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Seems this has been another week of not getting a lot accomplished, but still busy all week. Last weekend and into Monday was the Backyard Bird Count. I did have some fun taking some photos and reporting my counts every day for the four day time frame. My Sweet Babboo kept the feeder full so we could see the most species. If you are interested in participating in the next bird count, there is another one coming on May 8th with counts on eBird again. There is also a Backyard Feeder count that goes until April, and you can get in on that too at Cornell’s FeederWatch page. This Red Bellied Woodpecker showed up every day.

I have a few Carolina Wrens, one little couple in particular. This little guy is fond of building nests for his sweetheart in my flower pots and other things on the veranda in the spring.

A nuthatch and a goldfinch share the bounty nicely. Cardinals came by too.

Later, a goldfinch expresses his displeasure when another male tries to land nearby. The bluebird on the right takes in the show. And speaking of shows, if you haven’t seen the youtube channel Dry Bar, it is worth checking out. It is all clean comedy, no foul language or coarse references, just good clean fun. We watched one recently on naming cars that was hilarious, along with a bit on women’s shoes that was pretty good as well. We access it with our Roku box, and watch it on the TV.

It was fun this week to receive some happy mail!! Two lovely cards arrived from blogging friends. Thank you to Kathy and Mary for lifting my spirits this week.

My dear mother-in-law’s birthday is next week, so of course that meant going to the stamping bench for a bit of cardmaking fun. I actually made several cards to mail out for various reasons, but I only photographed this one. The others should be arriving soon and I don’t want to spoil a surprise.

On the frame, I finished up the smaller of the two quilts that I did for a customer. I showed the larger one last Sunday. Both quilts were the same basic design and fabrics. But this one needed extra care, as the batting was almost too short. I couldn’t get the clamps to reach it over the backing, so I used pins to hold it in place while the edges were stitched.

She chose the same golden taupe Glide thread for the top, and the same pantograph with a flower.

In other news, we spent about a half hour Friday morning at the high school getting our first Covid vaccinations. It was so very well organized, with appointments for everyone, there was virtually no waiting. I got my “jab” (as the British say) from a hunky firefighter, so an added bonus there, LOL!! We have appointments for our second shot next month, and I am beginning to see light at the end of the long isolation tunnel. I am reasonably certain this time it is not an oncoming train. I believe that by early April, I’ll feel safe enough to have a meal outside with friends as the weather warms, and be released back into the wild to go more places. I hope that by summer our guilds can begin meeting again, sewing events can happen again, and car clubs will start running again. We celebrated with a take out meal. It was nice to not cook for one day. But that of course got me all charged up to try a new recipe. I have a beautiful butternut squash, and have wanted to try this Roasted Butternut Squash with Hoisin and Chives recipe from my Milk Street Cookish cookbook. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the garden, my daffodils have put up some lovely leaves, but they are not getting enough sun on the back screen porch to flower. So, I asked My Sweet Babboo to move it to the front veranda so it can be in sunlight for more hours in a day.

From today to Tuesday are the prime planting days according to the Farmers Almanac, and I plan to start seeds again tomorrow. I have my peat pots ready, and seeds both new from the store and some saved from last year’s vegetables. My daylight light bar is positioned and ready, and I just need to reset the timer for it when I get the seeds planted.

So that’s what is happening here this past week, and plans for next week. I really enjoyed all the conversations last Sunday! I think I sent more than 50 emails that day, chatting with readers and friends for several hours. I’m finishing up a very long novel, over 500 pages, and I’ll have some book reviews for you soon. What are you working on this week?

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  1. thatfabricfeelingcom

    I just adore your posts. The bird count is so interesting. I don’t know the names of all the types near me but you obviously can learn as you go. I love the hunk firefighter comment!! I just read American Dirt and a book given to me by a friend- called Miss Benson’s Beetles. I couldn’t put American Dirt down and the beetle book was a fun read. Stay warm!!

  2. Julie

    Wonderful news on your vaccination. Demand is high & supplies are low; I don’t expect to get mine for quite a while. Fortunately I don’t mind isolating so I can wait while those in greater need are taken care of. I participated in a Zoom workshop with my guild last week & was so in love with the mystery block I made 2 flimsies (waiting on fabrics to finish them) plus several blocks to add to a spring quilt for my grandson. It’s been very cold here, therefore hard to believe I have a resident Carolina Wren, but his cheerful song greets us each day. We have many birds in common but I have blue jays instead of blue birds awkwardly sharing space with goldfinches. Then there are the deer who peak at me while I’m sewing & they’re searching for spilt seeds under the bird feeder. They’re all fluffy looking in their full winter coats. The fawns no longer have spots but are still hanging close with Mom.

  3. Wrens are such happy little birds, and so cute. We have them here, but they are quite elusive. We can’t keep our feeders filled fast enough for the birds and the squirrels in this cold weather. We’ll get a little reprieve this week with the warmer weather. I have the Milk Street Tuesday Nights cookbook, and I need to pull that out and find something to make – thanks for reminding me of that!

  4. Patricia Evans

    I guess I didn’t know that bird counts are done several times during the year. I’ve only heard about the Christmas Day count that usually happens around here. Lucky you to be able to get your first shot. The distribution here in NY is so convoluted that I don’t know when we’ll get ours. The biggest problem here is lack of vaccine. People are already scheduled out to April. And we won’t see warm weather for 2 more months.

  5. Linda B

    Congratulations getting the vaccine Carole!! We have not heard anything yet, but our state is pretty behind everyone else. At least our state positivity rate is going down finally. Last year a pair of wrens made a nest in our chicken coop…just saw them coming in last evening to check out the nest…they can squeeze in through spaces that other birds cannot. I hope they wait til this awful freezing weather is past. I need to do some cooking today too…sausage breakfast muffins is on the list. Looking forward to more thawing out today! Happy Sunday everyone!

  6. CarolE

    Thanks for sharing pictures of the lovely birds! How fun for you to watch them! I am glad you got your first vaccine shot. My father and mother, ages 92 and 90 respectively, just got their second dose yesterday. It will be awhile before my husband and I are able to get ours but, like you, I am very hopeful that things will start to get normal again. I truly miss quilting with my friends. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your roasted butternut squash!

  7. vivoaks

    Your birdfeeder looks a lot like ours, with the type of birds you have. We also have the woodpecker, along with 4 other varieties, including the pileated. Currently the pileated are ripping the bark off the dead evergreen trees that have accumulated the past few years. We’ve had lots of Carolina wrens, too!! I may have to get in on that bird count, just for the fun of it. 🙂 Thanks for the incentive!!

  8. Gretchen Romanelli

    Nice post about your garden, birds , and other topics. Got drawn into the YouTube channel tou recommended and watched several of the skits. Good clean comedy without the foul language. Hotel room keys and 7 Kids were good episodes.
    I love recommendations from like minded people.

  9. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beautiful birds and cards!! I’m working on some secret sewing and just finished an embroidered birthday card for my granddaughter who’s party is this afternoon! Have a great week, Carole!

  10. Your photos of the birds are amazing. You have a good eye for framing the picture. Keep them in mind for the next “state fair” entries. This week has been cold and icy in southern DE. Not to much happening! Did work on a “secret project” which hasn’t been delivered yet. Started working on my church project for grads. Actually got together (masked & distanced) for a bit with one lady at the church to get her started as well. Hoping next week we get a bit of a warm up. No shot here yet. Delaware hasn’t had a vaccine delivery since Feb 12 so I will be waiting much longer than anticipated for my “ticket to freedom”. 😦

  11. kathyinozarks

    Good morning, I enjoyed reading your post. That was fun to be able to take part in the bird count. When we were living at the woods house for quite awhile perhaps 10 years or so I took part in a wild turkey study for Missouri conservation-that was fun too. sounds like you had a nice week. we are really unsure about this covid vaccine-read too many problems with it for people with breathing problems and heart health concerns so we are waiting for now. Missouri is very organized one can sign up for the shot with the family doctor or they have mass vaccine events held too with the military. there are already allot of mutations of the covid since this vaccine was developed–just my own opinion. we just stay away from people as much as possible have a good week ahead

  12. Darlene S

    Lovely Sunday chat post. I’m so happy to hear you received your lst “jab”. We go for our 2nd this Wednesday. Best feeling ever, as it brings so much more hope of getting back to normal (or as close to it as we can).

  13. Bird fight, bird fight! That is quite the outraged expression on Mr. Bird’s face!🤣 Hope your dentist trip went well? We have another month I think, before we gear up for spring planting. I would rather put smaller tomatoes in the ground than have to replant as we did last year.

  14. Joan Sheppard

    Love the birds – very few around here and even the geese finally gave up and left when the temps went single digit. Your bright cheerful recounting of your shots made me a smile as well. Our family “zooms” every week – get to see everyone including the 8 month old in Baltimore, student niece in New York, in laws in Penn. cousins in Kentucky. Some I actually had to be introduced to – while not grateful for a virus, this conversation never would have happened without it. Practicing my free motion techniques, making some progress, (and the doggies and the babies don’t seem too upset if it’s not perfect.) Gotta Zoom – thanks for all the fabulous pictures.

  15. I always enjoy your bird photos, Carole! The birds have been quiet here – you reminded me that we haven’t seen any nuthatches in awhile and I love them. Glad you got your first shot – I did, too, and Mike gets his second on Tuesday. I’m glad so many more of us have been able to access them! Hope your butternut squash turns out good – I love it and haven’t had any in awhile.

  16. AJ

    I really enjoy your Sunday blogs. It is so restful to spend a few moments visiting with you and catching up with your activities. Thank you for sharing your joy with us and know that we appreciate the lift to our spirits.

  17. Pat Featherston

    How can I view your former blog posts? I think it was on your blog that I saw a sweet quilt that I would like to copy for my great granddaughter but I accidentally deleted it

  18. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Many hopeful signs in your blog…your vaccination, daffodils on the way, seeds to plant, a new comedy to watch, a new recipe to try, birthdays to commemorate and plentiful, beautiful birds!

    I’m finishing a 83″ x 103″ quilt for a nonagenarian friend. It has fabric from the 70s! In her words, she “just wants it finished.” She started hand quilting it and had it basted with thread. I got her approval on stitching in the ditch with my machine. I spent 15+ hours on the quilting and just finished binding it today. Just need to take out the basting threads and she’s done.

    Thanks for sharing the experience with pinning the batting in place!

    Carpe diem!

  19. Rita C.

    Congrats on the first shot (jab)! We got our 2nd one on Friday and I was a sick girl (fever, chills, headache) from late Friday night into Sat night, but I’m all better today (Sunday). Like you, we feel like we’re about to see a glimmer of a light at the end of this year-long tunnel. Although with this past week’s weather, I saw a Texas friend post a meme that went something like: 2020: the year from hell; 2021: the year hell froze over. It was a really long week but thankfully, we did not lose power or water like 40,000 of our state’s residents did, some still without.

  20. Delightful and lovely post! Love the birds always!!!!! Carole, when I read your cheery posts, I am so delighted……since I have become the human equivalent of a SLUG. You inspire me, but I have not translated that into action.

  21. Watching the birds at your feeder must be better than watching TV! Let me know when you are doing another virtual sewing day and I will try to join in

  22. Susan Nixon

    Nice chat! The birds were fun to see, and I’ll bet you had a great time counting and photographing. Did I miss how many you had in the four days? Even with last week’s cold, which wasn’t as bad as central TN, I’ve seen lots and lots of robins! Seems a little early, but also spring is now here this week with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. A couple more days of sun, and then we’ll be rain every day! I guess that’s good for the flowers. =)

  23. Sue Hoover

    Love all your bird pictures. We have several feeders in both the front & back yards. My mother gets her 2nd shot this Friday. Did you get Moderna or Pfizer? She got Moderna. Anyway, I’m busy playing with my bee’s QAL from last year. It was compressed because we kept hoping we’d be able to meet again in person. When that didn’t happen it got pushed along quicker than normal so we’d be on schedule for the 2021 QAL. Lots of pieces to cut out & sew & trim up. Glad to hear you’ll be able to start thinking about getting out face-to-face with friends again. Eating out seems like such a luxury at this point.

  24. Phyllis Smith

    Well, hello again Carole, So much to tell but don’t want to bore you. Had some trouble getting my eyes examed so I could get my drivers licenses renewed which were due in Aug. due to eye exams didn’t get till Nov. what a task with the epidemic but before that got taken care of my neighbor was helping me to do errends since I didn’t want to wind up in jail for driving without a license and Bless her heart she didn’t see me behind her car one time and she backed up onto me and knocked me down. Needless to say was taken to the hospital and there were no broken bones But it took me till almost Christmas to recover but all is good now but still have a few aches and paines. My computer died and have been without it for over 7 months so I have lost a lot of e-mails. I wound up buying a Dell computer and I do NOT like it. Their fonts for e-mails, copying etc. are so different from the H.P. I have been us to for all the years I’ve been on the comp. Guess this old 80 year old can learn to use what’s new now, right? Loved the write up on the woodpecker, wren and finch, Haven’t been able till lately to feed my birds so am anxious to get them coming back. Want to buy some new butterfly bushes soon for them, love to watch them, so does my new kitten Sunshine. She keeps me moving for now cause she is into everything. So much for bending your ears for now, so happy to be back with you again. Your Ga. Friend, Phyllis Smith

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