Having Some Fun With Green

Beyond the food, I’m not one that does a lot specifically for St Patrick’s Day. But I do have a couple of fun things I’ve done over the years, and thought you’d like to revisit some and see what is going on this year. It is the one day I bring out my Irish Coffee glass mugs. They aren’t big, about 6 ounces, but so festive and a fun excuse to add a bit of libation to an after dinner coffee.

To see this whole table, visit my post from 2015 on a beautiful, all green tablescape – Spring Green Table.

I’m hosting a Virtual Retreat today for local friends. In honor of the day, I have a corned beef brisket in my larger slow cooker. I got this bigger one, a KitchenAid Slow Cooker in 2018. I love how it is programmable, and will tell me how long it has been sitting on ‘keep warm’ once it’s program has finished. It’s six quart size can handle big briskets, whole turkeys and nice Easter hams. See my post on Slow Cooker Ham. It is on sale right now too at Amazon.

I’ll make the cheddar mashed potatoes and the cabbage for our meal tonight as well. See my recipe on Slow Cooked Corned Beef. I’ll add the cabbage to the cooker about 30 minutes before we will be ready to eat. Yum, this turns out sooooo good!! And it makes great sandwiches the next day too.

In the kitchen, my tables have the green runners from my Thread Color Experiment. The little table that has a library shelf underneath has the small runner, with a green pottery piece, green cover cookbook, and the orchid.

On the pie safe that I use as an island, the matching table runner displays a cute rabbit plate.

On the coffee table, my Snowflake Runner creates a base for my favorite rabbit divided serving dish. Mostly I just use this for a display piece, but occasionally it has served crudites.

I made this shamrock wall hanging some years ago, and I have never shown it to you. It is really simple, just raw edge applique on a neutral background. I pieced a bunch of green fabrics together, then cut out the shape that I just drew freehand with chalk on the fabric. No pattern was used.

The applique was machine stitched to the background using a blanket stitch, then stipple quilted. I used cotton thread, and cotton batting. The shamrock is quilted with green thread, with the background done in off-white.

The border has a freehand ribbon candy quilting in green thread.

I put it on the table between the wing chairs in the library. A favorite book and a small, green, Bowknot depression glass bowl completes the display.

Note for those doing the Pachanga Mystery Quilt Along – I made an error on the pdf for Step 5. On the full size, you should have 68 HSTs. I have made that correction to the pdf – download the Step 5 Corrected Version for your sewing rooms.

There are still some slots left in my Scrap Dancing on Zoom class on March 27th at 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time. See the details and sign up HERE.

Are you displaying green this week, or wearing green today? What’s for dinner this evening?

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17 thoughts on “Having Some Fun With Green

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Happy St. Patty’s Day, Carole! Your bunny dishes are very cute! I have on a touch or two of green today on my pink shirt!!

  2. Rosemary B

    I love your sewing collections. Your display is beautiful. I love the green lettuce bowl.
    I am going to be wearing my green corduroy pants today.
    I bet you are getting a lot of rain. Here, no rain yet. That usually happens in our location though. The Blue Ridge mountains tend to break up any big rain storms coming from the west.
    I think tomorrow and Friday are going to be rainy here. That is fine. Today I will take my daddy out for a little walk

  3. Sue Hoover

    Just got back from walking the dog and will be donning my green shortly. We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day corned beef & cabbage with carrots and potatoes this weekend. My mother is just about 100% Irish and, since she comes up on the weekends, that’s when we’ll eat good! I may just make up some Irish Soda Bread for the weekend as well. Ina Garten has a good recipe! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  4. Rita C.

    Well, you certainly do more than I do! Nonetheless, I love the cheer of this holiday. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  5. What pretty settings! I shall dig out a green shirt in a bit to wear and I do have one of those shamrock necklaces too. My granddaughters will appreciate my leprechaun Button pin. I still have a fuzzy “poof” ball pin the kids made years ago. I’m off to babysit the grands this afternoon and will wear it all. Not sure what my daughter plans for dinner, but I am on tap to make it!(LOL)

  6. Patricia Evans

    My husband loves corned beef and cabbage and we’ve already had take-out from a local restaurant on Saturday. Today we’ll get one serving from the local pub and a second from the village diner two doors down. Doing our best to continue supporting our locals. No decorating for me as we are usually don’t return for our FL trip until late March. I thought about making at least a table runner since we are home this year, but that never made it to the top of the list.

  7. I went to several stores and did not get corned beef. Disappointing. Yours look delicious. I will cook up some cabbage, I do love it. Maybe some ham and boiled potatoes. I have festive green shamrock nails today! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  8. Phyllis Smith

    Hello there, Trying to get ready for the storm that is for cast for us this evening, went to the store and go the wine, some ham and roast beef slices for smacking and making slider sandwiches And salads. Its not to hit us till later tonight and 7:00 on for the roughest part. Enjoyed your St Patricks décor. My mothers mother is of Irish descent and she married a German gentleman, wish I knew how that came about but in my younger days I didn’t think to Ask about the family history and now I regreat that. Both of my boys are interested in our heritage so I do have a lot of photos to share with them and want to make copies for them. The only relatives we have left now are cousins and I want so much to meet with them and share what I have and we can go and make copies of photos I have of family get togethers Wat back into the 1945’s I have when we celebrated our grandmothers birthdays etc. Grand pa Hartline died when I was only 8 months old so I have no memories of him but I was only13 When grandma died so I have so many memories that I cherish. Love the dish with the rabbit with the carrots, so cute. The slow cooked corned beef is something I know I will be trying, I love corned beef, especially in a Ruben sandwich, cann’t get enough of those. Have a great evening, Phyllis

  9. Joan Sheppard

    Last Season of Amazing Race, the teams had to Set the Table! They had to copy a royal place setting – BTW – yours are much prettier and with the Bunnies much more fun! I forgot to BUY THE BEEF. I know you can eat it anytime – but I feel really silly. I can smell yours all the way here! The table runner is a fabulous base of operations. Thanks!
    Happy Paddy’s Day

  10. Sandy

    Wearing lots of green! I made a Irish chain table runner that I’m displaying on my kitchen table (pattern courtesy of Missouri star quilt company)
    Love seeing all your creatively.
    Happy Spring!

  11. Sandy

    Love your tablescape! The green bowls are a nice touch. Your table runners are beautiful as well. Happy Spring!

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