Low Volume Quick Quilt

These pretty pastels were part of a box of fabrics that a friend of mine was destashing. I thought they were lovely, soft and perfect for a little quilt for charity.

I originally planned to write this up for a guest blogger post for another blogging event, but I changed my mind and decided to show it here. I actually started it a couple of weeks ago during a Zoom Virtual Retreat.

This is an easy and fast way to put together a quilt top, just sew long width of fabric strips together in any width you want. These are cut 3-1/2-inches wide. I cut 8 strips and alternated pink and lighter ecru.

When you have them all sewn together, press the seams toward the darker alternating strips, in this case the pink.

Sew the two long raw edges together.

Now you have a tube.

Lay it on the cutting table, smooth it out. Cut off the left edge to even it up, then crosscut strips of the same width, in this case 3-1/2-inches.

Determine a starting point, and pick out the stitches between two squares.

On another strip, pick out the seam one square off from the first one.

The pressing towards every other strip will allow the seams to nest all the way down the strips.

Sew the first two strips together, then pick out a seam one square down from the second strip.

Continue until all your strips are used. This little top is now 24 x 36 inches. It is a simple diagonal squares design, but looks like it takes a lot longer than it does.

I added two borders to finish it off. See my tutorial on Borders, Understanding the Why to learn why it is so important to measure and cut your borders and not put them on with the slap-and-sew method.

At this point it is loaded on the longarm, and I’ll quilt it next week. I used this same technique to do my Christmas Trip Around the World, where the squares form a large diamond shape.

See the finish on this post – Finishing the Low Volume Quilt

What are you working on this week?

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36 thoughts on “Low Volume Quick Quilt

  1. Rheanna

    I’m finishing up a few of my older unfinished projects. One is from a class I took before my son was born (he is now 9.5 years old). Better late than never. 🙂

  2. Julie

    That is very soft and peaceful looking. It looks like something I’d find in my grandma’s house, and I mean that in the kindest way. It’s comforting & welcoming like a big warm hug from someone you love.

  3. Such a soft and pretty quilt! It will be enjoyed by whomever is so lucky as to receive it. This week I have been working on a “secret” project, and it is all wrapped up and ready to mail. Freezing rain today (again), so maybe I will have to wait a bit for the post office trip. Sewing room crying for a cleanup. Every time I use my embroidery machine on an applique project I end up with bits of stabilizer and bits of scraps all over the place. I think I am going to rethink the way I do these things someday. .

    1. Keysha

      Your charity quilt is pretty! I love how quickly it came together. I may consider this for the next baby quilt I make. This week, I want to resume the six keepsake machine embroidery blankets I started a few weeks ago. All of them are embroidered so now I just need to sew the 2” satin binding around each blanket. These are all for different little babies in my life. I would also like to resume quilting on my own quilt. It is a slow process for me as I work full time. Happy sewing to all!

  4. Linda B

    I have been wanting to try this technique…thanks for blogging about it Carole and giving such nice instructions, esp on pressing! I finished FMQing a mini applique quilt on my new machine. Went so much easier than with my older machine. Now need to get the binding on that one, and tackle the other 2-3 tops waiting. At least mine are small, LOL. We are finally dug out snow-wise, and hope to actually run an errand or two this afternoon. I think we’ve been home 2 weeks!

  5. AJ

    I love contrast and struggled to like your quilt in any of your construction pictures. But I love your completed quilt. Thank you for proving me wrong!

  6. Kathleen Kingsbury

    I’ve never understood how to do this method. But I do now!! Thank you so much for your clear instructions. Your quilt top is the sweetest.

  7. Mary

    The first quilt I ever made was using this technique – with Pansy fabrics. It still looks lovely. Thankyou for the reminder for using this easy pattern.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Love this quilt. The technique is so easy and useful for bigger quilts too. I recently took “the stash”, made rainbow (ROY G BIV) strips and made the tube, then went a “few” down, a “couple” up, all cross. So fun. But the pink has my heart! Can’t wait to see how you quilt it, you always pick perfect designs.
    Thanks. Hope everyone is okay, Oliver and his friends etc. .

  9. Elaine Nemeth

    Great idea for this great quilt.
    Such a cutie. Quilting some vintage animal blocks and using up homespun
    fat quarters. Have a great Saturday.

  10. Perfect for a quick baby quilt! I spent yesterday playing carpenter down in the basement, helping DH construct more shelves. Slowly but surely we are getting that space organized and shelving for all the canned goods, etc.

  11. Ruth Susan Scaccia

    Wow this is the sweetest project! Thank you for sharing.💜 Can you recommend your favorite places for donating your charity quilts?

  12. Jocelyn Thurston

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this method. You made such a soft, pretty quilt top using those particular fabrics.

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