Safelight Project 2021 Update and Winners

It has been a busy couple of weeks, with shipments and backorders arriving, case stuffing and bag filling for donation. Settle in for a long and picture heavy post. I had enough cases for the first delivery, and set some of those out on a large cardboard flat placed on the longarm to make it easier to match things up. The hairbrushes and pedicure sets were in colors, so I laid them out distributing the colors to coordinate with the case sets.

Here is a complete spa bag. The colors of the cases, hairbrushes and pedicure sets are coordinated with the bag trim color as much as possible. This royal blue bag has lighter blue cases. Each bag contains a cosmetic case filled with spa size shampoo, hair balm, shower elixir, and body cream. It has a tissue cover stuffed with tissues, sunglasses in a sunglasses case, hair treatment, nail hardener, pedicure set, hairbrush, facial mask, body lotion, facial cleansing wipes, lip balm, and a crochet soap bag with hypoallergenic soap and matching scrubbie. Two cards are in each bag with inspirational messages. Truly, these are the most wonderfully filled bags we’ve ever done.

I placed all the items inside the bag.

Then I top each one with a sheet of glitter tissue.

I filled 38 bags, then had to stop and wait for back orders to arrive.

This past week brought 26 more wonderful cards from Susan B.

More case sets arrived from Elana G and Jo Anne S.

Elana G sent 28 of these beautiful watercolor cards, some of which were made by the senior residents of a memory care facility. Very special and pretty!!

More cards arrived, 25 from Norine O and 11 by Debbie M. Thank you, ladies!!

So I got busy again when the back orders arrived, putting more goodies in navy trim canvas bags.

Then I laid out more case sets and stuffed the them with the spa goodies, tissues and sunglasses. Next, I matched up more brushes and pedicure sets with the case set colors.

Red trim canvas bags got predominately red case sets and pink or orange accessories.

I used the black ones for those with predominately black in the case sets. They were also used for case sets that didn’t go as well with the other colors. This set looks so elegant!

The men’s bags arrived on Thursday last week. They are drawstring top backpacks, where the straps and the bottom are black. I made another trip to the store to get the men’s items, nine full size products for men for each bag times five.

Each of the men’s bags hold aviator sunglasses in a case, hairbrush, men’s shampoo/conditioner, men’s body lotion, power stick, tissues, lip balm and socks. Two cards appropriate for men with inspirational messages are included.

Finally, the first delivery of 50 women’s bags and 5 men’s bags were ready for delivery.

I loaded up the car on Tuesday, stuffing the trunk full.

Then I put the back seats down, and stuffed that area, too.

I met with Sara Cole, Director of Development (on the left) and Lauren Wilkie, Safelight Executive Director (center) to deliver the bags. They were thrilled. Between the loaded cart and their shoulders, all 55 bags went inside in one trip.

That same day, I went to the post office and picked up more packages. These will go into the second delivery later this year. Case sets arrived from Linda B, Julie C and Janine H. I love the pieced one on the lower right by Janine. Great use of scraps!

I was blown away by this donation, three case sets and three cards arrived from Janine A, all the way from Japan!! Thank you!

Now that the first delivery has been made, I drew the winners of the prizes. Here again are the prizes, and the winners.

The Fat Quarter Shop will give one lucky winner a $50 Gift Certificate! That is enough to get some goodies and cover the shipping too!!  This week Fat Quarter Shop has 20% Off Solid Color Basics, April’s Basic of the Month, and 30% Off Mettler Threads, the Notion of the Month. Check out the Daily Flash Sale – something new at clearance pricing every day! Winner – Linnie Middleton

Aurifil Threads will send a small spool pack in an assortment of colors of their premium 50 weight thread to a winner. Winner – Sallie Minich

Impression Obsession, Inc.  will send a $25 Gift Certificate to a lucky stamper! Click on the link to see their April Featured Products special, 25% off Sunshine theme stamps, perfect for this project. Winner – Lenora Scott

Finally, Milk Street will send a copy of their fabulous new cookbook, Tuesday Nights Mediterranean to the winner of the final drawing. I am still cooking from this fabulous new cookbook with easy recipes for weeknight meals. If you haven’t tried the Greek Spinach Rice with Shrimp and Dill I featured last month, do go grab that recipe. Winner – Jo Anne Seccurra

Congratulations to all the winners! Look for an email from me this weekend to get your prize to you.

What do you think of our project so far? Please join me in thanking each and every donor!! Your gifts of money, talent, time, fabric, card stock and creativity is much appreciated!!

25 thoughts on “Safelight Project 2021 Update and Winners

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done on all your hard work putting these bags together – colour coordinating them must have been fun for you haha, but appreciated by all the recipients. What a fantastic group of ladies on your blog, taking their time to sew and create everything needed to make this all happen – well done to everybody 🙂

  2. Sandi Scarlett

    What a wonderful project! Do you have specific patterns that you use? Hopefully I can participate next time.

  3. Darci Marshall

    Such a great project! Thank you to all participants, vendors, and especially you Carole for organizing!

  4. Nancy Bekedam

    Such a wonderful project. A real blessing! Yes, thank you to everyone who participated, and to you, Carole, for all your work and enthusiasm!

  5. Rita C.

    Absolutely wonderful gifts from so many talented people collaborating virtually. Kudos to ALL who participated!

  6. Connie Wolfe

    Amazing and inspiring! The bag coordinating and stuffing was a huge job, but I bet that you were smiling as you looked at the cards and cases. Each of the pictures of these items has been beautiful. Thank you, again, for the Safelight Project.

  7. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    This is wonderful, Carole! I’m going to try to make some for next year, or is this ongoing? Everyone did a great job. I know the generosity of all contributors will be so appreciated by those receiving this wonderful gift from the heart!

  8. CarolE

    It’s so very uplifting to see all the kindness and generosity of you and all who contributed to your Safelight project. You all did a fantastic job!

  9. Donna

    Wow Carole!!! Those goodie bags are going to make a lot of people happy!!! They are fabulous!!! Would you tell us how you got started doing this? Thanks for all that you do! This takes a lot of time and effort!!!

  10. The totes all look fabulous, and will be well received and give a much needed boost to their spirit. It’s wonderful to see the support you receive from some many for this worthwhile project. All of your hard work and efforts don’t go unnoticed and are appreciated. Thanks for all you do to help others.

  11. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Oh wow! What a wonderful way to say “we value you” to those who need to hear it most! Thanks for all the coordination to make this possible!

    1. Sandy

      Excellent job to everyone who contributed. What a special way to give back. Many will be Blessed! The people giving abs those receiving.

  12. What a wonderful job you have done with all the helpers. It will certainly bring good cheer to many in need of a smile and kindness. Those bags are awesome.

  13. Joan Sheppard

    Thank you for all the work you put in for this! Your house must smell wonderful like a spa and look a little like Santa’s Workshop!!! And thank you for the kind words. Too kind.

  14. Jean McKinstry

    The bags, all the goodies inside, colour co-ordinated, these must be a so welcome lifeline to the ladies and men who receive them, and for everyone who has donated, they are giving from their heart. A huge project, the final tally will be a big number.

  15. Carolyn A Thompson

    What a beautiful project!!
    There has been a lot of work and effort put into this “special” project.
    Congratulations to all that participated and particularly Carole who “directed” the show, stuffed all the color cordinated items into the bags and delivered them!
    Terrific job!!!

  16. Sherrill

    You really take these bags to the next level with all the matching and ALL of the great goodies inside. I know these bags are very special and well received by the recipients. You did good with a little help from your friends! LOL Congrats to the prize winners!!

  17. Sharon Vrooman

    This such a wonderful project and Thank You for coordinating it every year. So many contribute in their own way – it all comes together.

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