your trips here!

  13. Barbara Bolton

    Loved your beautiful pictures and comments, as I am nearly 86, do not travel anymore, but we have been thru your part of the country many years ago…..Thank you for sharing and my sister in law for forwarding your email to me.
    Barbara Bolton

  14. Jill King

    Hi Carole What a fantastic road trip. Fabulous scenery and Historic sites. Thank you for sharing. Kindest regards Jill King

  15. Mary

    How lovely to be getting out and about. Thankyou for the great photos, it was a lovely part of the country to visit. I can understand why you found lockdown so tedious!!! :))

  16. Bobbie

    Thank you for taking us along this gorgeous scenic route, it is absolutely breathtaking. Living in the desert we sure don’t see views like this.

  17. What a lovely excursion, so glad you are able to have fun with your car club again! The scenery is beautiful and the drive looked so peaceful, it looked like your club were the only cars on the road. It is amazing how all of a sudden things are back to normal, hooray!

  18. Marilyn

    I absolutely love your car group posts! The scenery is so serene! Do you remember the name of the little shop in Abingdon? I’d love to put it on my bucket list. I just came back from Virginia myself! A beautiful little town named West Point.

  19. What gorgeous countryside! Oh,I hope you enjoyed it as much as the photos would indicate. I know what you mean about being thrilled to get back into some perceived normalcy. We did the same with our wine tasting group this weekend and those personal reunions were long overdue. Everything about your day looks great. Well, maybe not the rain but all stopped and went well!

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