Baking Day and a Sample Sale

It was a rainy day on Friday, and I decided to fill the house with the aroma of baking and cinnamon. Once I got started baking, it turned into a whole day with Christmas movies on the TV. I like to keep home baked treats in the freezer for My Sweet Babboo. He likes a slice of tea bread in the mornings with his coffee sometimes. I started the day out with the pumpkin I recently baked for this purpose. I had a total of three cups of pumpkin from the little pie pumpkin from my Autumn decorations. So, with one cup of pumpkin, I made a half recipe of Pumpkin Spice Donuts. He prefers them without glaze, but the recipe does give you a Cinnamon Glaze if you like.

Then, with the remaining two cups of pumpkin, I made my Pumpkin Bread recipe, this time leaving out the orange zest, and adding some cloves. A little over an hour later, I had two loaves cooling on a rack.

One went into the freezer for later, and one left out for breakfast or maybe a slice for dessert.

I had two apples ready for making into something good, so the next baking project was apple bread. This recipe is not mine, it is from the Puffin Inn in Maine. Be warned, it is so good that you’ll make it just so you can lick the bowl and the spoons, and the beater. I did a pdf for you because I know you’ll want it, and it isn’t available on the B&B’s website anymore.

At this point, I ran out of eggs. So the Christmas Vanilla Sugar Cookies will have to wait until next week. It just isn’t Christmas without them. These actually freeze quite well, but if you just don’t want a lot of them around, try my recipe for Just A Dozen Sugar Cookies.

While all of that was going on, I sorted through my quilts and projects, taking photos and measurements. One of the realities of writing a blog, writing patterns, and doing projects is the overabundance of finished things that start to collect up. Many of the quilts produced in the Scrap Dance series are now part of my speaker programs. Table runners and wall hangings have become part of my seasonal decor, changing through the year as the seasons change. But, with additional projects sewed for other blogs and projects from leftovers, I just have too many things to store. So here are a few quilts and small projects that I’m willing to let go. If you see something you’d like, just leave a comment and I’ll get with you. Some of these would make wonderful Christmas Gifts!

Jolly Bar Row Quilt

52 inches x 56 inches, lap size

Bright colors

All cotton fabrics, Warm and Natural Batting

Quilted rose pantograph

Hand finished binding

Backing is neutral tone on tone.


Purple Lullaby Quilt / Table Topper

32 inches square

All cotton fabrics

Batting 80/20

Quilted with cloud pantograph

All cotton thread

Purple print background

Machine finished binding

$35 Sold

Tree Bell Table Topper

26 inches square

All Cotton Fabrics

Glide Thread quilting with a snowflake design

Small green print backing

Hand finished binding


Christmas Table Runner

Size 18-1/2 x 33-1/2

Christmas Bells and Holly pantograph

Glide thread

Cotton batting

Dark red and gold pinecone print backing

Hand finished binding

$25 Sold

Autumn Jubilee Leaf Embellished Tote Bag

Lovely gold fabrics suitable for use all year.

13-1/2 inches high x 17 wide x 3 deep

Fabric handles

Cotton batting

Velcro closure

Fully finished inside

$30 Sold

Magnolia Quilt

Large Magnolia print in Attic Windows setting.

50 inches x 62 inches, oversize lap quilt

Cotton fabrics, with shiny gold over black binding

Warm and Natural Cotton Batting

Cotton thread

Matching green tone on tone backing

Black with gold hand finished binding


Mountain Star with Chain

Twin Size quilt 56 x 85 inches

Mountain blocks set in star pattern with alternate chain.

Custom Quilted with feather wreaths

Fall print backing

Hand finished binding

$120 Sold

Song Birds Wall Hanging

Fussy cut birds sashed in cream

20 inches square

Bright yellow border and binding

Tossed floral print Backing

Poly thread quilting in Pipeline pantograph

$25 Sold

Square Lap Quilt / Table Topper / Wall Hanging

Earth Tones with Green accent

Star center surrounded with on point squares

51 inches square

Densely quilted with green cotton thread in a Luscious Leaves pantograph.

Hand finished binding

Backing is cream color.

$65 Sold

Shipping not included. Heavier items will ship flat rate as it is less expensive, nothing will cost more than $20 to ship. Small items will ship in envelopes first class if possible. Payment via Paypal or mailed check. I can also drop ship to a different address if you’d like it sent as a gift. Please leave a comment with the item you are interested in purchasing. I’ll mark them sold as they are taken.

And now, on to the next design challenge! I have no doubt that you will be asking for a new Scrap Dance mystery for next year, so I have to get busy on that now!

Have you started holiday baking? Are you interested in one of the quilted items on today’s sale?

28 thoughts on “Baking Day and a Sample Sale


    All the recipes will be on my grocery list, thank you. I have a delicious apple bread that uses a cake mix. I know cheating but it is so good. I will be using your Apple recipe this week.

  2. Keysha

    Your baked goods look scrumptious. Thank you for sharing the recipes. I baked a deep dish sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving and I have plans to make apple fritters here soon. Now, I must pickup a couple cans of pumpkin purée to try my hand at pumpkin bread and doughnuts soon after seeing your blog. Happy Holidays!

  3. Timmye

    I would like the Autumn Jubilee leaf embellished tote bag- and some apple bread, but I guess I will have to make that myself. Thanks for including the recipe!

  4. Perfect timing—I made your pumpkin donuts for the first time this morning and they were yummy! My husband even said they are really good! I will try to freeze some, because we are just two and won’t be able to eat them all in a timely way. Fun morning treat with coffee. I want to try your cutout recipe. I like how you decorated them simply. In the past, the grands would come over and we would make a big production with different colored frosting and all kinds of decorations and had a lot of fun, but they have moved and we don’t get to do that any more. Yours look really cute with white frosting and colored sprinkles, much simpler and that works for me this year! I know what you mean about quilted items building up; I look at all the things I have made over the years and wonder why I keep wanting to make more! But new ideas and techniques keep coming by that I want to try. My kids are not as excited about quilted accessories as I am, so I keep collecting.

  5. kathyinozarks

    You have been busy busy. all the food looks delish and lots of awesome quilt projects.
    Happy Sunday and new week ahead

    1. Monica Rathbun

      Is your square lap quilt/table topper/wall hanging 51” $65 still available? If it is, I would love to purchase it.

  6. You outdid yourself on baking Friday. So many delicious treats. I have to try the apple bread recipe. I made a delicious banana bread yesterday, a standard so I’m thinking time to branch out and try something new 🙂

  7. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love those Christmas table runners, unfortunately I’m too late!! I have so many little projects I’ve made. I guess I’ll be saving them for our guild silent auction at the quilt show in 2022. We were supposed to have it in 2021 but decided to postpone due to Covid. These are all great projects, Carole!

    1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

      PS: Thanks for the apple bread recipe! I’m going to make it for my grandloves. The boys love for me to bring them apples for a snack when I pick them up from school. I think they will love this!!

  8. Loris Mills

    Thank you for the fun recipes, Carole! I made my first pie crust and Dutch Apple pie for Thanksgiving and just bought an apple peeler to make it easier for the future 🙂 Your apple bread recipe sounds like a good use of the extra apples. However, I wish I could eat those iced cookies right this minute. HA! Happy Holidays!

  9. Oh, Carole! What delightful recipes…..and I am planning on using a couple for neighborhood gift bags. Each year, gift bags magically appear before our front doors. They usually contain home-made goodies and wine. Well, nothing bad there!!! I have decided to do that instead of making a bunch of them for just me, as my first thoughts ran to “what a wonderful way to maintain my fattiness!”. Thank you!

  10. Tina W from Oregon

    Thank you for the apple bread recipe. I’m going to try it soon. I made your orange pumpkin bread recipe for a little quilt retreat a few close friends and I had. It was a hit! My husband said the recipe was “a keeper” too!

  11. Joan Sheppard

    At Thanksgiving I went through the grocery line with 10 pounds of butter. They didn’t stop me, but around here butter is pretty precious. I’ll be baking later this week and have to add your pumpkin bread and apple bread to my list. Thanks so much they look wonderful.

  12. Jocelyn Thurston

    I downloaded the pdf recipe of Apple Bread cause I can tell it would be good. Meanwhile so many inspiring beautiful projects here I thought I’d better follow along so I won’t miss anything.

  13. Patricia Evans

    I’ll have to try the apple bread recipe. I made an apple bread from a recipe on the flour bag and it was the best ever, but I apparently never saved the recipe or misplaced it, so maybe yours will become my new favorite. But first I have to use leftover pumpkin and two ripening bananas, so the apples will keep a while longer.

  14. lynn bourgeois

    Thanks for your thoughtfulness and the pdf for the apple bread. I was curious about the pumpkin donuts. How are they cooked. The only donuts I have made are from my grandma’s recipe and they fry in lard.

  15. Irene

    Do you have any suggestions for baking the donuts if one does not own a donut tin? (can they be baked in a sheet pan for example and then cut into squares)….
    Thank you in advance – Irene

  16. Phyllis Smith

    Well hello again This is in response to the 12-6-20 e-mail on baking day and a sample sale Would you believe I happen to have a donut maker that make 2 at a time and I jut so happen to have a can of pumpkin puree so I’m thinking about the pumpkin donuts with the glaze, have to check the exper. date though as I’ve had it for about 1 year. The apple loaf also sounds like I would love it, might try granny smith apples with that one o the mackintosh apple, I love Things that are tart, especially pickles and sweet and salty goodies. Still love your chicken in white wine, so good. Phyllis

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